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Advanced FotM (70+) Build (not complete please help)

05 November 2015 - 08:15 PM

*Ok I'm not very good at writing builds so here's my first shot and this build is incomplete, many things still needs testing*

Preface: So if you climbed past FotM 70, you probably realized that mobs/bosses have a crap ton of HP and armor and direct damage really drops off fast.  The thought of conditions is not new.  It was found out before the expansion pack that many sinister builds can straight out beat berserker builds in damage if fight goes past 15 seconds or so.   Many other viable builds came out such as sinister engi and ranger.  Those builds were very good and viable even before HoT was released.  Unfortunately most people are berseker Nazis and refuse to adapt and accept the fact that conditions beat out berserkers.  So why does this matter?  In high level FotM enemies are pure damage sponges that has a butt ton of armor (condi ignores armor hint hint) and fights last a lot longer.  Believe it or not sinister/viper is here to stay and berserker is not ideal once you get past 70.  Give you an example, Tom took 10 batteries per to kill on level 90.

The build:

Arms - Berserker's fury, deep strike, furious
Discipline -  Warrior's sprint, brawler recovery, heightened focus
Berserker - Smash brawler, heat the soul, king of fire
Trinkets - Sinister
Back - Rampager because anet won't give us viper/sinister backs

Armor - Viper + Balthazar runes
Weapons - Sinister Longbow, sword and torch + bursting sigil, smoldering (not important for the second sigil, explanation below)

How I set up the viper to sinister ratio is first look at your build and see how much burn duration bonus you have with runes and sigils added.  Next add in viper armor/weapons until your burn duration is near 80%.  The other 20% is added by food capping out your condition duration to 100%.  My set up of all viper armor and sinister weapons + trinkets is actually not ideal because it puts burning at close to 91%.  At this moment I'm out of money to change my ascended stats to sinister piece to test but from this I would say the ideal set up is 5 viper armor pieces, with everything else sinister.

I based my idea around these 2 posts:

tl:dr run viper you fools  because it's better than sinister unless you go over your bonus duration at 100%.

Damage wise the highest tick I've seen for burning is around 26k.  The neat thing about this build is that it's very easy to keep on dishing out burns with berserker burst skills as the downtime isn't very bad.  Accurate and precise testing is still in progress.  I'm currently comparing the condi damage output to an A/T ranger and from basic observations I would say they are about the same.

26k burn tick picture: http://i.imgur.com/aC0tr9v.jpg

Feedback is very appreciated and I'll update as I find more results.

Rather poor performance given my PC

05 November 2014 - 12:33 AM

Ok so I built a new computer to replace my Phenom II X4 955 and HD 5870 set up I built 3 years ago.  My new build specs follows:

AMD FX-8370 OC 4.4 GHz
Gigabyte 990 FXA-UD3
GSkill Ripjaw DDR3 8 GB at 1866
Gigabyte R9 290 Windforce

Ok so I've played BF4 maxed out at 1080p and I get over 90 fps, and Blackflag maxed out at same resolution I get around 45-60 fps.  Now the problem is GW2 maxed out at same resolution....When running around in an open map, the frame rate dips to below 30 and even 20 sometimes and becomes rather unplayable.  Now I do have the most up to date drivers and I'm not sure where the problem is.

Is there anything I can do in AMD Catalyst suite or fiddle around with GW2 files to make the frame rate more stable?

Am I the only person that hates the great sword?

12 November 2012 - 04:11 PM

So I run dungeons with my guild a lot and more and more I'm leaning away from the great sword.  One reason in big fights the great sword offers no utility.  I always favor weapons that gives a lot of utility to my team.  My set up is usually double mace and hammer with the traits in each weapon running 10-0-30-30-0.

I really like those weapons because mace gives perma-weakness to enemies.  Weakness indirectly mitigates so much incoming damage as well as offers 2 reliable interupts.  Offhand mace has a great skill called tremors that is an area of effect knockdown again offers a lot of utility.  Hammer is my second weapon because Earthshaker is just too good.  Having a huge AoE stun as well as a blast finisher is very beneficial to the team.  Not to mention that a very large AoE cripple to help control fast moving mobs in dungeons.  I got my dungeon master using this set up a month ago and I really suggest warriors stop using great sword and look into other weapons.  The great sword is nice and all at leveling and just face rolling when mapping, but in my opinion there are better alternatives in dungeons.

Snapalope's dungeon mesmer build/guide

09 October 2012 - 05:04 AM

Snapalope's Mesmer!

Posted Image

I am writing this guide because I'm having a lot of success with it and it a very build to run as well.  So here goes and feel free to give me feedback.  

This build is a support style build, however your damage will be quite good as well due to back to back shatters using mind wrack and cry of frustration.  The weapon set I recommend is the great sword and staff.


I always build my characters durable.  The armor I use gives power, vitality, and toughness.  I believe, and many others, that staying alive in this game is more important than doing damage.  This is very true in dungeons because many fights are very drawn out, and people do go down and die due to the unforgiving nature of dungeons.  Glass cannons are simply not viable in a lot of places because they just go down too fast, and could hinder your team.

For weapons I use a great sword that gives power, precision, and condition damage.  The staff I use gives power, precision, and condition damage.  For jewelry, I use coral jewelry.  If I really need it, I switch to the AC weapons which gives power, toughness, and vitality.


Edit 1:  I apparently mis-interpreted some stuff in the traits tree. I'm going to make some changes to the traits section.

Edit 2:  Trait section is fixed now.

Posted Image

Domination:  I and X are picked because I gives a nice bonus to shatters and X is great for great swords, since you will be using one.

Dueling:  V and X are picked because they are very good at keeping you alive.  In dungeons this is extremely important.  Personally I like to build my characters tanky and survive better in fights.  I find this extremely valuable in dungeons.  However if you prefer a glass cannon set up, go for it but I would strongly suggest you rethink this.

Illusions:  The reason I max out this trait over any other because this trait grants a lot of utility and condition damage is a very nice trait for mesmers.  Confusion hits extremely hard and using this build I've seen confusion stacks hitting for over 2500.  V is picked because it makes your confusion last longer, which makes it hit more often.  VII is picked because the extra bounce on the staff and great sword is just a nice bonus to have; a good substitute for this slot is pretty much any one in this trait.  XI is picked because it gives one extra person for the shatter scaling.

As explained by Dastion:

View PostDastion, on 09 October 2012 - 07:57 AM, said:

-Speaking of Mind Wrack, it scales incredibly well with Illusionary Persona.  Unlike the other shatters, Mind Wrack is weighted so that it deals ~50% of it's max damage from a single illusion, the other Illusions only add about 25%.  For example, if a 3 Illusion shatter hits for a total of 1000 (~333.33 x 3) then a single Illusion Shatter will hit for about 500.  The damage per Illusion goes down as you add more Illusions, but the total damage goes up.  The reason this is important is because Illusionary Persona mimics the per Illusion damage, so with a single Illusion Shatter you hit for 500x2 (once for the Illusion, once for you) so you deal about the same damage with a single Illusion as you deal with 3 Illusions without.  For example, here are the numbers I came up with for Shatter damage using two steady swords (steady weapons have low damage that doesn't vary to help for testing purposes).

1 Illusion:  98*1 = 98 (49% of max damage)
2 Illusions: 77*2 = 154 (77% of max damage)
3 Illusions: 67*3 = 201 (100% of max damage)

With Illusionary Persona the damage stays the same, but the multiplier goes up since you're getting a shatter from yourself, plus you gain a "no illusions" amount of damage.

0 Illusions: 98*1 = 98dmg (49% of max damage w/o IP)
1 Illusion:  98*2 = 196 (98% of max damage)
2 Illusions: 77*3 = 231 (115% of max damage)
3 Illusions: 67*4 = 268 (133% of max damage)

So you see, it's an awesome trait.  Besides the bonuses to F2,F3, and F4 it completely changes the scaling of Mind Wrack to make have much higher average damage.

Slot Skills

Mirror Images:  The two clones that are summoned are very good at being blown up.  Enough said.

Null Field:  A good utility field.  It is great at curing conditions as well as ripping boons off of enemies.  It is very reliable as well, although the recharge is quite long, in a lot of situations.  One example is HotW quaggans; those things stack a lot of might and do a lot of damage and with this skill you can remove the might stack and nullify a lot of their damage.

Feedback: I consider this skill a mandatory pick for any PvE mesmer.  It's simply just good.  It nullifies all projectile damage and sends them back to the source.  This can inflict a lot of damage as well as saving your team.  However this skill requires a lot of practice and experience to use correctly.

Elite Skill:  Generally I use time warp, however mass invisibility has its purposes as well.  Be smart and pick which one will benefit your team in the situation.


This is the meaty bit of the build so pay attention!  The purpose of this build is to shatter as many clones as possible within the shortest amount of time and inflicting a lot of confusion stacks.

There are many ways of creating 3 clones:

Staff 2 -> Mirror Images
Staff 3 -> Staff 2 -> Great Sword 2
Great Sword 2 -> Mirror Images
Great Sword 2 -> Sword 4 -> Staff 2

There are others combos that generate 3 clones as well that I won't list, but you get the point.  The point is you can generate clones extremely fast!  The combo is 3 clones F1, 3 clones F2, repeat,  and watch the numbers fly.  However, do not underestimate F3 and F4 they are more situational, but they will save your life when you use them well.

A good example is when you need to revive some one, F4 will give you invulnerability which helps a lot with reviving.

Final Thought

The last thing I want to mention that you should always be flexible.  There are situations that requires a different weapon set and slot skills.  For example, there are times where I will switch to a scepter and focus instead of using my great sword.  Always be flexible and think for yourself before blindly follow a guide;  guides are more of a reference of what you could do, but you don't always have to follow it word for word.  I hope you enjoy this build and feel free to leave any feedback.

HotW Spawns?

29 September 2012 - 06:13 AM

Has anyone encountered disappearing spawns in the butcher route at Aldus.  Sometimes there are veterans that spawn on the left and right side of the room.  I've only seen this about once in every 5 runs or so and it's a pain in the butt since the claymores one shot most squishies.  The claymore mob before the zealot is actually harder than the actual boss itself and the only time I didn't see a wipe at that mob at least once was running with 3 guardians and a warrior.