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In Topic: Gave up on Legendary weapon.

05 November 2012 - 03:34 AM

What puts me off the most in the whole "Legendary" thing is the ANet's approach to it.
What's so legendary in repeating the most basic, tedious things like karma/gold/badge grind over and over again?
As much I don't like bringing up WoW, legendaries like Thunderfury or Atiesh had the right feel to them - something a questionable quality weapon skin with exotic stats just doesn't cut.

In Topic: Criticism of personal storyline

16 October 2012 - 09:59 PM

Charr got all the good writing.

Pretty much this, plus I hear that Asura pre-Order storyline is also enjoyable quite often.
I'd say Steven Blum is the one to "blame" for Charr story being likeable - after all, he did a nice job in a lot of games before, and thanks to him Rytlock turned out far from bland. Plus, the writing itself, while not overly coherent (some plot "twists" in Ash Legion line are questionable, after all), is still fun to read/listen to most of the time, and some Charr DEs only add to it - I still remember the quiz by Iron Legion in Plains of Ashford, where the correct answer to "How to win a knife duel" was "Bring a tank"...

Unfortunately, even if you got lucky with early quests, once the Pact story starts it becomes increasingly dull and repetitive, rare exceptions being the quarreling pair or Asuras and maybe an occasional joke by Galina and Snarl Backdraft (the Charr NPCs again, surprise!).

I'd say, the story aspect of GW2 is vastly inferior even to SWTOR, which had several well-done stories (not all of them, mind you, since Jedi Consular personal story could perform Kills by Boredom on unsuspecting players, but still).

In Topic: Patch Notes - Guardian

08 October 2012 - 03:36 PM

I will probably just remap the skills back to how it was pre-patch, since I find the new placement horrid.
Too bad GW2 doesn't have character specific keybinds and I'll have to remap them again for my alts.
Ugh, horrid change.

In Topic: What does Anet's behavior say to you

08 October 2012 - 10:23 AM

You cant magically pull another update out of your ass 1 month after game launch, especially not with all the bugs still present.

As a matter of fact, you kinda can.
If you (as a developer) are absolutely sure that something you can stick a "content update" label on will be required to keep the public quiet soon after launch, you can simply cut a feature out from the release version 1.0 - only to present it as "new content" when needed. Sometimes it even works.

That said, it's not like GW2 is in dire need of "new content" right now - I'd say, what it needs more is an overhaul in the grind/reward/motivation department. Seriously. Because right now, a level 80 player can either participate in sPvP which lacks variety or grind away at WvW or dungeons. Both of which ATM lead pretty much nowhere in the long run. Adding another dungeon, or even an area or two with new "hearts" isn't going to help that much ATM, because seriously what can a new grind area provide you haven't experienced countless times in GW2 already? A new jumping puzzle?

In Topic: Dragons were the main threat, right?

03 October 2012 - 12:50 AM

Well, granted, they did a pretty good job at designing dragon minions and such - the Branded, Risen, Icebrood and Destroyer versions of usual enemies are really distinct and their presence can serve as an unmistakable indicator that their corresponding dragon "boss" is somewhere around (even if it means unreachable for now), but if all those Elder Dragons can do is send a champion down every couple of hours to be turned into a pincushion (read: killed by basic attacks accompanied by yawns) they won't really cut it as a "global threat".

One thing I really hope for is that Anet doesn't make the rest of the Elder Dragons present themselves in such a "meh" way as Zhaitan did. I mean, seriously - Jormag has 8-meter (27-ish feet) sized teeth, Kralkatorrik can be mistaken for an island - and if ultimately you'll be able to kill THAT with just spamming auto-attack it will be the greatest disappointment of a "world-threatening" creature ever.