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#1961878 lvl 60 Mesmer: what type of amor should I craft ?

Posted by Trickstick on 23 September 2012 - 11:00 PM

I like carrion gear for my sword/focus and staff mesmer. The added durability from having a defensive stat really helps.

Precision is great for stacking bleeds by using sharper images and clones. However, you really need extra condition damage as well or your bleeds will not add up to much. This would restrict you to using rampager's gear, or a mix of equipment. I like the buffer that a bit of vitality gives.

I have come to the conclusion that magic find isn't for me. It makes the game less fun for me, as your character is a lot weaker. I also found myself wondering what the point of it was. Sure, you get better loot but what is the point of it if you are not getting gear for killing stuff? I'm just slowly crafting myself an exotic lvl 80 carrion set from stuff I pick up, much more fun than grinding the money with magic find gear on. At least in my opinion.

I do like using magic find food though, as it is just a temporary thing that you can change if you are doing something hard.
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