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#2080284 Ascended gear...a big F you to WvWers

Posted Jackiepro on 15 November 2012 - 05:25 AM

View PostVelron, on 15 November 2012 - 04:23 AM, said:

Biggest tip I'll give you since you want to be a game developer. Don't lie to your customers. Oh that's just basic common sense.

The real issue here now is TRUST. It has been broken. Take note of it and don't make their mistakes if you make it.

The question is, can you find me a direct quote where they said "exotic gear is the highest tier we will ever have"?

I know they said "our game will have no grind". And guess what? they delivered. I havent had to grind a single thing yet. I got my exotic gear within days of release (sure not everybody is like me, but the raw number of hours played is like 15-20h to get a full set). I have GW1 buds who still have level 2 pve characters but have been enjoying active pvp for the last 3 months.

To me it seems they delivered exactly what they promised. They told me I wouldnt have to grind and I didnt have to grind. In Tera I had to schedule daily dungeon runs with a specific premade to do those hard modes, so that I could get gear, to enchant with massive RNG and gold sink to then get a possibility of proccing the stats I wanted. In SWTOR I had to schedule an 8 man raid that met a certain time attempting to complete content I could only attempt once a week while having to distribute gear amongst the group among which some of the pieces may have been functional for my class. In warhammer.... well everything was bugged to crap, oh and there was a 3-5 day lockout depending on the dungeon, so the game manually forced me to play over 3 months to gear.

GW2 has done NOTHING like this. Like I cant stress enough how SIMPLE gearing was in this game. I do a few easy dungeon runs and I am guaranteed tokens that I do not need to compete with the rest of my group over, and I can spend those tokens on the exact piece of gear that I want, and there is no lockout on these dungeons.

Fact is, GW2 promised you no grind or gear treadmill, and till this moment there isnt any, and as far as I see there shall not be any. So your point falls moot. Your idea of trust being broken, lies on a misconception of your interpretation of what they said. They said no grind, and there is no grind, and there will not be grind. They did not say exotic tier was the highest tier. Ever.

Now I can understand people being annoyed. But quitting the game because of this one thing, and calling out Anet as liars... I think that is unfair considering it isn't even true, just a few individuals who started a trend to twist the words of the developers.

End of the day, I load up my character sheet and I see my character wearing 3 dungeon pieces, 1 wvw badge piece and 2 crafted pieces. The game actually allowed me to gear up based on a variety of different ways to play the game. You say they lied once, so they can do it again. I say they did it the right way once, so they can do it again. Heck they didnt even put this new content in an expansion (Hai Warhammer rr100 skaven content update etc etc). They gave it to you free, all you have to do to keep up is spend a few hours in pve, dont know where all this grind talk is.