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#2002645 Patch Notes - Guardian

Posted by Xenobius on 08 October 2012 - 03:36 PM

I will probably just remap the skills back to how it was pre-patch, since I find the new placement horrid.
Too bad GW2 doesn't have character specific keybinds and I'll have to remap them again for my alts.
Ugh, horrid change.
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#2001923 What does Anet's behavior say to you

Posted by Xenobius on 08 October 2012 - 10:23 AM

You cant magically pull another update out of your ass 1 month after game launch, especially not with all the bugs still present.

As a matter of fact, you kinda can.
If you (as a developer) are absolutely sure that something you can stick a "content update" label on will be required to keep the public quiet soon after launch, you can simply cut a feature out from the release version 1.0 - only to present it as "new content" when needed. Sometimes it even works.

That said, it's not like GW2 is in dire need of "new content" right now - I'd say, what it needs more is an overhaul in the grind/reward/motivation department. Seriously. Because right now, a level 80 player can either participate in sPvP which lacks variety or grind away at WvW or dungeons. Both of which ATM lead pretty much nowhere in the long run. Adding another dungeon, or even an area or two with new "hearts" isn't going to help that much ATM, because seriously what can a new grind area provide you haven't experienced countless times in GW2 already? A new jumping puzzle?
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#1938461 Dungeons are horribly broken for melee - maybe a fix:

Posted by Xenobius on 16 September 2012 - 11:09 PM

Arenanet did not take your cut and dry, tank and spank MMO and re-skin it.

Sometimes I wish they did.
Because instead, they chose to go with the most chaotic, haphazard, and frustrating system I've ever seen.
You see, the very concept of "tank and spank", or rather, predictable mob behavior allows for planning and execution in many more ways than one. Current GW2 system allows for what, graveyard zerging most of the time?

New game, new mechanics, and you have to learn them.

I'd rather say, lack of mechanics.
The main principles of GW2 PvE combat can pretty much be described by "don't stand in fire" and "run away when anything looks in your general direction". Because both aggro and most AoE abilities are quite random, there is hardly any way to predict who gets to be "it" the next second, so your best/safest bet is to have as much space between you and the target at all times, and for melee characters it's just not an option, even traited for Toughness/Vitality with "CC" utilities. I'd say it isn't "innovative", it's just poorly done and/or poorly balanced.
Heck, even Tera, being lackluster in so many areas, managed a much better combat system which included active rolling, attack blocking, positioning and whatnot. In GW2, as it stands now, you have a choice between kiting or graveyard runs (sometimes a mix of both), with survival-oriented builds being favorable for most situations. I sure hope it's not "working as intended"...
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#1908487 The bleed cap is stupid

Posted by Xenobius on 10 September 2012 - 12:27 AM

Ahh, the good old "DoT stacking" issue.
Truth to be told, I never imagined that ArenaNet would blindly repeat a mistake so old.
Yet, it did - and in a worst possible way, too.

Let's try to imagine a logic behind limiting how many simultaneous DoTs can be placed on a target for a second, okay?

1) DoTs ignore armor, and thus, are OP!
...That is, until someone remembers, that DoTs also happen to gain no benefit from all those Vulnerability stacks. Which essentially means that in a really big fight (read: 25 Vulnerability with good uptime) builds that rely on DoTs lose up to 25% of damage dealt while direct damage builds benefit from it. Oh, did I mention DoTs cannot crit, which means they fall behind even more, considering a multitude of classes can keep Fury on a whole bunch of people with a huge uptime?

2) If you place over 9000 DoTs on a target, it will die in a blink!
True. Unless the conditions are cured, or the target (presuming a PvP situation) is standing in a Ranger Healing Spring, near a Necro, a Guardian, or (an actual mechanic in one of the dungeons, iirc) the target can consume conditions and convert them into health/boons.
Now, let me remind you that GW2 does not have dedicated healer classes, and while surviving a swarm of conditions is a possibility with a good number of condition removals, surviving a direct burst is not, since there is no reliable way to top-off someone.

3) Quickly burning down Dynamic Event bosses trivializes the fight!

Has ANY of posters who scream "we don't want trivial" actually *fought* any of the major DE bosses?
I'm not even talking about the big shots like Shatterer, Tequatl or Claw of Jormag, even the starter ones, like Asura Fire Elemental or Shadow Behemoth have phases built in a way that condition damage or not, your biggest concern is surviving and/or watching the fight mechanics, not pew-pewing it into oblivion.

As for dungeon bosses, I'd *love* to see how a 5-ppl group manages to maintain a stable stack of *anything* on bosses upwards of Twilight Arbor. Also, as it was mentioned countless times already, several dozen direct damage dealers will tear anything to shreds even faster than several dozen Condition-oriented characters.

That said, a TL:DR would be:

"Shared DoTs" is a broken old concept.
Capping DoT stacks is a meaningless mechanic.
Sharing a capped DoT list on a target for all participants in a game with potentially unlimited number of people in any given Dynamic Event is beyond stupid and needs to be changed.
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