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Ele or Warrior for WvW Zerg

02 October 2012 - 05:26 PM


My first was an Elementalist since i usually play the ranged nuker class in rpgs and i played one on gw1.

So after some time (he is only 21)i realize the real damage does not come from spells rather than melee combat. Personally it is a bit of a letdown for me because if i go melee i prefer either some big weapons or some kind of stealth. So i went to make a ton of other classes and was also making a warrior which i play with a longbow.
the nr3 aoe deals nice damage and the single target damage is ok (lv 36)
However it keeps me wondering, should the ele not be way better for area denial due aoe spamming from or to walls than a warrior whit a longbow?
in WvW the most eles i see are using Meteor Shower, however when you use MS on Targets which are not moving you get like 3 maybe 4 hits during the entire duration- which means you are doing allot of damage but not really critical damage which will hurt people in way where they have to move out of your range.

i am sure i am just doing it wrong, or if not is it just as effective with a longbow warrior to create some sort of area denial?

this is really just for zerging, i have an lv 80 mesmer and i am currently leveling a thief which i enjoy both. i just dont see them exceel at this very area

so thanks in advance