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#2256251 ArenaNet clamps down on open speech

Posted BlackBoxx on 08 November 2013 - 02:40 PM

View PostSwoopeh, on 08 November 2013 - 09:40 AM, said:


Indeed, the world would be a better place if everyone could calmly state their feelings/issues when complaining.  If they're forced to via punishment for failure to comply, though...  I won't go into it, seeing as we agree.  Suffice it to say that letting your customers vent some frustrations right off the bat makes it easier for them to think more rationally as the interaction goes on.  If they don't calm down or hear what you have to say after repeated attempts to help them, then it's acceptable to end the interaction.  Punishment should only be issued in extreme cases.

I don't know if it's obvious or not, but I am from the United States.  Columbus, Ohio to be exact.  My culture subscribes to the "customer is always right" mentality.  Like any saying, it's not meant to be taken literally.  The customer is not right about everything, but they are always right about something (if that makes any sense).  They may not know what the problem is, or mistake it for a completely different problem, but they know that they are unsatisfied.  That something is what the company needs to focus on, or find if the customer can't communicate themselves very well (at the very least try to find the problem).  You can't do that if you ignore and punish everyone who comes to you with a less than pleasant attitude.

#2103019 Live Update: Stream will not be happening.

Posted Shaynaro on 30 November 2012 - 11:19 PM

God some of the kids around here. So demanding and such crybabies. Yes it was bad that things didn't go as planned, yes it was stressful to have yet another disappointment in things related to GW2 - but things happen and it's not always peachu. Frozire gave his best and he presented his apologies and tries to make the best out of the situation, so maybe give him a break ?

I say good job in organizing the thing in the first place and supporting the GW2 community. Better luck next time.

#1959824 What do GW1 players think of GW2?

Posted DasBauer on 23 September 2012 - 01:55 AM

Like many others I have waited for GW2 for years, I played GW1 for 3 years, got 30 odd max titles and then stopped playing. A friend contacted me recently and asked if I was going to try GW2 out when it released.

Eagerly I reached for my card and bought it.

First impressions.

I am Not impressed at all. This is clearly not a sequel to the game i loved all those years ago. I think that it's a huge step back in many ways and I cant see myself playing it for much longer. Here is why.

The skill system to me seems incredibly simple and dumbed down compared to GW1. There is no individuality in builds whatsoever. All guardians have a Greatsword and the same skills, all rangers have a Shortbow and the same skills, its the same for every class. Its Immensely boring, monotonous, mind numbing gameplay. There doesnt seam to be any similarities in the skill system of the first game and the second, as for as im concerned anyway.

There are  2 lvl 80 regions, which is not enough.
The dungeons are rock hard and all i've tried so far give terrible rewards for time/effort.

PvP seems fun, but the lack of variation in builds and the lack of interation between teammates builds like in the first GW makes it a little dull for me.

WVW for me is boring. You zerg them, they zerg you. Boring and could have been done better.

All in all im in a complete state of shock. I'm stunned at how dull this game is. I'm a little sad too.