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#2076331 Ascended Items

Posted by Spegar on 13 November 2012 - 12:06 PM

The ring that Anet compared has a 4% stat bonus (48 --> 50) and that is just one piece.

My maths can go a little wobbly when percentages are involved but if each items carries a 4% bonus in stats over Exotics and there are 6 armour, 6 accessory and 1 (or 2 but 1h tend to have half the points of 2h) weapon slot then that is a 13*4= 52% stat bonus over exotics (full sets of each)

Again maths can be off with percentages so feel free to correct me

Errr... Wouldn't the diff still be 4%? You don't multiply percentages just like that...
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