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In Topic: Post Patch Assistance: Dungeons

19 November 2012 - 06:01 PM

If you still want to dps go grab P/T/V gear for your armor.  I run 0/25/10/25/10 with that setup and Lyssa runes.  You can still get away with zerker trinkets.

You can't play 100% glass cannon ele and be viable.  You need to put something towards survivability.

In Topic: Dungeon Support Staff Build (0/10/0/30/30)

09 November 2012 - 03:51 PM

Good write-up.  I'm getting pretty close to dungeon master on my elementalist and I run a very similar build.  

I use P/T/V armor with this, and either cleric or zerker jewelry, depending on the group.  

To answer your question I do not believe dwayna rune works with Water XI, at least it didn't two weeks ago.  I switched to lyssa runes because of this. (water 25 + every buff in the game = couple seconds of glory).  

My only suggestion if you haven't tried this is to go with the Armor of Earth at 50% percent trait instead of the 10 points of air.  While Quick Glyphs is awesome, insta Armor of Earth (which also then cleanses a condition, gives you regen, and gives you vigor) is an absolute life saver.  It's a close call, especially if you run Lyssa runes, but in the end I think the cantrip synergy gives the advantage to Armor of Earth.  

Other than that, I can say that lightning flash is important in quite a few fights (subject Alpha comes to mind).  Definitely slot that when needed.  Similarly, cleansing fire can still behelpful on a few bosses (that stack tons of different conditions).

In Topic: "new" to Elementalist, high level advice needed.

08 November 2012 - 10:42 PM

I'm most the way to Dungeon Master on my elementalist, so I'll do my best to lend a hand.  

The number #1 way to roll dungeons as an elementalist is staff support, (my build is 0/0/10/30/30) I think you know that but that's not what you want to do.

Here is how I would spec for offensive dungeon elementalist:


If you want to do lots of damage, what you need to understand is that you NEED to be able to withstand a hit.  Zerker armor is not good for elementalists in dungeons.  You can run the zerker trinkets, but if all your armor is that you will lose out.  At 65 I would probably go with Knight Gear (P/Pre/V) as I don't think you have access to Soldier Set (P/T/V).  

You're going to want to use a sceptre, as it has way more damage potential than staff and mid-range is the place to fight most bosses (about half of dungeon bosses hate melee).  Outside of that, this build specs glyphs, cantrips, and crit vuln stacking.   The cantrip effects in particular will routinely save your bacon.   Use the Glyph of Storms (it's way overpowered, especially out of earth spec) and Ring of Fire and set off those fields with your blast finishers in fire/earth  attunement.  I much prefer dagger offhand to focus, as the mobility is your friend and OH dagger still allows for crazy good offense. (Ring of Fire, Churning Earth + Teleport, Updraft for Quick Escape, and Cleansing Wave for an extra condition removal).

Hope this helps, it is what I do when I want to change up from staff support.

In Topic: The Guardian's Guide to Twilight Arbor Complete

07 November 2012 - 04:14 PM

Thanks for the comments, you're not being picky at all.  I'm doing this based upon one three-path clear of the explorable (I'm trying to get a guide for all 8 dungeons) so I appreciate the insight from people who farm it.

Writing the guide not to skip trash that I don't think is supposed to be skipped is intentional.  This is designed to get someone through the instance who's never done it before the "right" way, because I think that's the more fun.  I'm also assuming that A-net will eventually change how dungeon leashing works as it really causes some dungeons to be WAY shorter than i think they intend.  This is certainly not a farming guide, it's actually designed for our new guildies the first time they run one of these.  

Vines:  Good tip, I'll check for that safespot.  What do you do with melee during that time period?  Just run off?

Malrona: I think we're talking about the same thing, you can't melee in front of her because you can't avoid the poison spit.

Vevina: Yeah I suppose that the pink bubble on you is Chaos Storm and the Pink Bubble on her is Chaos Armor.  I'll revise

Archers:  Yes I should mention that bug.  

Blind:  I'll emphasize it more.  I play an elementalist so I"m always focused on the movement effects of the Wardens/Knights.

Laurent:  We were able to separate the adds from him using wire.  Is this no longer possible?

In Topic: Event chain locations?

02 October 2012 - 04:24 PM

I'm interested in this as well, as I'm trying to run a guild event though an event chain.  

Any input on good mid-level event chains like Kol?  This one is routinely farmed on IoJ, so it may make sense to go to a less poplulated zone.