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#2132889 *Help* In Making Roman Centurian Set.

Posted Dasryn on 01 January 2013 - 04:01 PM

View PostNobodieCro, on 30 December 2012 - 06:38 PM, said:

Well its done ! I've finally made it the best I can. Its not 100% realistic, I perfer darker colors ,and maybe a bigger armor like the shoulderpads.. Im gonna be straight honest but I think this is as good as it can get. I will make a list of which armor I had been using.
All in all its pretty cheap , which makes it really easy for everyone to make.

Head - Vigil (1-2g )
Shoulder - Wren Pauldrons  (Cost 400-700 karma not sure )
Chest - Enduring Breastplate ( Cost 400-700 karma )
Hands  - Commanders Ganulets , ( Human tier 1 ,  30-40S )
Legs  - Greenflin Seraph Heavy leggings (Karma 400-700 )
Feet - Vigil Boots (1-2g)

Dyes - Burgundy / Black
I really Hope you like it ! And rate it and ofc if you have better idea share please !
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this is the look the OP wants, its the best ive seen, now all you need is:

Shield of the Wing (http://wiki.guildwar...eld_of_the_Wing)


Honor of Humanity (http://wiki.guildwar...of_Humanity.jpg)