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Shortbow crit build: power VS crit damage VS cond damage?

04 December 2012 - 08:43 PM

So, i was looking into getting my ranger a 50% crit chance, and use the "bleed on crit" trait plus a crit proc sigil.

Precision is of course at the core of the build, but i was wondering if anyone did the math on how does crit damage scale compared to condition or power, and if there is a "perfect spot" to maximize dps in that regard, assuming:

-1 every 2 hits is a crit
-all hits are flanking hits
-all crits bleed

I was also considering a more tanky build, with low power and crit damage, but stacked toughness, condition damage, and of course enough precision to get to that 50%....as pow and crit dmg work together,  i'm not sure how much sense would do cutting one of them for toughness.
In this later case i might even go for an earth sigil, which is kinda useless if you're counting on crits to actually do most of the damage.

Help needed with a cheap pc spec for gw2

18 September 2012 - 09:35 AM

My budget is kinda slim, i'm probably going to spend around 300$ for cpu+mobo+ram, and then another 150$ish on a vga....already have the rest of the stuff

Is gw2 cpu hungry? might consider getting a better processor and keep my good old  ati 5850.

Meanwhile, any good configuration tips to increase fps without hindering the visuals too much? I currently have an overclocked  Q6600, 4 gigs of ddr (dominator 1066) and that 5850. Run the game on medium specs, but during big events i go down to 10-15 fps.... to not  even talk about wvw :(