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#1893564 Having probs in sPvP? Try this S/F Signet/Auru build.

Posted Isms on 06 September 2012 - 08:28 PM

Honestly you're missing out on half of your build's potential. I do run a focus aura build in tournaments and it works very well. You are slightly tanky, but more focused on shutting down potential threats with constant stuns, chills, knockdowns, etc.

Your goal here is to stay with your team and keep up perma swiftness, fury, and protection on the group, as well as the benefits from the auras themselves. DPS is not your concern with this build, but more of a byproduct. It's your job to lock down the most potential threats with your chills, and lock down targets with knockdowns and immobilizes. I honestly feel this build is more like a mesmer in GW1 than anything else in this game, as it is a cruel build to play. I'd avoid the scepter at all costs with this build, as the dagger lightning aura stun is too important, and dagger water has too many chills to pass up.

As far as your title goes saying (if you're having trouble), this is by far the most difficult build of any class I've come across, as the micro management is seemingly infinite in size. But it's a whole lot of fun to play.