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In Topic: Comment on my GS/ Axe+Mace build

20 August 2013 - 09:14 AM

I agree with Dempsey911, if you're not a fan of Glass Cannon, just go fully Knights, and transition yourself slowly towards Zerker, so use Ruby Orbs in armor slots, and use  Exquisite Ruby Jewels in your accessories (or if you're getting Ascended accessories, get those as Zerker). When you want to transition to more damage, the first things to go should be Accessory slots.

In addition to this, further what Dempsey is saying about Vitality, yes it really isn't much good to you, and this is because you're a warrior. Vitality can be good for soaking conditions, sure, but when you're in even a marginally balanced team, someone is going to be throwing around some kind of condition removal. Getting hit for several k is usually what you worry about, few enemies provide enough condition damage to truly ruin you (I can think of Risen Defilers in Arah with that brutal poison).

However, Vitality can pay dividends for those classes that have very low health, like Thieves for example. A bit of vitality for those classes can mean the difference between being one-shot, and not being one-shot. However since Warrior's typically don't get one-shot by anything (excluding mob mechanics *specifically* designed to one-shot), you don't have to worry about vitality here.

As Dempsey says, Toughness will take you a lot further, and Knights gives you a good platform for DPS. In addition to this, having high Toughness opens up a great yield from other Nourishment buffs such as Sharpening Stones and Maintenance oils, both of which provide a higher proportion of their buff from Toughness (6% at max tier) than from Vitality (4% at max tier).

In general, the over-arching argument against tanking yourself out too much is that it can spark the wrong kind of attitude. If dodging is not your strong point, that's ok, but the answer to that is to get better at anticipating enemy attacks and follow all the little tricks to avoiding damage. Things like how you should always stand behind your enemy (so you avoid Cleave), also you should try and put "something" between you and the enemy, so that you don't get hit (i.e. a ranger pet). A lot of people don't realise how another body can block damage for you. If you just stand there, no combination of Toughness and Vitality will save you unfortunately. Footwork will always eclipse tankiness, in fact even using the word "tank" or any variation of it is inherently false, since it isn't a mandatory playstyle for any team.

In Topic: survivability and condiiton based build help (leveling)

20 August 2013 - 09:04 AM

Essentially with levelling, content is not challenging enough to be able to accurately test builds in the right environment. Ultimately no matter what you do, you will always be "fine". Eventually when you run dungeons you'll be able to experience the full weight of gear/trait choices on the kind of damage you output.

Things like this really do highlight the need for some kind of personal DPS metre like in GW1, it'd be great to be able to accurately gauge how trait changes affect you.

In Topic: Suggestions for my Support Warrior build, please.

20 August 2013 - 08:43 AM

Well, I don't think the OP needs help anymore ;)

Also, you seem to have double posted your last post in the same post.

One thing I do like to point out to people when they finalize a new build is to have a plan with what to do next. One of the reasons my interest in this game keeps being renewed is because I enjoy playing around with builds. Admittedly I think once you become confident enough to successfully pull of a build that is min/max'd for damage (like the 30/0/0/10/30 Warrior Zerker meta), I think that's sort of the Apex for a Warrior, as a result I tend to Main on my Ranger now. Eventually you'll feel less and less need for support, and you'll be able to efficiently burn through things.

However, until everyone reaches their own personal glass ceiling for Warriors, I think it's important to plan what direction you want the build to go in. I presume gradually you'd like to move away from support slightly, and instead of things like perma-vigor, you can seek to amplify party and personal DPS. Go have fun, and keep thinking of ideas! :)

In Topic: Sword/Sword // Longbow - Condition build?

19 August 2013 - 05:06 PM

I'm quite amazed to come across this thread. Since I love theorycrafting new builds, I actually tried a setup like this, with Rabid stats too. I thought I was the only crazy one hehe :)

I found going deep into Disc was ideal, since a big focal points of the build was using Burst Skills off-cooldown. The rotation was hard though. Theoretically if you have enough adrenaline you can use each weapons Burst Skill on each weapon swap. I.e. Swords, use Flurry, weapon swap, use Combustive Shot, swap back to swords etc.

Stacking bleed duration from runes (i'd suggest 3x Krait, 3x Afflicted for a good mix of bleed duration and condition damage). Another underdog sigil choice is Sigil of Doom. Consider how you're going to weapon swap a *lot* this means, say, when you swap to Longbow you will proc a poison. Since you don't have access to a poison it's worth throwing in there. Also Sigil of Corruption on one of your swords for further maximizing condition damage.

In Topic: Liadri the Concealing Dark: Warrior Destroyer

19 August 2013 - 04:41 PM

Honestly I just went in full zerker and nuked her face off, just like Wethospu does in his video. However, considering he's clearly a bit of a pro I appreciate it's not so simple to emulate. The important thing to consider from his video is his combo in phase 2. He instantly Bull's Charges in, while Fearing away the other mobs, and nails a Frenzy Hundred Blades. Even if you can't kill her in that initial combo, you can knock off most of her health and *then* rifle the rest if you wish. That way the whole process should be quicker, and you will not have to worry about time so much.

If time is your enemy, then you might want to try something like this.

Also, I wouldn't want to patronize, but if you're running Rifle, have you taken Crack Shot? Those mobs can be more of a body block than you realize :(