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Lack of Dev Commentary on Professions

30 November 2012 - 11:42 PM

While everyone else salivates about new content, or complains about gear progression I see a lack of actual change or even dev commentary to have anything to do with the real core of the game- profession design/balance. We can repeat existing content and still enjoy ourselves, in fact events are designed to be (and are) rather fun to do multiple times.

  • Weapons that are too weak, don't have a role within the context of other weapons, or just don't "flow" very well.
  • Traits that have minimal impact on combat, are boring passive boosts, and entire builds that were intended within traits but are too weak to actually use.
  • Stats that clearly need more differentiation in affecting your playstyle.
  • Profession mechanics that need work either in regards to power or design. For example, the usefulness of steal to a ranged Thief build or Death Shroud's usefulness to condition Necro builds.
  • Professions and skills in general that feel too "samey" when compared with one another.
Overall it feels like they handed us watered down (but relatively balanced) professions rather than giving us a modicum of control how to build our character at risk of creating imbalances. We've seen a good number of bug fixes, but we've yet to see any real movement on tweaking the professions.

"Autoattack Isn't Fun" or "I Miss DPS Priority System"

20 September 2012 - 07:32 AM

-I’ll take either casual or hardcore content and run with it.
-Grind? I’ll take it or leave it.
-Gear progression/power creep? I see merits for and against either loot system.
-Massive gold sinks? Doesn’t bother me one way or the other.

These among a few others are the pressing issues of the forum yet I see very little, if any, commentary on a core facet of the combat system of GW2. Combat being interesting is wholly dependent upon trying not to die. The combat in GW2 is deep and engaging when you are involved in a situation where you’re an inch from death. Between dodging, defensive skills, managing conditions on you, etc. it’s a LOT of fun. The problem with this being that you’re not always in a constant state of near death. In many scenarios you’re fighting a single non-threatening enemy. Or wailing on something that is currently attacking another player. Doing damage in most cases simply boils down to popping a long cd utility skill, maybe (if you’re lucky) using a weapon skill or two for some damage. The vast majority of time, however, autoattack is doing a huge portion of your damage and combat is non-engaging.

Now, I hate to bring WoW up, but it’s a relevant example so I’ll take the plunge. I primarily played an Affliction Warlock and Fury Warrior. The priority systems with these classes were supremely executed. With Fury you rarely were not using a rage dump. Even when soloing a lowly non-threatening enemy the rotation was interesting and fun cycling between the various damage skills. Affliction wasn’t quite so engaging against a single foe, but when you pulled 2-3 enemies it became rather fun to manage your various DoTs between the targets, making sure you were doing optimal damage to each target.

These opportunities for interesting damage/skill priorities simply doesn’t exist in GW2 (again, a game that I find superb in nearly every other way) Don’t get me wrong- something that complex simply wouldn’t work in GW2 because of the emphasis on defense and dodging. Could there not be some sort of middle ground between a game obsessed with maximizing DPS (lol dmg meters) with complex damage rotations and the other extreme where most skills are situational and you spend most of your time staring at your character autoattack? I may be hyper sensitive to this as I play a Dagger/Staff Necromancer, but the issue seems relevant across the whole of the game. Even Warriors (at the other end of the spectrum) are only mildly interesting in non-threatening scenarios.

TLDR: Combat is interesting and fun when you’re worried about dying. Combat is dull and non-interactive the other 70% of the time. There is too much dead space between skill activations because a skill is either saved for a particular defensive purpose, it does less damage than autoattack, or if it’s a higher damage output than autoattack you’ve already used it and it’s on cooldown. I would very much like to see a balancing of defensive and offensive combat focus in this game. Combat should still be engaging in non life-or-death combat situations. I would point to increasing the damage output of the 2-5 skills (while lowering autoattack) and/or lowering cooldowns of the the 2-5 and 7-9 slots. I leave the specifics beyond that to discuss here.

Thanks for reading.

Thoughts On Tank/Control Necros?

18 August 2012 - 06:52 AM

What are your thoughts on this build? Very defensive/control oriented with lifesteal, weakness, and chills in particular. Wade into battle, steal life, and just keep enemies weakened and chilled as much as possible.

-Weapons as D/D and Staff.
-Stats would primarily go into Toughness/Vitality/Compassion. Runes would be full Svanir for more toughness, better chill duration, and ice block at 20% hp. Sigils are open, but leaning towards the one that provides "chill enemies on weapon swap"
-Spectral Armor, Grasp and Walk would be utilities of choice. Wells are a nice alternative for dungeons, but I like the versatility Spectral skills provide.

-30 Blood, 10 Soul Reaping would be the baseline build, with the remaining points up for grabs as below.


Spite: The major traits don't offer a whole lot, with the best one being Might on Life Blast. The minors are nice (5% power to healing would be nice while soloing- swap healing items out for power) and the increased condition duration is huge here for weakness, chill, poison, etc however. By far the best passive effect with longer condition duration.

Curse: 10 points into this is very enticing for Weakening Shroud, but the passives/minors won't offer a whole lot. Remains to be seen whether Enfeebling Blood + Chillblains/Putrid Mark combo field will be enough weakness.

Death: Nice passives, but minor/majors are meh. Very unlikely.

Soul Reaping: This offers the most in the way of minors/majors, but the passives offer little. Last Gasp minor would be great. If I went to 30 points and dumped 10 in Curses it would make for decent shroud dancing between Deathly Invigoration and Weakening Shroud.

So we're looking at a few options.

0/10/0/30/30 (Shroud Dancing focus... misses out on +condition duration from spite but plenty of weakness and area heals)
20/0/0/30/20 (Loses Weakening Shroud but great otherwise having Last Gasp and nice condition duration with best overall mix of passive stats)
20/10/0/30/10 (Loses Last Gasp but great in every other way- might it be survivable enough without it?)
10/10/0/30/20 (Probably the most well rounded picking up the "low hanging fruit" from each trait line)


Necromancer Mainhand Dagger Suggestion

06 August 2012 - 06:30 AM

Mainhand dagger is somewhat lacking as many agree. Between calls at work I've been brainstorming ways to improve the dagger and I think something similar to below would work well.

#1 Necrotic Bite: Build-up attacks steal a small amount of life. Final attack still provides some LF.
#2 Foul Sacrifice: Slash enemies in a small cone in front of you, poisoning enemies and granting regeneration to allies. 8s cd.
#3 Life Siphon: Combines immobilize and life drain into one skill. Balance numbers as necessary. ~25s cooldown.

The idea being to build on the "in your face sustain" style. Necrotic Bite was just lacking overall, so a small amount of lifesteal would be appropriate. Dark Pact mostly existed to provide a root so you could complete a full channel of Life Siphon. Why not just merge the two and balance as needed? Foul Sacrifice fills a solid nice, providing some area damage the weapon is currently lacking plus more sustain for group and hindered sustain for enemies.

Does Lifesteal Do Anything In DS?

05 August 2012 - 07:37 AM

I feel a little ignorant here, but I was looking at builds that combined Blood and Soul Reaping and wasn't sure if lifesteal did anything while in DS. It almost creates an anti-synergy here because if you invest heavily in lifesteal you essentially just want to use DS for "shroud dancing" effects and get less bang for buck on staying in DS.