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WvW guild Hall of Fame

01 February 2013 - 04:14 PM

There are a lot of great WvW guilds but only a small handful that could be considered elite and recognized server wide. I'd like to honour this small elite and ask others to nominate contenders.

- the guild has singlehandedly made the reputation of a server, or destroyed it when leaving
- known across multiple servers for skill and/or presence

The question marks are for guilds that I think should be in there, but would like to hear others' thoughts. Ultimately this hall of fame is intended to be really really small. Probably less than 10 guilds for guilds both past and present.

Hall of Fame

WM - War Machine pretty much put SBI on the map with their quality of play and it was quite distinctive for anyone whenever you went up against them in coordination and whoopass. They also caused SBI to tank and depart from T1 very rapidly

RUIN - Love them or hate them, this was a massive zerg force that defined ET when ET could still be considered T1 and a contender to unseat HoD. What RUIN lacked in leadership or skill they made up for in sheer numbers and determination and without them, the joke that was the Ascencion Alliance would have barely been a footnote. Now a much smaller force on BG as most members have departed for PlanetSide 2 a real WvW game ;), At one point RUIN singlehandedly spawn camped SoS. One guild. An entire server. Full disclosure - I used to run with this zerg.

PRX - Think a lot of us know The Professionals. They definitely deserve to be in here having been the backbone of Titan Alliance and made multiple servers successful, most recently putting SoS on the map and covering their NA weakness.They also have a long successful history of PvP in other games and conduct that befits their name, Not to mention massive threads about them that are still going ;)

CND? - Condemned may not have been nearly as prominent as PRX and are now long gone, but I think they deserve to be here just founding the Titan Alliance and pulling off what they set out to do. However on the open field and actually in combat, what do you guys think?

TSYM? - Not entirely sure these guys should be hall of fame but they're close, SoS never really had it together and were still (barely) beat by Fort Aspenwood until these guys arrived from Dragonbrand and SoS seemed to magically get their shit together. However, don't know the history enough to really say they had *that* much impact, or maybe they were just one of many core guilds i.e with their butt-buddies MERC ;) that helped make SoS T1 material.

Any others you guys should be nominated? keep in mind this is a best of the best list.

GW2 endgame = jump puzzles and mini dungeons.

16 December 2012 - 04:40 PM

Seriously :) I think a lot of people have grinded out to 80, finished story and run the dungeons for their gear and think that's all there is to it but have hardly checked out the JP's and mini dungeons at all. Maybe some people think that most of the JPs are just a stupid vista-like 5-10 minute jump up a mountain but many are actually very well designed content in their own right and most have their own zones. IMO you truly haven't finished the game until you've checked them all out.

I've soloed at least half of them and only asked for help when I needed it but whenever I did most people ended up profusely thanking me from bringing them along as they had no idea that the game even had stuff like this etc. I'd say people generally had more fun doing most of these than exploiting/skipping and DPS-ing dungeon content lol. For those reasons I'd say bring some PUGS along from the zone whenever you do them even if you don't need the help. Things will go faster with someone to help res when you fall etc instead of waypointing.

Some mini dungeons are better designed than actual dungeons imo with my favourite ones being Provenic Crypt in Gendarran Fields and Forsaken Halls in Dredgehaunt Cliffs which had a very unique and fun torch/light mechanic. Bring a 5 man to that one though, especially like the NPC hints :)

Anyway here are the lists from the wiki, I haven't finished them all yet but I've been saving the 70-80 ones to hang out with rl friends who are more casual so we can finally do something together lol. Most are also very quick to do, usually under an hour and not more than two. They are also a refreshing reason to go into the PVE zones again.



Servers are now magically not full?

18 October 2012 - 05:29 PM

Not sure what Anet is playing at, a whole bunch of halfass attempts to engineer "self balancing" of servers maybe? anyway.. who knows how long this will last. For those of you who have aborted or couldn't get in fast enough to transfer your whole guilds rt now during transfer-rama now is your chance.

War Machine props

16 October 2012 - 06:45 PM

Got to have respect for these guys. ET must have clashed against SBI several times but I never really got up close and personal with them until being a tourist on Jade Quarry. Ambushed one but it turns out he had 2 other buddies stealthed, never went down so fast and in such a coordinated fashion in all my time in T1 so far.

Also as the Jade guys were efficiently wiping the floor with what's left of Stormbluff's coverage, those WM guys literally don't stop fighting (and kicking ass) even when it's just a handful of them in a keep and literally outmanned like hell from all sides. You can literally just see everyone else melt and the JQQ steam train zerg stop when they run up against these guys in the open field and they have to work for it.

Separate WvW into multi-bracket days

27 September 2012 - 02:35 PM

It's been said before. but this is my spin on it.

Keep the 1 week format but separate each day into distinct 8 hour time zones. (Edit to Clarify here) NOTHING IS RESET EACH DAY. Scores stay the same like they are now, this is just cutting each day up into three different battles per server match up.

You have your prime time which is say between 4 PM and midnight, but you also have "off peak" from midnight to 8 AM and the day time. Those are set beginning and end times each day that anyone can schedule for and people are free to play as much as they want in all three if that's what they want to do.

Primetime for any server's regional equivalent is worth twice what the others are worth and a server's ranking is a cumulative score from all brackets.

In the end it might not sound all that different to what we have now but it essentially makes sure that the people who put in coin and effort into their particular "time slot" aren't going to be penalized and have it flushed down the drain when they go to sleep.

The only reason I haven't eliminated the "off peak" bracket is because of the argument that the Oceanic guys would not be able to play during primetime if we eliminated off hours play entirely. I'm still divided on this as it doesn't really solve the Oceanic issue but it gives the flexibility for them to eventually have their own servers (they almost already do with SoS and IoJ etc) and this way all servers have peak and off-peak times so that there's no "exception" that creates special advantages be it Oceanics or French-Canadians :P

Btw I am also an Australian who lives in NA so I understand both sides here :)