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In Topic: [untested] Crazy selfhealing build?

25 September 2012 - 01:28 PM

View PostBeezarre, on 22 September 2012 - 07:27 AM, said:

this have been my pve solo, dungeon, and wvw set up for 2 weeks..tested and works very well for me.


my stats:
crit: 40%
heal:750 with GS, 900 with staffs

my might always on 5-7 stacks at least from empower+1st skill's 3rd chain+signet of justice..when in dungeon, with atruistic healing+shouts=my health barely fall below 50%..when it does, i go out of battle, switch to staff and heal with 4th skill..note that staff's 4th skill has 3 stacks x 4 times application of might to all allies..so the healing amount with empower(the 4th staff's skill) is decent with this build..

I've been using this exact build as well for pve and wvw and I love it, I use GS with Scepter/Shield. As for the others going on about might stacking, I put a sigil of str in my GS so Im usually sitting around 10-20 stacks of might..I also used rune of str for the might duration buff along with the minor chance at getting might when hit, which in dungeons is all the time.

My gear is toughness, prec. and power accessories all exotic. Armor is all exotic berserker set along with GS. Im around 3k power and 46% crit and 14k hp and something like 2500 defense give or take. Build has been working out amazingly for me so I'd recommend giving it a shot.

In Topic: "Explorable Mode Just Isn't Worth It"

13 September 2012 - 01:53 PM

Im curious as to which of these exploreable modes are so difficult and are taking over 2 hours to do?

Idk if its because we have a static group typically, but my guildies and myself do all paths within 2 hours, I find it most rewarding learning and adapting to the fights to figure them out but that is just my opinion. I've pugged several as well and taught some people how that fights go and it went realtively smooth. Some of the pug groups have been pretty amazing, perhaps I'm just getting lucky..meh.

In Topic: Altruistic healing

12 September 2012 - 07:22 PM

It's an awesome trait that i've been using in this build, http://gw2skills.net...cM5IyxmjLHZOjMA

I have a full set of exotic emerald accesorries and my armor is berserker (only 2 pieces are exotic rest are 80 blues) and berserker exotic gs, power is 3k, crit is 46% with around 50-55% crit dmg if I remember correctly. Doing world events or dungeons I've had a blast with this setup. You have pretty good survivability while maintaining pretty decent dmg..my ww crits around 3-6k which isnt too shabby imo..not to mention the support you bring, applying boons, condition removal for allies and yourself and healing.

Also I need to test it to verify this but it looks like symbol of wrath constantly heals you as it applys a 1 sec boon that keeps refreshing, I always see a ton of healing numbers fly up when I drop it and allies are standing in it..granted I do crit alot which applies might and heals me so could be that too. Scepter shield combo is just my prefrence I like being able to range when needed and using the shield for buffs. I'd recommend anyone looking for a good balanced typed build to try it out, I've been doing a lot of exploreable modes lately and this build lets me beat on things with the gs almost nonstop.