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my flamethrower build

28 September 2012 - 05:08 PM


I have been running this build for about a week now and it is much more fun than grenade spam.. it has lots of utility and control and pretty good damage and survivability. This build is very good at dungeons and solo farming. It's actually not bad for event farming/wvw either but grenades are just so good at aoe.

In a way this is a rifle fury build that uses the flamethrower and elixir b to easily sit at 13-14 stacks of might and about 90% fury up time. I feel elixir h is superior to med kit with 30 points in alchemy, you pretty much get 4 buffs/2 buffs 2 condition removal on ~20 second cd. Formula 409/backpack re generator/automated response are all things to consider over HGH/potent elixirs. I don't think speedy kits is needed the elixirs give 100% up time on swiftness unless you get really unlucky, it is also not as important in dungeons. I take kit refinement instead for the light field on equip with the elixir gun. Along with super elixir this gives 2 light fields to compliment the fire field from the flamethrower. Precise sights and Juggernaut are pretty mandatory. Rifled barrels or napalm specialist can be taken over go for the eyes.

Don't be afraid to switch out utility skills for different situations. Elixir R, S, the bomb kit, and the utility goggles are a few that can be really good.

For soloing i normally switch out the elixir gun for something damage oriented. Rifle turret gives 2 combo finishers, elixir u gives quickness and a combo field to shoot through, mine, tool kit, and any turret will also give you a combo finisher.

As far as gearing goes i am still experimenting. Right now im using Knights armor with Valkyrie jewelery with runes of strength and blood lust in my weapon. I'm thinking ~50% crit with fury, toughness and vitality is personal choice (i like to run a lot), and dump the rest into power/crit dmg.

sorry for grammar/spelling errors im not very good at it.

edit:. new link and edited in napalm specialist