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Stop Hitting Yourself: Glamour/Confusion Mesmer

21 September 2012 - 05:12 PM

I really like the idea of confusion, reflection and people killing themselves, with me just running around creating clones and causing mayhem. On that note, what do people think of the following build, for general pve work:


At the moment I have full carrion/chrysocola with runes of the undead and sigil of corruption, so a very condition damage based setup. The idea is to stack confusion and ethereal combo effects, also using glamours to apply extra blind/confusion.

A few points I am not sure on:

- For anything outside of a boss or wvw, would a sword be a better choice than the sceptre? I know the sword is good but the sceptre has both the block -> blind/confuse and the confuse beam,

- Would blinding befuddlement and dazzling glamours be better replaced with phantasmal haste and masterful reflection? I'm thinking yes, as long as using the sword.

I did try to include sharper images, but have found that it is too deep in the duelling line and requires a lot of sacrifices. Also, you need a fair amount of precision to make use of it, which means sacrificing condition damage (bleed ends up weak) or toughness (glass cannon is fun, but I need the buffer or I die too much).

So, has anyone had more experience at this type of build than me? I really enjoy being the weird status ailment guy, annoying people by making them kill themselves.

Magic Find Mesmer

16 September 2012 - 01:34 AM

I have been enjoying running a condition/shatter style mesmer, very fun and hectic in fights. However, I wanted to make a build that could utilise as much magic find equipment as possible. To that end it needs to use a lot of explorer's gear, opal jewellery and suchlike. However, I find that this does not work to with a condition build, as all you get is a bit of +power and +precision.

So, what do you think would be a good build for magic find? I have been experimenting with GS+S/P and threw together this:


I feel it isn't that good though. Anyone have their own ideas about a magic find build? I know that taking magic find means sacrificing overall strength but there must be something I am missing.