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In Topic: 3 months in and now hate paying for armor repair/travel.

22 November 2012 - 03:33 AM

I actually like the waypoint costs. I don't have vast sums of gold (usually somewhere around the 5g) so taking a few waypoints represents a serious cost. I have to think about whether I'm willing to spend the gold to save some time. If there's a DE or I only have a short period to play in then I'll pay, but 90% of the time I'll decide it's not worth it and I'll walk. And that means I get to harvest, catch the odd DE and appreciate the scenery. With no waypoint costs I'd just jump from waypoint to waypoint and miss most of the game. I seem to remember this idea (waypoint costs encourage you to see more of the game) was part of the reason ANet gave for having waypoint costs.

I'd be quite happy to see repair costs removed, especially from PvP. Not dying in PvE is relatively straightforward, everyone has a few escape mechanics. Not dying in PvP is generally harder, and sometimes sacrificing yourself is actually the best thing for your team. You're already punished for dying in PvP by being taken out of the fight for minutes at a time, there's no need to punish you twice by requiring armour repair. Plus, WvW isn't exactly rewarding in terms of gold, and combined with siege/upgrade costs certainly isn't revenue neutral, forcing you to earn gold by doing other less enjoyable activities just to keep WvW'ing.

In Topic: Guardian- Lacking movement control.

26 September 2012 - 05:47 AM

It's also worth noting that Guardian's probably have better ways of giving themselves (and others) Swiftness than any other profession (Symbol of Swiftness, Retreat, SYS). Increasing your own movement speed by 33% has a very similar effect to applying Cripple to an enemy and reducing their movement speed by 50%. In some ways it's even better, as boons are generally harder to strip than conditions are to cleanse.

I definitely agree that Guardian's seem to have fewer movement impairing abilities than other professions, but as long as I can maintain Swiftness on myself (and team mates) I normally don't feel gimped because of that.

In Topic: Guardians and WvWvW (support) ?

26 September 2012 - 05:41 AM

I play an almost identical build in wvw, except with a hammer instead of scepter/shield, larger symbols instead of shout cd and purging flames instead of sanctuary. I'm currently in full Cleric's gear (Healing, Toughness, Power), though a few pieces with vitality probably wouldn't hurt.

The healing from Empower and Virtue of Resolve's passive is frankly huge - in protracted engagements it gives your entire team a significant advantage over your opponents. I find it particularly shines when assaulting gates - my healing alone allows my team to sustain through most aoe, even the old catapult-behind-the-gate trick.

I found Sanctuary a bit lacking (small radius, very long cd) but I know some people find it useful. Ring of Warding does a similar job in my build.

Scepter/shield seems to overlap with staff a bit too much for my tastes. Hammer is an excellent control weapon (Ring of Warding, Banish, ranged immobalize) and hits HARD even with a healing-focused build. Given our tankiness (and this build has high toughness and great regen so is pretty tankey) it's good to get up close and personal with the opposition to keep some pressure off the squishies, and hammer lets you be kind-of scary while getting in their face.

Purging Flames and Symbol of Swiftness gives you decent AoE to control space or to help out in keep defence/offence situations. Orb of Light (staff #2) is 1200 range, hits moderately hard and with the above build is spammable so gives you something to do when your aoe is on cd and no one needs your support.

Line of Warding is the third most fun thing in WvW. Blocking of choke points, trapping runners or watch an enemy zerg repeated charge in and get knocked down never gets old. Wall of Reflection is the second most fun thing in WvW. Watching puzzled rangers repeatedly shoot themselves in the face is hilarious. Banish is the most fun you can have in WvW. When that thief un-stealths behind you looking for an easy kill there is nothing more satisfying than Banishing him off a cliff. Except possibly doing it while they were trying to grief you in the jumping puzzle.