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Pet Agony Resistance?

23 November 2012 - 10:12 PM

I've been looking everywhere for info about this and couldn't find anything (beyond the standard whining), so I'm asking. Any news on agony resistance for pets? I just reached level 10 fractals, and I notice that my pets have a stat for agony resistance, but they don't get mine (I have 5% now). Every other boost in stats comes from either an activated skill or set traits, so is there a new trait we'll get? A new skill? Does the option simply not exist yet, or are they supposed to get the ranger's resistance and it's not transferring due to a bug/oversight?

I hope it's not a trait or skill, as that would be asinine. Instead, I keep wondering if maybe it's intended for the pet to have the ranger's resistance (which makes sense), and will be fixed in a future patch. In that case, the game could check the resistance every time pets are swapped, or in new maps.

That's what I hope will happen soon, because without some agony resistance, pets are going to be a real problem from 10 onward. (It should be noted I never have a problem with pet survivability in other dungeons or even lower fractals, so please don't insert whining about pets sucking--they don't, and neither does the profession. It's just the agony, there's no way of protecting an AI against that, esp if you can't give them resistance.)

For that matter, does other allied AI, like an elementalist's summons, the necromancer minions, ect, also suffer agony? If so, at least rangers can control their AI allies, so I suppose there is that...

Ranger Spirit Build... in dungeons?

06 October 2012 - 11:58 AM

My ranger is a support spirit build for open world, pvp and wvw, ect. It's great for everything except dungeons. In dungeons, mostly because of the small spaces and large aoe's and/or constant damage, it's a disaster.

I've been working on some ways of getting around this and came up with a build that I think could work in everything but the more difficult dungeons (COE and Arah, looking at you). Posting for thoughts and advice:


Obviously, most of this is subject to change depending on preferences/situation, and the tree we're really focusing on for talk is Nature Magic. I use moas and the jungle stalker for buffing in dungeons, so I have Concentration Training as my first trait pick. Then I took Nature's Vengeance and Spirits Unbound for the spirits.

My general problem with using spirits in dungeons is that they're so fragile, they die very quickly, and unless you can position them carefully in the dungeon (which can be difficult), they're pretty much useless. However, Nature's Vengeance can twist it around a bit. Instead of buffing the team with my spirits (which is what I usually focus on outside of dungeons), I've started using the Nature's Vengeance perk and their low health to turn them into aoe crowd control, which is excellent for mobs. Now, instead of worrying about the spirits dying, I'm actually trying to encourage it.

My general strategy is to be close to the action (this build has decent health and toughness, so it can take a few hits), summon my spirits around mobs, and activate their secondary abilities for cc. Usually, because they have low health, they'll die quickly, and activate a second time, more or less giving you two great aoe cc's one after the other.

My favorite spirits to use in this strategy are the stone (for immobilize and cripple) and sun (for an aoe blind). Frost could also work, although I find very little use for storm's abilities (that being said, storm is fantastic in wvw). For the curious, all the while this is going on, I'm also keeping up constant fury between the red moa and the warhorn.

Long story short, I think this is an effective strategy for spirit builds in dungeons... but I can't make it work stuff like COE, because that Alpha in particular spams his AOE so much my spirits generally die before I even get close (and don't get me started on those damned golems). Then again, I suppose COE is evil in general.