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The Battle of Claw Island, to save a certain some one (spoilers)

06 October 2012 - 02:45 AM

The level 50 story line quest is to fight off the risen at claw island but the main issue I had was my mentor decided to randomly stay behind and die when I was quite capable of fighting a way out and didn't need some one to sacrifice them selves.

The weird part is this is not the only odd thing, after this the supposedly hurt Deputy Mira is completely bandaged head to toe and carried by Trahearne, this seemed suspicious to me considering any one needing bandaging head to toe shouldn't be just carried in your arms but it is just a game so I ignored it.

   When my mentor ( Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw ) decided to stay behind I knew I had to save him, who the hell lets there friend sacrifice their life to save you when you don't need it? So after some thinking I told Trahearne to stay put and start to swim around but once again Trahearne acts oddly and starts swimming with some one completely bandaged...

   Trahearne and I make it the other side of claw island and he starts attacking people by bumping into them while I cleave my way through the massive horde of risen to my fallen friend. After countless(2-3) hours of fighting I reach my friend and revive him, yet his response is a sarcastic remark about too many risen after I had slaughtered them all.

   I decide that maybe he is remarking about the few still on the beach so I trudge on down and start laying waste to the risen thralls when suddenly Trahearne freaks out and runs into a pack of eight risen which slaughter him instantly. I raise my blade throw my great sword, transform into a bear and then as my greatsword reached the risen it created a clone of me, my combo attack destroyed the pack of risen in seconds.

  I reached Trahearne's downed body to help him when I noticed the bandaged body of mira was just sitting there lifeless so I did what any decent person would, I picked up Mira's body to check to see if she was all right. To my amazement what I held was not a body but a bunch of golem parts, I had always figured Deputy Mira was a machine but this was to much.

I help Trahearne to his feet and in the awkward silence we walk back to Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw (my mentor) and then to my surprise Deputy Mira was there and greeted us as we walked up, and that's when it hit me.

   Trahearne and Deputy Mira and my mentor all concocted a scheme together and kept me out of the loop.(probably because I suck at lying) They had Deputy Mira fake serious injury and then Trahearne would bandage a bunch of golem parts to seem like her while she stayed behind to help my mentor fake his death.

  If my mentor seemed dead  and every one believed it including allies who could turn to risen and let Zhaitan know that he is dead then he could work from the shadows while the world believes that he is gone.