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#2206957 Xbox One & Playstation 4 Thread

Posted Lemming on 27 May 2013 - 11:36 PM

In case you didn't see this post, it's pretty worthy of commendation.


#2205039 Xbox One & Playstation 4 Thread

Posted Xunlai Agent on 22 May 2013 - 03:34 PM

I won't be buying it, voting with your wallet is a huge thing that people do not grasp. There are not enough exclusives in the world to make me want to buy this Orwellian box.

#2205760 Xbox One & Playstation 4 Thread

Posted Naoroji on 24 May 2013 - 12:53 PM

Pretty much just this: (Strong language and implied violence)

#2203026 I just miss Guild Wars

Posted Captain Bulldozer on 17 May 2013 - 03:11 PM

View PostTranquility, on 17 May 2013 - 02:56 PM, said:

Been pretty much the MO for all sequels for the past 5-6 years.

"Fix" things that aren't broken, leave things that are. I really just don't understand what inspires devs to just dump everything about the previous game and go a completely different direction with a sequel.

The couple games that have stuck to the same formula but just refined it have been met with incredible success. Skyrim, Bioshock Infinite, Borderlands 2, Dark Souls.

Then you have games that were major disappointments that decided that "fans don't know best" and completely change everything. Diablo 3, SimCity, and GW2. Yes, some people like the "new version" of the games, but just as many people feel betrayed.

I agree.  And the problem really is that, when players feel betrayed, they cease purchasing products from that company permanently, and even actively work to stop others from purchasing new products from said company.  Sure, GW2 might have gained Anet/NCSoft some customers fleeing from the disintegration of WoW (due to age), but its not a strong enough game in my opinion to keep them coming back for more (and the sales figures from NCSoft in the last quarter support this).  So the increase in customer base is temporary, but its also combined with a longer-term trend of pissing customers off, quite possibly losing them forever.  It very well may be that Anet set its sights too high and will pay the price for years to come.  Time will tell.

#2192646 Trait Templates and Removal of Retraining Feature

Posted Zhaitan on 17 April 2013 - 05:36 PM

I think GW2 is missing a very important feature from GW1. That is a Trait Template similar to GW1's Skill Template.

Also, I still don't see the purpose of retraining traits and the associated fees. I do not believe it is an effective gold sink. I also do not see how it impacts game-play positively. It's more of a nuisance as I'd like to switch my traits based on the fighting situation. I may choose to go from greatsword to sword/focus or to sword/shield in a dungeon or to face certain mobs. Now, I will have to teleport to a town, patiently wait thru infinite loading sequence, go to the npc, pay a small fee, and then allocate the trait points manually while my teammates wait for me patiently in the dungeon. Is this an effective process?

Why can't I simply load trait template when i am out of combat, switch my weapons and continue? If it's a gold sink, why not just let me pay an equivalent fee every time I load trait template that reallocates trait points?

What do you guys think?

#2195058 How would you like ascended armor to be?

Posted Wickity on 24 April 2013 - 02:37 PM

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

#2193167 Sea of Sorrows - The Comeback Kid [Recruitment]

Posted Frozyyn on 19 April 2013 - 04:55 AM

Sea of Sorrows - The Comeback Kid

Sea of Sorrows has traveled a long road up to this point. We've had multiple matches with close calls as we climbed the WvW ladder to the very top rung. And then we fell right back down again. To no less than precisely where we began.

Six months has changed a lot. New tactics, new experiences and new faces - not least from now being able to see who you are actually fighting half the time. Through it all, Sea of Sorrows has found new resolve, stronger and bolder than ever before. You may have struck us down, but because of that we have become more powerful than you could have ever imagined.

Posted Image

We will not bore you to tears with the minutia - instead, we shall show you our resolve and focus. Here is a picture of our battle-hardened leaders plotting the downfall of our enemies:

Posted Image

Here too is a picture of our crack troops waging war and laying waste to our foes:

Posted Image

Yes, that is correct. We have embraced the idea that WvW is actually supposed to be enjoyable, not just a second occupation. Long gone are the days of needing to stay on for another two hours because you're behind on ppt and you have that coverage gap. Roll on the days when you spend another four hours in there anyway just because it was actually good fun and the "I'll go to bed after we flip this next tower" strategy just didn't work.

Sea of Sorrows has even embraced those which other "communinty-focused" worlds pushed to the side: Those who are inclined to PvE, those indecisive PvX folk, and even the rare and endanged PvP species. They are ALL welcome into our community. We do not believe in "All calls" or "gear checks" anymore. We have created a community that is accepting to any and all players.

It is because of this community foundation, that we are doing quite well in T4. So whats the problem then? Well, we're doing a little bit too well. Realistically, we're facing a situation where, at best, we are going to bounce between T3 and T4 - being too strong for one, but not strong enough for the other. At worst, we just end up with rather lengthy stays in T3. We don't really mind winning or not, but if we're going to be thrust up a tier, we'd at least like to be competitive to ensure an enjoyable fight between the worlds.

We would like to field more active WvWers across all prime-times (NA, SEA and EU); ideally bringing in guilds who enjoy all aspects of GW2 and are happy to support the server community. We may be underestimating here, but we consider underestimating how many are required to create a competitive match more favorable than bringing in too many. In our eyes a competitive match isn't being able to win in every timezone, it's each world having their own strength(s) and being able to avoid being completely dominated outside of that. We are not necessarily aiming to win.

We are in no particular rush. We would prefer that interested players and guilds take the time to get to know our community and be sure that we're the right world for them to call a new home.

For some specifics, here is what we have to offer
  • Community Teamspeak
  • Community website (gw2sos.com) with an active event calendar. All guilds are welcome to post events!
  • Weekly WvW meetings to discuss strategy
  • General Community Meetings held every other week
  • Strong Oceanic base (we truly still do have the best Oceanics out there!)
  • Lack of Laggy Zergs! (And Queues)!
  • Active cooperation between guilds!
  • Small Ops are highly valued. We want to see guilds of all sizes shine
  • Strong PvE community (both NA & SEA) - Working on Legendary? Come grind with us! Need a temple open? Our PvE Commanders open temples on a regular basis to help people get their karma gear.
  • Multiple guilds on SoS work together weekly to do t3 bounties - meaning guilds who are smaller, or more WvW focused can still get in on the action without needing to do much organizing themselves!
  • Most of all - a family type community where people help each other and reach across the boundaries of guilds to all players in SoS.
If you are interested in learning more please feel free to contact Errawen (NA) at [email protected], Arakeem (EU) at [email protected], or Rooster (SEA) at [email protected]

I will leave you with a video featuring some of the sexy ladies of SoS being mischievous!

#2077771 My Final Axe/Mace DPS Dungeon Build

Posted Strife025 on 13 November 2012 - 09:52 PM

Primary DPS GS + Axe/Mace Warrior for Organized Groups
Update 5/17:
If you've visited the Guardian forums at all, you may have seen my thread which explains the guardian build I use for all my dungeon runs:
and now my mesmer build as well:

I have been asked quite a bit what the primary warrior in my group runs though, so today I bring you the warrior build that we currently use for dungeons. This build provides huge dps for both the group and as a primary dps class. Due to the recent patch making Axe 5 much less effective for burst healing and constantly proccing for life steal damage, GS + Axe/Mace gives you higher damage potential and the same survivability as my old Axe/Mace + Axe/Axe build. This allows me to utilize the best burst and rotation for various bosses and mobs depending on if I can get 100B + WW off or I need the auto attack + interrupt on Axe/Mace, or a combination of both.

The video guide can be found as follows:

Also you can find this build in action on my youtube page with various dungeons from guardian, mesmer, and/or warrior perspective:

This build has been tweaked quite a few times to get to something that my group feels is the best DPS build for dungeons, based on patch and balance changes. This is a build specific for dungeons, not for WvW or PvP, so I would not refer to this for those instances. It provides huge amounts of sustained damage over the course of boss fights, provides damage benefits to your entire group, and gives you very good micro-level mobility and a way to interrupt and remove defiant stacks. While I do prefer the Axe/Mace playstyle a bit more, I do realize that a combination of both weapons gives you the flexibility and overall dps benefit by using optimal rotations. This allows you to get the superior skill damage rotation from GS with 100B+WW, and the superior auto attack dps and added utility from vuln stacking and a knockdown with A/M.

Build and Equipment:
If you are running a longbow with Axe/Mace for some fights, you also have the ability to switch Slashing Power to Dual Wielding.

This build is focused on dps, and rightly so, warrior has some of the highest sustained damage in the game while not being made of "glass". While this game has been designed to allow a mix of various classes capable of completing dungeons, it is quite clear that a pseudo-trinity still exists and certain group comps make dungeon runs quick and painless (as proved by my various dungeon videos). One of these parts is a dps class that not only provides good direct damage by themselves, but also contributes to overall group damage while not constantly being downed and taking away total dps, by both losing your own dps, and causing someone else to res you. This is the part that this warrior build provides.

As far as gear goes, a balanced build between knights and berserker is based on the below stat comparison on what you lose per 1% of crit damage.
The tradeoff for 1% of crit damage is equal to:
  • 5 stat points - upgrade slot of trinkets and backpack
  • 7 points - Ascended Back Piece
  • 8.5 stat points - Ascended Rings
  • 8.7 stat points - Ascended Earrings
  • 9.4 stat points - Ascended Amulet
  • 10 stat points- traits (not an equipment, but listed for comparison)
  • 12 stat points - glove, shoulder and boots
  • 12.8 stat points - 1H weapons and amulet
  • 13.33 stat points - Earring
  • 14 stat points - Backpack (rare version from guild armorsmith)
  • 14.22 stat points - 2H weapons
  • 14.4 stat points - Coat (Chest)
  • 16 stat points - Ring, helm and legging
This stat breakdown will let you maximize your % crit while balancing for survivability with Knight's pieces. How much toughness you need depends on the group and player. I currently have everything berserker now that I am comfortable with dungeons, the groups I run with, and my own skill level. When I first started playing warrior, I did have the Chest, Helm, and Legs in knights for some added toughness, but slowly switched off of it. You do want to be careful and not wear too much toughness though, because this will cause you to pull agro more which will ultimately make you take even more damage.

For armor sockets, I now use 6 scholar runes, you need about 25% uptime on 90%+ health to make them better then ruby orbs. The cheaper alternative of course is 6 ruby orbs. Yes I used to use 2x Monk runes just for some extra boon duration, but for maximizing your dungeon speed clears for some of the videos I make it's better to go pure dps since you don't really need the boon duration in groups, it's more beneficial for soloing.

For weapons, I use Sigil of Force on Axe and Greatsword (or specific dungeon sigil if you prefer), Sigil of Bloodlust for power stacks on mace, and then a backup mace with Sigil of Battle and Sigil of Night when I have 25 bloodlust stacks or I'm doing a dungeon like CoF1 where I won't really have the chance to build bloodlust. It seems that Accuracy and Force now stack together, so Accuracy on mace for when you already have 25 bloodlust stacks and aren't in a nighttime dungeon is probably better then battle when you can already reach 25 might with a 1guard/3war/1mes group.

As far as other weapons go, they all pretty much have Force on them since I don't use them much and Force is a pretty cheap, generic, all around good sigil. You do want a shield with Sigil of Energy though, for both the extra dodges when running through trash when you would equip a shield for Invuln time, and also for any instances you find where you need more dodges. Your go-to ranged weapon is going to be Longbow, which offers higher direct damage then Rifle at the cost of 300 range untraited.

As far as crit chance goes:
Your base crit chance (full ascended/scholar) is going to be 51%
20% from Fury bumps that´╗┐ to 71%
9% from heightened focus goes to 80%
170 precision from banner pushes it to 87%
70 precision from Omnomberry Pies/Ghosts pushes it to 90% (or more from butternut squash soup).

So as far as food goes, Omnom Pies/Ghosts are still the best regen/life steal food in a high crit build. It does have a 1s internal cooldown now, but offers more life gain then any regen food assuming you are actually doing damage and critting. If you do not need the lifesteal, then something like Curry Butternut Squash Soup will offer more dps overall now that there is a cooldown on proccing lifesteal which also does damage. So food is more situational on what you are doing now.

Skills which you will be using a majority of the time:
  • Healing Surge is much better then Healing Signet in this build, since you usually have 3 bars of adrenaline and you no longer have signet cooldown like in my older builds
  • For Great Justice is one of the best skills for dungeons, increasing the damage of your entire party with 100% uptime on at least 3 stacks of might with 0 cast time to take away from your direct damage
  • Every class should always have at least 1 stun break and a way to remove conditions, Shake it Off provides that for warrior for heavy condition fights, or Frenzy for fights where you don't need condition removal. Further condition removal comes from teammates (i.e. Guardian), because dungeons are a teamwork based activity.
  • Banners are huge benefits to the group, it has near 100% uptime with the trait, provides swiftness for running through trash mobs, and provides overall damage and survivability to your group.
  • Signet of Rage should be obvious. Along with For Great Justice, you always have Fury up which is one of the most important boons for a dps role.
These skills are not set in stone though, many of the stances are situational as well.

For a few bosses where you need stability, as well as the Harpy Fractal, I will take Balanced Stance instead of a banner or Shake it Off.
If you know you won't really need condition removal, you can also take Frenzy instead of Shake it Off to really maximize your dps. Also to maximize dps, we usually run OMM instead of Banner of Tactics now.
Finally in a few of the fractals at 30+, you will probably want to take Endure Pain instead of a Banner so you are able to burst down some of the harder groups without getting downed.

Switching to the appropriate skills for a given situation will just come with experience, knowing what you can get away with, and what will provide the overall best dps in consideration with being interrupted or downed.

This is where I get into the usefulness of GS and Axe/Mace and the proper rotations you should be using.

GS has superior dps with the 100B and Whirlwind rotation. The downside is obviously that you are rooted for 3.5s while using 100B, and the auto attack dps of GS outside of this combo is inferior to Axe. When running in an organized group with an anchor, alot of the downside to the root is mitigated, while you still may need to "break" the animation of 100B to dodge sometimes, you can still get the full rotation off most of the time outside of some instances in high level fractals. If a mob is against a wall, WW offers by far the highest dps out of all your skills while evading at the same time.

Now the benefit of Axe/Mace is that it has superior auto attack dps with Axe, especially when you don't need the vulnerability that comes with the GS auto attack, the ability to front load 8 stacks of vulnerability with Axe 2/Mace 4, and the knockdown which is especially useful for bursting down packs of silver mobs.

With fast hands, you get the benefit of both the GS and Axe/Mace strengths, while mitigating their weaknesses. Fast hands will allow you to get the 100B+WW combo off which takes ~5s which has the highest dps potential out of all your skills, then instantly swap to Axe/Mace to get the superior auto attack dps and utility while 100B+WW is on cooldown. Once your 5s weapon swap is off cooldown again, you can switch back to GS and repeat the rotation all over again.

If you are in a PuG and find yourself needing more range, you can still take Longbow for your swap. First it has more direct damage then Rifle which benefits from a crit/damage build and it has some nice AoE burst with the 3rd skill. The tradeoff is that you have 300 less range which I don't really find a problem most of the time and you do have the option to trait it if needed. I will also use A/M + Longbow in a few instances at high level fractals, specifically for bosses like Mossman, the last Shaman Fractal boss, and the last boss of Dredge Fractal. In these instances, I find that Axe/Mace will allow me to burst in and melee better then GS, because alot of the times you won't have the opportunity to be rooted for the entire 3.5s to get the full benefit of GS. As mentioned earlier, this is where you would swap Slashing Power for Dual Wielding in the Strength line.

Hopefully this guide helps to show what a Warrior can bring to a dungeon group. Their sustained damage, high damage traits, and offensive boons is a huge benefit for the ability of a group to quickly and efficiently clear dungeons. They are basically the direct counterpart to what a Guardian can bring for group survivability. Don't let the lack of a pure trinity and uneducated dungeon runners let you think that classes and roles don't exist. If you want to run dungeons easily and efficiently there are still optimal classes and roles just like any MMO. The pseudo trinity is still tank/dps/support as it currently stands, and this warrior build is the prime example of the dps role in a group. It provides both excellent direct damage and damage for your entire group without sacrificing cast-times to give this group support. This trinity is much looser then most other MMOs, but it still exists in GW2 if you want to be optimal. If you think otherwise, you probably haven't run dungeons in an efficient, team-work based group before.

Thanks for reading, and good luck out there.

Old Guides:


#2170844 Tier 1 NA: Jade Quarry vs Sanctum of Rall vs sos ~ No tears No whining

Posted Cirus on 26 February 2013 - 12:18 PM

Vanu4, I fully agree with the PRX part of your post, disagree with the TSym part though.

There's actually no drama on SoS, there is nothing but utmost mutual respect between the guilds that are leaving and those that are staying.

There was some frustration from Agg and FoE towards TSym when they left, but this wasn't the reason that they left the server. MERC, ND and VoTF leaving also had nothing to do with TSym. That famous chatbox screenshot of Coron losing his temper was a reaction to further rumours that had been stirred moments before the reset.

When you have someone like Clementine from PRX having access to sensitive SoS information( that 99% of people don't know about), she sends it to the wrong hands to stir up drama. One of the hidden toxic elements of JQ that people allude to.

Coron's a great guy. He runs a tight, highly disciplined, large WvW guild. He's very clever strategically, his guild has a lot of fun in WvW, he's not afraid of theory crafting and TSym play very co-operatively with the people around them. The scapegoating of TSym in the GW2 public has been manufactured and blown out of proportion (thanks Clem). These lies circulating may have been one of the causes for Coron's irrational outburst.

I've got nothing but respect for Tsym, I love those guys!

#2170407 Tier 1 NA: Jade Quarry vs Sanctum of Rall vs sos ~ No tears No whining

Posted Kurthos on 25 February 2013 - 08:14 PM

Theres a lot of negativity thrown at guilds for finding a new home. One realization that you probably will not come to unless you played on Sea of Sorrows or live in a timezone that is non-North American is that: If Sea of Sorrows, or any server for that matter drops below Tier 2, guilds who are interested in playing the game against guilds in a similar timezone will get really frustrated. That means, regardless of how much you love your server, you'll likely be bored of this game due to lack of players to fight and probably match up domination due to lack of coverage in the lower tiers.

Competitive guilds such as VotF, ND, and MERC are facing this issue directly. So much that they don't even have to say it when they decided to find another home.

What does this mean for competitive NA guilds? If we stay we fight an uphill battle. As much as I don't want to compare it to SBI or IoJ, thats the situation we're in. We're logging in every day to see who left us for where. The guilds that are staying on SoS are very much a part of the server's culture, but they do not make or break a server such as guilds that are leaving. Every hardcore NA guild is asking themselves if its viable to rebuild. How many hours will it take just to maintain our server in Tier 3? Will this be the best for our guild if we wish to survive? To recruit? This is regardless of the amount of work you've previously put into the server.

If you look at Blackgate as a server to go to, its literally the lesser of evils and I remember something similar being said when many people left SBI for JQ. They chose not to go to Sea of Sorrows because there is a widespread lack of respect for the server, which is still the case. Winning a lot probably had something to do with it as well as bad attitudes perpetuated on these forums or something similar. They chose against Blackgate because they lacked the coverage for Tier 1 at that time.

Guilds who enjoyed playing together will likely follow each other. In Sea of Sorrow's case it will be true on a fairly large scale.

Please don't take anything in those post personally as its an analysis from someone directly involved in the inner workings of Sea of Sorrows. I'd like to share this with the entire WvW community without someone puking negativity and trolling all over it.

#2159016 Sell laurels in the gem store

Posted Lordkrall on 06 February 2013 - 10:53 AM

The Laurels are there for people that PLAY the game. Selling them in the gemstore would be rather illogical.

#2167478 WvW NA T1 Final score gaps between Gold and Silver

Posted Shiren on 20 February 2013 - 06:31 PM

I'm beginning to think half of the JQ posters don't even play the game. They just post in on the SM forums to spew bile all over the place and fuel each other's rage induced blindness. The would probably be surprised to hear there is a place called Stonemist in WvW, it's not just a name of a sub-forum. I don't even know what these JQ posters are trying to prove any more, all this shrill denying of the comparative strength of their server to the other tier ones (look at the score) every time the topic comes up.

Every time there is a discussion about the population of JQ post transfers (and for as long as it's the primary factor in why the server wins tier one, it's going to be discussed, it's a fundamental flaw of competitive servers in WvW), or even a discussion about comparative populations of tier one servers and their relevance to the score, the same old JQ posters descend like a flock of shrieking birds.


The sad part is, no-one, not even the mods, expect or hope for these people to behave in any way other than their trolltastic selves. They flood the tier one thread week after week with their hateful and ingnorant "opinions" and poor sportsmanship (they exists on all servers, but we have the regulars to tier one) and they deprive everyone else of having some kind of intelligent or constructive conversation. The tone is set by these people and if pressure to perform week after week in tier one isn't going to burn people out, reading the threads certainly will.

As far as painting the whole SoS community with the same brush goes, I wouldn't mind betting 80% of the active WvW player base doesn't even read the SoS forums (or this one for that matter). A lot of people who WvW don't do it for the score, they do it cause they want to play their game. Even if some guilds took training days, a handful of guilds do not make a tier one server (and the only guild I know that regularly has training days is TSym).

#2151011 T1 - BG, JQ, SoS

Posted Global_GW2 on 25 January 2013 - 10:43 PM

View Postd3monz, on 25 January 2013 - 10:32 PM, said:

This is so sad, blackgate isnt defending and just letting JQ cap their whole borderlands 1hr till the cycle ends.

Sick of SoS winning all the time so theyre helping JQ?

The magnitude of facepalm I want to do right now is off the charts.

#2148776 Breaking news and gossip thread - Till free transfers end!

Posted The Mighteous One on 23 January 2013 - 04:31 AM

Breaking News! Mighteous is The Greatest Player In The Game!

In other news, I think this thread is a good idea. The GW2 Official Forums are overly moderated, and there's no reason to use them. This place is slightly better, though I have seen some threads locked for silly reasons. Example, War Machine looking for alliances. Locked and directed to the other forum that nobody reads. Do you folks wanna generate traffic here or discourage traffic here? I guess internet powers are worthless if you don't flex them every now and then. Who knows?

As far as the free transfers closing, goes. It appears that only a few servers are left that can stop the monstrosity known as Kaineng. The particular server I'm eyeballing is Maguuma. According to my Great Brain, they SHOULD serve as the first contest Kaineng will face until they make it into tier 1.

What servers are you other free agents eyeballing to make your permanent home? I know one thing. Wherever I go, greatness will follow.

#2146986 Sea of Sorrows - An Organized Community for WvW

Posted MikeSr on 20 January 2013 - 11:18 PM

View PostFoE, on 20 January 2013 - 09:35 PM, said:

Come on EU guilds, there are plenty of people to kill if you join SoS.

Come to SoS and get ABS like FoE