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visual weapon upgrades

28 September 2012 - 09:25 PM

has anyone seen any evidence of a visual weapon upgrade? something that would add flames or electricity around the given weapon?

its been said that there will be something like that in game but the only thing Ive seen thats come close to it is that icy greatsword, though that is built into the weapon correct?

really would be disappointed if there was no such thing because I really wanted to re create a storm bow in gw2 with a lightning mod since there doesnt seem to be one of those either.

And I dont know if there is a thread on this or not, my search is broken. I type something in as vague as "Ranger" and get no results :/

Arenanet: Mike O’Brien on Account Security

21 September 2012 - 02:05 AM


Looks like they are doing something about this despite what the vocal minority have been saying.

The blacklist system seems to be particularly effective and I suggest we all heed to Mr. O'Brien and do what he says about changing passwords.

Thank you Arenanet

24 August 2012 - 04:43 AM

With head start literally right here, and that being for most of us, the release, I wanted to make this thread before we all get into game. It was inevitable a thread like this would show up and rightfully so, Anet deserves every bit of praise we can give them. So post your thank you's and anything else similar here but keep in mind, this is a thank you thread. if you have nothing thank you related to add, dont add anything.

I'll start off:

  I remember when this game was first announced 5 years or so ago, all I was expecting was another GW1 styled campaign and I was still excited for it. That was all I needed. It wasnt until I saw the first elemenatlist skill videos that I realized just how different of a game GW2 was going to be, though I had little understanding of the scale. But I was still excited. I remember getting on GW1 one day in 2010 after a long hiatus and wanting to get rid of all my stuff because GW2 was coming out soon, I had no idea I would have to wait another 2 1/2 years. Now with the game fast approaching, Im still excited for It but not as much as I was a year or 2 ago. Its weird, but I think its because Ive spent the last 5 years of my life and 2 of them here on guru waiting for this game that Ive grown accustom to it. It just doesnt seem right for the game to actually be coming out and actually being able to play it. Its human nature to stray away from change but I think this one, this one is good. Not just being able to play instead of wait, but the whole different direction GW2 seems to be going in and I think its going to be well worth the wait. I cant thank you enough Arenanet for everything youve done and been able to accomplish throughout this whole process to give us the best possible game you possibly could. So thank you, I'll see you all in Tyria :).

just want to run this build by you guys

12 August 2012 - 10:15 PM

Ok, so some may remember a thread I made detailing the computer I wanted to get, somehow that got way more posts then I would have expected but whatever. The thing is, I made that thread as soon as I got a job and was planning on saving for that, what ended up happening was me, breaking my shoulder and not being able to work for the rest of the season. So I didnt get any money, and I didnt get any computer.

Now Ive got a new job and I dont plan on breaking anything:) ( also this job isnt seasonal), and Im looking to save for a computer again. Now since I made that thread back then Ive gotten a lot more tech savvy and smarter about buying and building. Looking back on what I said I wanted to get just made me facepalm.

Anyways, Im gonna be building my computer now from newegg, insead of ibuypower, with a friend who will probably get the same thing Im getting. So without further to do, heres the build:

Rosewill BlackHawk Mid Tower -case
Coolermaster Case Fans -extra fans

FX-8150 -cpu
Corsair A50 -cpu cooler

Radeon HD 7770 2gb -gpu

8gb(2x4gb) DDR3-1600 Gskills Ripjaws -ram

ASUS M5A97 AM3+ -motherboard

Corsair TX650 -psu

1tb Seagate Barracuda -hard drive

120gb OCZ Vertex 3 -ssd

Samsung 22X DVD/CD-ROM -drive

Total $903

NOTES and QUESTIONS: So Im pretty confident that this build will max GW2 and run other games Id want to play at decently high settings. Id get windows7 for wherever I find it the cheapest and I opted for the 7770 2gb over the 7850 2gb because I think the preformance difference would be minimal compared to the $100 price increase, good choice yes? Is 650W overkill or just enough or what? Also Im mildly concerned whether or not the motherboard would work though I think everything would fit right? its AM3+
One Last Q, any thoughts on the razer anasi keyboard? I see mixed reviews and Im planning on getting that with the deathadder mouse to replace these crap extras Ive got laying around.

So thats it, any additional thoughts comments?

Like I said Im pretty certain about this one but I just want to run it by you guys whos opinions Ive come to respect about this kind of stuff by just looking around.