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Greatsword/Staff DPS + Utility Mesmer

01 October 2012 - 09:40 PM

Okay, so earlier I was skeptical of the usefulness of the Greatsword, so I have tried making a build revolving entirely around the strengths of this weapon:

Good damage at range.
Multi-hit autoattack.
Mirror Blade bounce.
Good rate of clone production.
Clones spawn near target.

Turns out I was wrong, Greatsword is amazing on the Mesmer.

Build themes:

Support through Boons on yourself + allies (with increased duration)
Control through Conditions on enemies (with increased duration)
High damage output from both yourself and phantasms
High survivability through mobility and snares.
High rate of clone production, augmenting survivability and damage potential.


Use your shatters situationally, create clones whenever you can, stay as far away from the enemy as possible. Kiting is key. When the enemy closes on you, either use Illusionary Wave, or swap to Staff and Chaos Storm/Phase Retreat. Play aggressively, but smart.

Build Link:



20 Domination:
- Illusion of Vulnerability - Nice to have, not great but synergizes with Illusionary Wave (GS5).
- Dazzling - Another 'meh' trait. I spec 20 into Domination mainly for the majors, the Power boost, and the Condition Duration.

- Crippling Dissipation - One of the strongest traits a Mesmer can get. Amazing defensive trait. Synergizes with Deceptive Evasion, Greatsword clones (the clones spawn near the enemy, allowing you to get more benefit from the clone death), Greatsword Training (more clones) and the 20% Condition duration increase from Domination. Greatsword also has a respectable rate of clone production.
- Greatsword Training - Improves rate of clone production, more knockbacks, more damage. Synergizes with Crippling Dissipation, Debilitating Dissipation (more clones = more explosions), and to some extent Illusion of Vulnerability.

20 Dueling
- Critical Infusion - Very useful, more dodge rolls is amazing. Multiple hits on Greatsword autoattack along with Mirror Blade means you will almost always have vigor. Synergizes with Spatial Surge, Mirror Blade.
- Sharper Images - Great for a high-precision Greatsword build. Clone attacks will have 3 chances to proc. Synergizes with Spatial Surge.

- Phantasmal Fury - Another great trait for Power/Precision builds. Synergizes with Sharper Images.
- Deceptive Evasion - One of my favorite traits in the game. Synergizes with Critical Infusion, Debilitating Dissipation, Crippling Dissipation.

10 Chaos
- Metaphysical Rejuvenation - Very useful, is basically around +1300 HP in every battle if you regenerate the full 10 seconds. Synergizes with the 10% increased Boon duration from Chaos.

- Debilitating Dissipation - Awesome offensive and defensive trait. Gives Weakness, 3 stacks of Bleed, or Vulnerability on clone death. Synergizes with Deceptive Evasion, the Greatsword clone skills, Greatsword Training (more clones) and the 20% increased Condition duration from Domination.

20 Illusions
- Illusionists Celerity - Amazing trait that nearly every Mesmer should pick up. Fits with the main themes of the build. Synergizes with Crippling Dissipation and Debilitating Dissipation.
- Illusionary Retribution - Nice trait to have, when you decide to use your shatters. Not amazing, but you get it on the way to Illusionary Elasticity.

- Compounding Power - You will almost always have 3 clones up, the damage increase is great. Synergizes with Deceptive Evasion, the ability of the Greatsword to generate many clones, and Greatsword Training (even more clones).
- Illusionary Elasticity - Absolutely amazing trait, especially when you are using both the Greatsword and the Staff. A must have. Synergizes with Mirror Blade and Winds of Chaos.


Mainly I will use Decoy, Blink, and Null Field. Decoy is great for breaking aggro or just making an extra clone. Blink gives you mobility, which helps a lot in tougher battles. Null Field is one of the strongest Condition removers in the game, AND it strips Boons.

Situationally I will put in Signet of Illusions, Mirror Images, Feedback, Portal, Veil, or Illusion of Life.

As for Elites, I will mainly use Time Warp, occasionally swapping it out for Mass Invisibility for certain dungeon puzzles.


Note: You don't have to use this exact gear, but the focus should be on stacking Power/Precision/Critical Damage, and possibly a bit of Toughness/Vitality for some survivability.

Full Knight's Armor, slotted with Beryl Orbs. Increases Power, Precision, and Critical Damage, while also making you slightly beefier.

Full Berserker's Jewelry.

Berserker's Greatsword slotted with Superior Rune of Ice. Alternatively, a Superior Rune of Fire or Superior Rune of Strength can provide you with a bit of extra damage.

Berserker's Staff slotted with Superior Rune of Perception.

Y u no stack Condition Damage with so many Condition traits?!
The main Conditions I want to take advantage of are Weakness, Vulnerability, and Cripple. Malice does nothing for these, as they only get better with increased duration (which I have).

Questions, comments, concerns?

Greatsword/Staff DPS + Utility Mesmer

01 October 2012 - 09:30 PM

Edit: Wrong section, sorry about that. Delete please.

An Evasive Mesmer Build

24 September 2012 - 10:39 PM

So, my latest alt turned out to be a Mesmer, and having hit 80 just recently, I've started to tinker around with the various options available. I've tried Condition Damage builds, Mantra builds, Phantasm builds, Confusion builds, basically anything and everything under the sun. I'd just like to share what is one of the most powerful, sturdy, and balanced builds I've come up with.


Now, I am very pragmatic when it comes to traits. I want every trait, minor and major, to play a role in improving the general theme of a build. As a result, in most of my builds I try to specialize in a maximum of 3 trait lines centering on a central idea.

With the Mesmer, however, things are a bit different. As I'm sure you've already found out, the trait lines of the Mesmer are all over the place. Shatter traits are in scattered about Domination, Dueling, Inspiration, and Illusions lines, on-clone-death traits are found in both Domination and Chaos, Phantasm traits are in Domination, Dueling, Inspiration and Illusions, et cetera.

As such, I've tried to consolidate my trait usage, making sure that each and every trait works towards a certain goal. My goal in this build is maximizing damage and survivability while maintaining some form of party utility. In terms of playstyle, this build is played very aggressively, and reactively.

First, the weapons. Staff, as you already know, is one of the best options the Mesmer has. Decent damage through conditions, an instant cast teleport, Chaos Armor, and Chaos Storm, arguably one of the best all-around skills in the game. Not to mention the myriad conditions and boons it grants you and the party.

Sword/Focus, my other set, is nearly equally amazing. An auto-attack that provides vulnerability, a spammable invulnerability/DPS skill, a pull skill that also grants swiftness and cripples foes, and projectile absorption along with arguably the strongest phantasm in PvE.

Going through my traits, the majority of them are on-shatter effects, and there is amazing synergy with this trait selection. Every time you shatter, you inflict confusion, and gain both might and vigor. Might is always a nice boon to have, but more importantly, the vigor on shatter is invaluable. Combined with your Deceptive Evasion trait, you will be constantly generating clones for shattering, dodging nearly as often as a thief specced into Acrobatics. In this regard, vigor on shatter improves your damage through increased clone production, and survivability through increased frequency of dodging. It is also good to note that the vigor is provided in an area of effect, meaning that your allies will appreciate your shatters. Your shatters will also be extremely powerful due to Mental Torment and Precise Wrack.

Illusionary Persona allows you to gain all of the benefits of shattering without even having a single clone up. This means instant might, vigor, and confusion, along with whatever effect the shatter itself provides. This means an instant nuke, daze, or invulnerability. Not only does this improve your damage output, but again, it will improve your survivability drastically. I cannot count how many times I have been out of both clones and endurance, and needed just one second to channel my heal. Distortion is an extremely powerful effect when used properly, and if you pay attention, an instant daze can be gamebreaking.

Seeing as I have had to go 20 points deep into Dueling and 30 points deep into Illusions to maximize the effectiveness of my Shatters, I picked up some traits that synergize with having high Power and Precision. This means buffing up my phantasms. Phantasmal Fury is an amazing trait: with Sharper Images and Phantasmal Warden you have some monstrous damage potential. Phantasmal Haste will also make your Warden attack almost constantly, meaning constant projectile absorption and substantially increased damaged output.

Many people say that shatter builds and phantasm builds can never coexist, you can only be one or the other. I say you build for both and do whatever is best for the situation. In terms of traits, both shatter builds and phantasm builds benefit from Power and Precision. Shatter and Phantasm traits are in the same trait lines, and you can pick up both without having to sacrifice one or the other. The important thing is knowing when to shatter, and when to leave your phantasms up.

Onto my heals and utilities, I have Ether Feast, Decoy, Blink, and Null Field. Ether Feast is simply the strongest heal the Mesmer has available, especially when speccing for clone production, and it is on a relatively short cool down. Decoy is used in sticky situations where I need to either break a stun or lose aggro. I will usually heal immediately after using Decoy. Blink provides me with some much-needed mobility, and is a secondary stun breaker if I am getting continuously stun-locked. Null Field is the obligatory condition removal, and also doubles as an ethereal combo field for my Illusionary Leap and Phase Retreat. In certain situations, I will replace one of my utilities with Feedback. This replacement is at your discretion.

Finally, I'll talk about play style. As I stated before, this build is meant to be played aggressively and reactively. If a fight has just started, I usually make bunch of disposable staff clones and immediately Mind Wrack. This gives me some vigor (more clones), and deals a nice chunk of damage up front. I will drop Chaos Storm whenever it is up, using it more as a defensive tool than an offensive one (aegis for you + clones is amazing). Make sure to use your dodge roll generously, vigor will ensure you almost always have endurance, and the extra clones will help immensely with damage and survivability.

After my initial shatter, I will try to get my phantasms up, and place the warden in a suitable area. Temporal Curtain + Into the Void is able to pull large groups of mobs into my warden, doing some good damage. Alternatively, I will use the immobilize from Sword to hold a mob in place, and drop a Warden on top of them, proceeding to Blurred Frenzy. Speaking of Blurred Frenzy, it is just as much a defensive tool as an offensive one. If an unavoidable blow is coming your way, a well timed Blurred Frenzy will save your life.

I always adjust my playstyle to the situation. In my opinion, constant weapon swapping is a requirement to playing any class well, especially the Mesmer (not including the Engineer and Elementalist, for obvious reasons). One of my favorite things about this build is the flexibility and the ability to flow smoothly between offense and defense. If I am kiting, I will use Temporal Curtain as a cripple rather than as an offensive pull. Hiding in my warden will protect me from scary ranged mobs. A Decoy can be used to escape and heal, or create one more clone to put more oomph into my shatter. I can leap in with Swap, throw off an Illusionary Leap, and know that I can safely retreat with Blink, Phase Retreat, or Decoy. Dropping a Chaos Storm on top of myself and my Warden is another strong combination of skills. Creativity and reaction is key when playing the Mesmer.

Some random other things that popped into my head: you can do DE's very well with this build, tagging mobs with instant clone -> shatter, dropping a Chaos Storm, or dropping a Warden into the thick of things. Boss fights are also relatively easy: Put up phantasms, shatter when they're off cooldown, put up phantasms again. Oh, and you'll notice that although I use a Staff and have the Sharper Images trait, I do not really have equipment specialized in Malice. This is due to the way Condition damage scales: At 0 condition damage, a stack of bleeding will already do 42.5 damage/second, and a stack of burning 328 damage/second. I tend to use condition damage as a secondary source of damage, while allowing my clones and phantasms to deal the bulk of my damage. This also helps in boss events, as there is no risk of overflow of conditions, so very little damage is 'wasted'.

If you made it this far, congratulations. Looking up, I realize I wrote quite a wall of text. Any feedback is welcome!