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#2320948 Guardian Screenshots Thread!

Posted Xephyr on 29 April 2014 - 05:24 AM

Made a new guardian after the feature patch. This is number 4 :)

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#2167478 WvW NA T1 Final score gaps between Gold and Silver

Posted Shiren on 20 February 2013 - 06:31 PM

I'm beginning to think half of the JQ posters don't even play the game. They just post in on the SM forums to spew bile all over the place and fuel each other's rage induced blindness. The would probably be surprised to hear there is a place called Stonemist in WvW, it's not just a name of a sub-forum. I don't even know what these JQ posters are trying to prove any more, all this shrill denying of the comparative strength of their server to the other tier ones (look at the score) every time the topic comes up.

Every time there is a discussion about the population of JQ post transfers (and for as long as it's the primary factor in why the server wins tier one, it's going to be discussed, it's a fundamental flaw of competitive servers in WvW), or even a discussion about comparative populations of tier one servers and their relevance to the score, the same old JQ posters descend like a flock of shrieking birds.


The sad part is, no-one, not even the mods, expect or hope for these people to behave in any way other than their trolltastic selves. They flood the tier one thread week after week with their hateful and ingnorant "opinions" and poor sportsmanship (they exists on all servers, but we have the regulars to tier one) and they deprive everyone else of having some kind of intelligent or constructive conversation. The tone is set by these people and if pressure to perform week after week in tier one isn't going to burn people out, reading the threads certainly will.

As far as painting the whole SoS community with the same brush goes, I wouldn't mind betting 80% of the active WvW player base doesn't even read the SoS forums (or this one for that matter). A lot of people who WvW don't do it for the score, they do it cause they want to play their game. Even if some guilds took training days, a handful of guilds do not make a tier one server (and the only guild I know that regularly has training days is TSym).