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Which sigils to use for general pve/dungeons?

06 March 2013 - 11:25 PM

The topic pretty much sums it up, I'm looking to slot my weapons for dungeons, currently using a shatter build with sword/sword and gs most of the time, at the moment slotted with force/fire for the primary set and fire for the gs, since it's auto attack damage is pretty bad either way but the procrate is decent. I usually change the loadout to focus with the stacking precision sigil when I find the time.

I'm contemplating to to switch fire sigil in the mainhand to precision, but I'm unsure whether that would actually make a difference, since phantasms don't seem to be affected at all and I'm unsure about shatters.

So, is there a general consensus about what to use or is it just go with whatever works? Thx for the responses. =)