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In Topic: I wish they would remove arrow carts and ballistas.

31 July 2012 - 08:00 AM

View PostMiteshu, on 30 July 2012 - 07:33 PM, said:

This is the worst idea I ever heard.

I can effectively trap people inside spawn using this.
Could do although I don't see the problem with that it would take a guild/organised effort to do this. It could be countered by another guild breaking the spawn trap and During bwe3 i noticed wvwvw spawn protection lasted quiet far from the spawn base, so it be hard to spawn trap without great organisation. Plus there is 3 teams meaning doing this would risk loosing ground to the 3rd team. The world that does this will have to split it population to keep up the spawn trap leading to zerg eventually destroying the siege spam. Spawn trapping an enemy world will most likely annoy their player base making them more likely to ignore the other world meaning it become a temporarily 2v1  push for all the cap points till they meet each other.

I didn't think of spawn trapping at the time though and agree my suggestion would be rather overpowered but could be fixed by having just one spawn per map for each team and once destroyed respawn at worlds spawn to be bought after say 2 hour?

In Topic: I wish they would remove arrow carts and ballistas.

26 July 2012 - 04:17 AM

I don't feel they need be removed just a counter. I suggest Anet should add a new siege weapon, this one would need be carried that requires allot of supply to build lets say 500. What it would do is project a 600 range all around bubble that protects people inside from projectiles. the player holding it cant use skills and when dropped the bubble disappears making them an easy target for melee to kill. it would come with 5 skills i suggest something like this

1. Extend barrier, increases range by 50% while channeled but now only reduces projectile dmg by 50% instead of 100%

2. Reflect projectiles, turns barrier red and for 5 seconds all projectiles are reflected. 90 sec cool down (Cant move while using this skill)

3. Harden barrier, turns barrier purple makes it so the enemy cant pass through it for 5 seconds. 90 sec cool down (Cant move while using this skill)

4. Barrier wave, knocks back all enemy within the barrier. 45 sec cool down

5. Barrier energizer grants 10 seconds of retaliation and protection  to everyone within the barrier. 180sec cool down

This would provide a way to combat siege spam. It wouldn't totally stop it, if the carrier is killed the team will loose there protection and be destroyed. This is just an idea, but i feel it is one way to balance the siege warfare in game without having to heavily modify it as it is. One other way i could see is increasing supply on all siege to build by 200% making them all more expensive except for the ram as cheap way to storm a fort is still needed.

In Topic: RP Servers

03 August 2010 - 11:52 AM

problem i see would be an imbalance between pvp servers and the rp servers in world pvp causing rpers to change servers and role play there causing  massive call for action & banning and lots of gtfo bk to rp noob etc.

e.g I myself dont like to rp so if i'm in pvp community  server i'm going be anoyed if i find rpers roleplaying here wen they have there own server spec wen there responce to why there here is  our server always looses Q_Q

In Topic: Let's talk Raids...

29 October 2009 - 03:43 PM

no to raids they promote srs attitude about a game where u fight retarded ai... its not hard n all it leads to is finding ways to abuse ai

also all them bars would clutter the screen making hell for prots n rangers to see animations to rupt stuff/well placed rof n stuff, yes some poeple are good at the game ... n dont just hit skills 1-8 n look at the red bars on screen

In Topic: Introductions Thread

20 August 2009 - 04:05 AM

Hi im Aura slicer yes thats also name of a dervish skill. Im new to guru well had an acount gwg but forgot the pass and it was under different name xD

what you can expect from me is *provides list*
*Being active
*Lurkin alot
*Bad grammar
*Elitist attitude
*Alot of moaning and raging over any imbalance in the game at release and leading up to
*Very helpful and willing to help in any way i can aslong as i dont think your looking for a hand out or wasting my time
*The occasional troll post

well theres my introduction