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Black Lion Chest Hype ... Again ><

19 October 2012 - 03:41 AM

So BLTC chests just had a 20x price jump in the matter of a few minutes.  I'm sure this isn't surprising for most people lol.

What I don't understand is the rational behind it.  Why do you need so many BLTC chests?  Their price is insignificant compared to the price of a key, (which I believe to be 1g now?)  It obviously isn't the limiting reagent, yet people are  buying massive quantities of them.  The number of chests you can open, isn't dictated by how much chests you have, but rather how many keys you can buy.

That being said, once people realize this, I'm sure the price will drop back to 6c a piece =/  I just thought they'd figure it out the last time ANET updated the BLTC chests.

*unloads insane quantities while the going is good

Use of Consecrations in Dungeons?

01 October 2012 - 05:56 PM

Does anyone else find consecrations a little lack-luster in dungeons?  I keep hearing one of the most powerful skill setups is:

Sanctuary - Wall of Reflection - Bow of Truth

I'm wondering how an experienced guardian would go about using Sanctuary and Wall of Reflection.  

From my experience, Sanctuary isn't very reliable.  The most powerful and dangerous mobs all have defiant, so sanctuary doesn't seem to get much use outside of trash mobs.  Because of the size of it's AoE, you're also forced to remain stationary in a very small area.  The skill doesn't provide any immunity to ground-casted spells, so in an emergency situation (when you'd actually need to use it) this actually makes you much more vulnerable.  Coupled with the very long cooldown, it seems like a very weak skill IMO.

AS for WoR, I can definitely see it's use.  It has a decently short cooldown, and can be a very defensive as well as heavy hitting skill.  When traited, it also lasts a very long time.  When I ran AC-expo for the first time (all 3 paths) however, projectile damage was not very threatening.  Conditions and Ground targetted AoEs were much more debilitating.  I think the skill is very situational at best.

For me personally, it seems shouts offer much better party-wide defense than consecrations ever could, as well as increasing your dps.  I really think consecrations offer a really fun and unique way to play, and would love to get more use out of them, but for now, I guess I'll stick to shouts =/