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Slapping your Warbanner

07 January 2013 - 01:40 PM

Hello fellow warriors,

I recently switched my Shout build for a funnier Axe/Mace-Hammer banner build (as I could see banner warriors were far rarer than shout warriors or even signet warriors while banner bonuses don't stack with anything). As such, I always carry the magnificent Battle Standard that can rez the whole party while buffing them all the time.

However, I'm torn as to exactly how to use that thing.

Considering it gives a constant 4-5 might, fury and regen (traited) as long as it's here and stability when it lands, it may be worth it to have it up as soon as possible. I also traited it so it does damage when summoned, which is especially fun in WvWvW (ah, thought the range protected you? BAM, 2500 critical in your face, and then I'm furious and stable and mighty huehehehehe).

Considering it rez everyone instantly, it may be more useful to just hold it until needed. But then I see whole boss fights where I don't use it, while the party wide fury and 4-5 might might have been very cool (regen is always here thanks to the 2 other banners anyway) to kill the bad guy faster.

So what do you think about it? How do you use it?

Viability of an arcane build? + some other questions

09 November 2012 - 08:44 AM


Considering leveling my Elementalist, I'm torn between some build ideas I have but can't test because, well, I'm only level 21.

I wonder if an arcane build would work well both in PvE and PvP. Mainly taking 2 arcane utilities (and a cantrip as "OH SHIT" button), a bunch of trait to make them more powerful, trying to max crit damage and bursting the hell out of everything.

Anyone out there running a succesful arcane build?

Also side question, does anybody use Focus at all? I feel it has some great skills (Comet, Obsidian flesh, Swirling winds) that could help to survive in a general way. I don't thing it can work well coupled to dagger MH, but with Scepter it could be viable. But all I see is D/D, S/D or Staff build.

Sword/Dagger anyone?

09 October 2012 - 01:46 PM

Hello fellow thieves!

I'm running sword pistol right now with a somewhat balanced build which lets me be more bulky than most of us (30 in acrobatics so that my dodge give me might, swiftness, remove weakness and cripple and restore some of the endurance used) while still doing very decent damage and being useful support-wise (via Shadow Refuge and trait Thrill of the Crime mainly).

Pistol Whip nerf didn't affect me badly since I wasn't glass cannon to begin with. I merely lost 500 damage per PW and anyway I feel this nerf was much needed. However, this brought to my attention than since I've switched to S/P (a long time ago) I've been doing nothing (after opening with 2) but either keep the 5 field constantly and spam 3 or just spam 3). PW sticks me into place and that makes me down more than one in dungeon.

All that actually got me wondering about the viability of a Sword/Dagger thief, which isn't a very popular playstyle due to the dual wield skill being absolutely awful beside the remove-boon effect. I'm trying to come up with a build that emphasize on stealth and support (C&D and more than just one support move) while doing mostly raw (if possible critical) damage and abusing the sword 1 and dagger 4 cripple and sword 2 teleport to keep mobility.

Anyone got any lead on this? I was leaning toward the trait that gives regen as a bonus when stealthing allies and Blinding Powder and more investment in.

I know any dagger main stealth build is very viable (sword stealth has a blind and a cripple and I know it isn't backstab and isn't good but I like sword for the 2 opener/cond removal which is just awesome) and it's mostly for those playing this that I post this thread, any tip on how to make the most out of stealth support-wise?

Edit: here is what I had in thought, will test it tonight.


I don't know how much damage this build can generate (and it's not the primary goal), the rune + amulet + jewel is just here to show what I'm approximately running gear-wise (armor and weapon is a mix of Valkyrie/Knight, jewel would be a mix of Emerald/Beryl/Ruby), i'm aiming for about 55/60% crit chance overall (Sigil of water may be actually a better option than I thought) and as much power as possible while having still at least 16k hp and enough toughness to make them worthwhile.

Any point in melee weapon switching?

28 September 2012 - 09:26 AM

Hi all,

I rolled an Asura Warrior, with the idea to make a spinning whirling genious ball of death.

I fell in love with the GS whirling attack (it suits my character so well), but I also know that to whirl effectively axes are quite enjoyable.

So I was interested about the viability of a GS/Axes build. Using the GS to effectively spin around the battlefield and Hblade everyone then switching to axes and start whirling like crazy, spamming whirls as they go off cooldown.

This could make a very fun thing to play (especially with an Asura), but I'm wondering if it wouldn't be crippling gameplay-wise. I know I won't have much range so I thought of building toward survivability/critical damages.

Anyone got opinion on this? In a less specific way, anyone uses two melee weapon sets and find it effective?

Map Completion: all zones mandatory?

27 September 2012 - 12:15 PM


Pretty much everything in the title, I actually completed all Krytan map and on the achievement page have "174/175 zones". Same in Orr where I have "59/60" zones

Will I have to spend hours looking for these final zone?

Any completionist buddy to enlighten me?