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Posted Jackiepro on 05 October 2012 - 03:36 PM

View PostMarstar, on 05 October 2012 - 03:16 PM, said:

With all respect to Vengeance of the Fallen, and your achievements in EVE, my response to you is in no way, shape or form a troll like my responses to those other faceless accounts i belittle for fun.

Please accept my change in tone.

If they aren't the best in the world 'at that point in time' then what are they?

You are essentially trying to validate the argument that Pele wasn't the greatest footballer of all time because Lionel Messi wasn't born then.

Then you are ill informed.

TA was created after our competitors started building their Alliances. One of those Alliance had access to the game in Alpha b4 most of us knew what GW2 was.

My guild was personally invited to one of these Alliance, b4 we became founding Member of Titan.

With out being a smartarse, do you? We aren't saying there won't be, but in the current environment and for the foreseeable future it cannot happen without change?

Either they need better guilds and/or players or we need to split up. Why us and then doing 'both' at the same time not good.

Whether we are the best that ever will be remains to be seen, this game could be another Age of Conan :P

Either way i have made no such claim, and neither has Titan Alliance. Yes we will now enjoy trolling those who hide behind an anonymous tag, but to respected Guilds and Players like yourself, as you can see, there is a big difference between discussions and what fun we have with 'the rest'.

Those who didn't play GW1 won't even know who those that you do know are. I could have said "WTF are you? And why does your opinion count?". Fact of the matter is i know who you are. You may find some1 from TA tread you like I've treated the guildless/serverless troll accounts. Sometimes it's about perspective, and you have to consider ours atm.

Needless to say those who have been around long enough will know who we are, and will remind others who question GW2's beginnings.

You should also see through what we are saying to those that are tagless and those that are not.

Other Alliances through out the challenge and we accepted. Only 2 TA guilds are no more (in GW2) and the rest are ready for a new chapter.

I appreciate the more serious reply you provided me with and it has certainly helped restore of the respect I had lost for your alliance.

I wanted to point out hat you arent the best in the world because you arent facing the world. You are facing NA region, and while some may be there from EU a lot arent, I can name several quality guilds in EU who I truly believe could give your guild and the other forefront members of TA a huge run for their money. Sure they didnt form into massive alliances, but that is simply cause they had no desire to do so, not because they lacked to skill to be part of such an alliance. Heck I would love to see HoD vs Vinzunah Square as I believe VS has even more coverage than you, they themselves have only lost once I believe and that was a 24h match up, so because they are 29-1 and you are 30-0 you entirely discredit them and claim best in the world? I just find it a bit pompous, at least stick to your region, NA isnt the world just like America isnt the only country and Oceanics etc exist, I am sure you as an Oceanic can see why I dont appreciate my region of the world being excluded entirely simply because we dont stir up as much forum drama.

The GW1 analogy served more to imply that a month isnt long enough, I cant blame your choices, they are fairly rational given the state of things, but when I read one of your alliance members claiming "they are the best that ever will be" well I cant help but feel dissapointed. You know for a fact players get better with time, you can say so does TA, but you are closer to the skill cap now and others can only catch up faster. Same as in GW1, the standard of play got higher over time, the first guilds who were the best were good, but the level of expectancy was much higher 1 year down the road. I am simply its too early to make claims of grandeur, you certainly were the best for the month of release, but dont compare it to Pele in football, man was a star for year after year not just a month when soccer was invented. We remember Pele cause he was at the top till he could no longer play, not cause he quit football out of boredom. No disrespect to your Alliance, just the analogy isnt quite fair.

The state of things to come could change and that you never know. All of a sudden you could have top hardcore pvp guilds from eu come and ally with WM EvIL and some other top American guilds and you could have an alliance that matches TA. As I said, you guys have the best alliance, but that doesnt mean you have the all of the best guilds. Guilds that match the talent of those in TA do exist, they just werent all consolidated into 1 alliance, and please dont look to AA for a reference, while I have respect for them as well they lack the experience in comparison on a guild per guild basis, but there are other guilds out there who are very good, again look to WM and EvIL for reference.

The only thing that irked me about this thread was some of those who came in and boasted very high and mighty. You would have all of my respect if you stated you split up for the good of the game. However a post like Houdi's just isnt becoming of a good player. Those who are good know they are good, they dont need to make posts to validate their skill to others. If you have to post about how amazing you are it simply means you yourself doubt it.