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#1962118 Combat Mode 1.0 released. ArenaNet response included

Posted by Bloodmyths2012 on 24 September 2012 - 01:26 AM

Ok so I wanted to see how easy it would be to write a script (as I couldn't understand why ANet won't officially approve this and why many worry about it leading to banning)

Let me just say this is the first time I've used a script program when I found Combat Mode, I quickly found some basic commands on AH's site and within 10 minutes I wrote this:

;PixelGetColor, OutputVar, X, Y
PixelGetColor,Color,644,1030 ; Return / Get the color of the pixel at the X and Y coordinates / at the X and Y location

If Color=0x00000B ; 0xFFFFFF is the color White, you need to modify this color to your desired color
SplashTextOn, , , In Range.
WinMove, In Range, , 700, 100
Sleep, 100

This gives me a message box saying In Range if the mob I'm targeting is in range, if not there's no box, simply by seeing if the red bar under my number 3 skill (Hunter's Shot) is present or not. (I ran a script someone else wrote to find the exact colour and co-ords of that box by clicking on it) Now this is very messy coding I'm sure, but it works and put together by a complete AutoHotkey noob, so I can see how this could easily lead to dangerous territory in more skilled hands and hence the reluctance to use it.
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#1961172 Combat Mode 1.0 released. ArenaNet response included

Posted by Bloodmyths2012 on 23 September 2012 - 05:10 PM

....And there we have it. An advantage given in WvW to the user running this mod over the standard unmodified game. Bans would indeed be justified as per the response from Arenanet.

Emphasis mine

It's the same advantage that using my Naga mouse and macro keyboard give, I should be banned for using them?

If so what about those that bought the GW2 mouse (advertised within their sites) it comes with the:

"There are virtually unlimited macro creation capabilities. Anything you can do on a mouse or keyboard can be programmed along with specific event timing. You can even program mouse events into keyboard macros"
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