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Additional Gear Tiers: Economic Inevitability

11 April 2013 - 04:34 AM

Looking at market prices from launch until now of staple items we see a clear trend of decreasing price,  namely exotic armors and weapons.  This is partly because as players gain exotic gear and sell it on the market most players try to undersell each other so they will sell quickly. Supply generated greatly exceeds supply destroyed and so the price continues to decrease. Prices will continue to fall until we reach a floor, which will be the market's threshold, the limit of usefulness for players. Without a catalyst that floor will take a very long time to reach, but prices would continue to drop.

Because prices will continue to fall the only option to generate wealth, the main motivation for most players in most games, will be to add to the top, which means additional tiers of gear.  Legendaries are a large gold sink and long-term goal, but they have no urgency factor, they aren't necessary enough to keep players playing. Ascended gear, while not being initially accepted positively, did provide that motivation to most players.

Anet has shown this tendency with ascended gear already, higher tiers beyond this with the first expansion pack are inevitable . This isn't necessarily going to be grind, as long as the new tiers are ultimately backed by content (items tied to levels which are in turn tied to content) it won't be a problem for most (some will have an issue with "being forced to play the game any way they want"). We're about 5 months away from the 1-year mark and the first expansion pack, which has been hinted at by Frost and Flame, may be slated for some time around that 1-year mark. We know expansion packs will not be stand-alone, leaving plenty of room for vertical progression (and horizontal progression), including new gear tiers.  Expansion packs will most likely add additional levels, those levels will most likely have additional tiers of gear to go along with them. Generally an expansion pack will most likely have similar progression to the release client, including levels and gear progression.

How do you think progression and weapon tiers will be implemented in an expansion pack? How will the ascended tier be filled in with weapons and gear in the future? What are the economic implications of new tiers of gear? What kinds of motivations will be used in expansion packs? Throw in your educated guess with rationale.

Underwater Builds

17 October 2012 - 10:10 PM

As it is now, skills will change to fit an underwater build, however, I feel this is not actually enough to make a player viable underwater. While playing a necromancer my main build focus, wells, are not availible underwater. As a secondary build I focused on minions, however my traits were still setup for another build, making my "underwater build" very lackluster. I have also found the dynamics of underwater combat is different as well and there are usually fewer people participating in underwater combat, as a result my preferred underwater builds are more defensive than land builds.

I would like to have traits be set and change for underwater combat to make the most of a single character underwater and on land.

SSD: Corsair vs OCZ

24 August 2012 - 01:11 PM

Long story short I have a gift certificate to Newegg with nothing else but an SSD on my mind to buy. The debate is between the Corsair Force GS and OCZ Vertex 4.

My SSD-foo is pretty weak and on the AnandTech bench the Force GS trounces the Vertex 4 in some categories, is relatively equal in most, and loses out in some.

So which is the better value, considering OCZ has slightly more storage space and might be able to bypass the SANDForce controller issues that have been around for years now since OCZ uses Indilinx Everest 2 since they own Indilinx.

Differences noticed in the Stress Tests

09 August 2012 - 07:59 PM

As we get closer to release some new things manage to creep into the client. Catalog the differences in this thread.

-During my limited time I noticed mystic chests are now called Black Lion Trading Company chests and use Black Lion Trading Company keys to open.
-There is now a checkbox for showing/hiding helms and pauldrons in the hero tab.
-Mousing over skills with more than one function will now show all the functions.