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#2047676 FOV (Field of View) Changes Beta Test

Posted Xephyr on 28 October 2012 - 07:30 AM

Its a start.. What Id like is:

1. FoV slider.
2. Camera centered above your head, not at your back.
3. Allow zooming in to first person view.

#1671898 Tier 0 Cultural Armor

Posted Jairyn on 03 August 2012 - 01:01 PM

I find it just a little strange to make a non-human character in GW2 and then begin "my" story while wearing human clothes. I understand that cultural armors are intended to be something that is a mark of achievement, but I think the time invested in making simple, starting gear equivalent outfits for beginning asura, charr, norn, and sylvari cultures is worth it. it would increase cultural identity and immersion.

Just a random thought.

#2032076 Anet sad that more people aren't charr and asura

Posted Passive Aggressive on 20 October 2012 - 09:14 PM

I definitely get the hate for the armor issues that Charr and Asura have.  Though to me the entire games armor leaves a lot to be desired.

What I do not get is the tons of hatred I see for the Charr running animation.  To me that is one of my favorite things about them.  Anyway technically my main IS human.  At least my first 80 is.  But in a game like this I'm not sure that really matters. I have alts of everything as I imagine many other people do.  I actually really like my Charr but sadly I made him an engineer which is probably my least favorite class.  My Asura is a guardian and there is nothing as cool as Asura animations.  NOTHING!

#2030470 Anet sad that more people aren't charr and asura

Posted The_Kaizz on 19 October 2012 - 10:40 PM

I don't think it's a problem at all. Didn't Arena Net say that wanted everyone to have their own story, to play the game however that wanted to play? My main is an Asura Guardian. I knew I wanted to play an Asura since I first met Vekk in EoTN, and when they announced Guardians, I knew exactly what I wanted to make. People say Asura are ugly, Sylvari are to lame, and Charr have horrible armor (ok, that part is true, I HATE charr headpieces), but that's all a matter of preference. I prefer to be an Asura, with heavy armor, bashing in giant monsters. Plus, I'm so glad I didn't roll a Norn or Human, because EVERYONE has one. Now, if they release the Kodan, Skritt, Tengu, or freakin Largos, I'll gladly play one, especially Kodan or Largos, but Asura just fits me to much.

I get that ppl don't like some of the races, honestly, I wish I hadn't rolled Charr for my ranger sometimes, but if we didn't have such distinct races, then the internet would flame that everything in GW2 looks the same, theres no variation, etc.

#2025804 anyone else feels that norns are too human in gw2?

Posted Konig Des Todes on 17 October 2012 - 06:34 PM

View PostFluent Fox, on 17 October 2012 - 03:42 PM, said:

These things are ALWAYS more exaggerated in lore to give you a sense of the game's universe, but minimized in actual gameplay to make it actually playable.
Right, I'm aware of this, and I was meaning this in order to argue that they aren't brought down between the games - it's just that, mechanically, they aren't as epic as the lore and story says.

View PostCapn_Crass, on 17 October 2012 - 03:43 PM, said:

the Norn come off as "drink, fight, and ****" and not much else.
Really? What about the herders, the sculptors, woodsmen, farmers, and so forth? The norn aren't about drinking and fighting, they are about building legends.

The drinking comes after, in celebration (what all do).

#2003836 What type of expansion do you want?

Posted Wifflebottom on 08 October 2012 - 09:47 PM

New races (Tengu and Largos) and maybe 1 or 2 new classes though that doesn't seem likely because Anet isn't great at balancing.

#2012523 Origin of murrelow

Posted Konig Des Todes on 12 October 2012 - 02:41 AM

Don't know about any blog post, but the norn personal storyline for having lost a fight does give some lore on them (during the split, you can choose to fight murrelows or Sons of Svanir).

The murrelows were creatures from the Depths of Tyria that were forced to the surface (exact reasons are never stated by NPCs, though lack of food was suggested - but there's Primordus so...), many being tamed by skritt and brought by them. They're disease-ridden creatures that have an interest in smelly things (such as a kind of mushroom who's name I forget), and they have matriarchs (rather than den mothers like wolves, or the like, in GW).

Found the blog extract that drax talked about:

The murellow is nobody’s favorite creature, least of all the norn – not only do they threaten livestock and caravans, but they don’t even make good trophies when mounted on the wall. Murellows typically dwell in very deep cave systems, but retain the eyesight that was the mark of their forebears – badger-like beings who lived in large familial groups. Murellows have recently been sighted close to the surface in disturbing numbers, likely the result of destroyers driving them from their original territories.

Murellows are opportunistic pack hunters, but will scavenge on occasion, their habits closest to those of rats or dogs. Though one single murellow may not be as much of a threat (aside from the danger of the many diseases that it carries), a roaming pack is a danger even to trained warriors. Though it typically goes after docile prey, it has a habit of ganging up on unsuspecting creatures… rumors have spoken of caravans attacked in the night, and grown norn falling to their foul poisons. Murellows are aggressive and expansionist as well, and will viciously defend what they have marked as their territory.

#2002579 Jormag

Posted Konig Des Todes on 08 October 2012 - 03:10 PM

@Words: Jormag is indeed the Ice Dragon. Then again, so are all of Jormag's dragon champions.

However, he was not underneath Drakkar Lake.

This is a mishap on Anet's part. I've found dozens of such - mentions of Almorra Soulkeeper being a Tribune before establishing the Vigl (she was a Legionnaire), false dates throughout, charr cubs in Cantha, and this - among many others.

Jeff and Ree need to do a better job.

#1995998 On the persona of the Elder Dragon

Posted Konig Des Todes on 05 October 2012 - 07:18 PM

This had came up on the official forum's lore forum and I went into a bit of detail on this over there, and it seems to have caught some interest so I figured I'd bring this up over here and see what you all think.

Through observation of the Elder Dragons and their minions via GW2 and Edge of Destiny, I have come to the conclusion that each Elder Dragon has a distinctive "personality" - or rather, desire - that controls their actions (and in turn, the actions of their minions). This line of thought was originally inspired by a comment Thalador made to me in game where he mentioned some of Zhaitan's minions speaking of immortality gained through him, and it brought me back to an old thought process I had when I first read Edge of Destiny. Before going into detail, I believe that the ED’s personalities can summarized as desires; effectively:
  • Primordus desires destruction
  • Jormag desires power
  • Zhaitan desires immortality
  • Kralkatorrik desires perfection
I cannot denote the deep sea dragon (referred to as "DSD" for simplicity) or the mysterious sixth dragon (referred to as "Sixth" for simplicity) due to the lack of knowledge on them, unfortunately. Now to elaborate further...


From Edge of Destiny, on Kralkatorrik’s thoughts, we’re told that his mind is “like standing in the eye of a cyclone” (pg390) and that “the center of every vortex is a great emptiness-a hollow longing. The storm tries to fill the emptiness, but more it hungers, the deeper the the emptiness becomes.” (391) And as Snaff became what Kralkatorrik wasn’t, the harder Kralk tried to obtain Snaff. This ties into how the branded’s minds are in the book – they’re fanatic, but more than that. They’re seeking to give Kralkatorrik all they can. In other words, Kralkatorrik is attempting to obtain all that he is not yet. And when one obtains everything, they become “perfect.”


Zhaitan is another story. His minions denounce their faiths, despite how faithful the Orrians were they blasphemy the gods and call the Mists “lies.” (all Orr personal story bosses as well as some meta event bosses) But on top of this, they also say that Zhaitan is truth, and Zhaitan is the only true means of obtaining immortality. And through serving Zhaitan, by empowering him, they can obtain that. Where Kralkatorrik forces fanaticism, Zhaitan feeds lies of knowledge and longevity. And in a way, what better way to obtain immortality than through undeath – once you half the rotting process (which seems to be true for risen), there is no more aging. Thus, you have a form of eternal youth, and through becoming more powerful that eternal youth becomes invincible – thus “immortal.”


Jormag’s unique in his corruption. As Khrigar Ripjaw in Safewatch Vale says, where other Elder Dragons corrupt to enslave, Jormag first promises power prior to corrupting. He entices those who will become icebrood to join him willingly, and corrupts through the mind whereas Kralkatorrik does physically and Zhaitan does magically. Through this, he tempts his minions to become stronger, and oddly, he is the only Elder Dragon who’s minions work alongside non-corrupted creatures – icebrood are often seen alongside non-corrupted Sons of Svanir as “gifts” of their devotion, but on top of this as seen through events and stories like Honor of the Waves, Jormag blesses those who prove themselves with more power – his power. He is creating an army of those who desire power, whereas others are merely creating armies and anything they can obtain. As such, by using those who crave power, he ensures that he himself will become more "powerful."


My reasoning for linking Primordus to destruction isn’t in its minions names. Rather, it ties to the minions’ actions and how he corrupts. Unlike all other Elder Dragons (except possibly the DSD), Primordus does not corrupt living beings. At all. He creates mimicries of living creatures instead. His minions themselves seem to hold one objective, to kill everything that lives. Since Eye of the North, that is the main thing they were said to desire – and though I can’t recall where, it was said that the Great Destroyer’s purpose was to eliminate life to make the way for Primordus. So if Primordus didn’t want to kill everything, why would eliminating life make the way for him? Perhaps “destruction” isn’t as accurate as “genocide” would be.


A small attempt to determine what the DSD may have for a desire. In the Movement of the World, we're told that it twists water itself - similar to Primordus, it doesn't seem to corrupt living beings, though we can't be certain of this yet. Along with this, we're told by largos that the ocean depths are now filled with "horrors" (sounds very lovecraftian to me). This in of itself doesn't give much, but it does remind me of a certain NPC who corrupts living beings and transforms them in GW1: Kanaxai. Kanaxai is called a demon, though its origins unknown, and appears fairly humanoid. However, it corrupts and torments individuals by nightmares and horrors, turning them into Oni. Take note, that Oni had tentacles on their faces. And that Kanaxai was underwater when he was trapped by the Jade Sea. Not a solid connection, but a possible one.

Interesting to note is that these aspects of Kanaxai are also shared with Abaddon, though the "corruption of humans" are a bit different (shimmery and aetheral, with fish-like skin - whereas Kanaxai's "corruption of humans" turns them into grey and... actually a tad bit insect like I think - not really sure how to define that)

If this connection is true, then I would thus link the DSD with the concept or desire of "psychopathy" "madness" or "insanity." Something that horrors would often bring (once more, sounding lovecraftian).


This one's even harder, though similar to the DSD, we're given two hints at the Sixth's nature, both coming from Zone Green of the Infinite Coil Reactor in Mount Maelstrom. As many may know by now, Zone Green is overgrown with vegetation. This in of itself indicates a "nature" dragon. However, what's just as common place as vegetation there is poison. Similarly, one may find out that the Infinite Coil Reactor was built after the Thaumanova Reactor exploded - as a replacement to the Thaumanova Reactor. Take note that the Thaumanova Reactor also has 6 sections to it - though it lacks a "zone black" counterpart. The vegetation section of it has an event with a "poison creature" - specifically, a rotting oakheart (a similar one can be found in Greatheart Weald of Queensdale during an event). These oakhearts are oddly shining despite being called "rotting."

Sadly, this doesn't really give any indication to the dragon's persona, though it does give a line of thought when one considers that for Zhaitan and Primordus, their element is tied to their persona (undeath is a form of faux immortality; fire destroys and burns things) - thus poison would in turn suffocate life. Through such, I would denote on the lack of further information, that the Sixth's persona and desire would be "pain" or "agony" - effectively, "sadism."

Though I still wouldn't put much faith onto the conclusions of the DSD and Sixth's.

#1976727 Spoiler: What happens in GW2 Xpac 1?

Posted Konig Des Todes on 28 September 2012 - 02:40 PM

The Movement of the World said that Zhaitan's minions are assaulting the Elonian border, so I find it unlikely that Joko's fighting Kralkatorrik as well.

It is possible, however, that Joko will invade since the flood of undead from Orr is fading.

Having recently completed the personal storyline, the very end has these hints (at least I believe them to be hints) to the first expansion:
  • The skritt you can befriend during the storyline wants to take out the "underground rock dragon" (Primordus)
  • the tengu blacksmith says he'll carry word of the Pact to his people and that maybe that will bring some out
  • in the fourth to last step, a norn havroun says that many norn are hoping Jormag's next
  • unfortunately, a certain norn blacksmith who was previously seen trying to make a weapon to crack Jormag's tooth had bugged dialogue during his third appearance in the personal story)
  • same goes for Gara, the grawl who's tribe you save from an icebrood
  • the Master of Whispers says that one fifth of their primary objective is complete (odd considering they should know of the sixth - implying it's no more
  • Eir asks which is next: Primordus, Jormag, or Kralkatorrik (in said order)
  • Sayeh also makes mention of bringing the Commander's deeds to the Tethyeos Houses
Then there's things found in the persistent world:
  • There's a path leading north from Brisban Wildlands into the Maguuma Wastes, as well as Fort Vandal (a place covered with lvl 80 champions)
  • There's a path leading south from Fields of Ruin into the Crystal Desert
  • There's a path leading southeast from Mount Maelstrom into the Elon River (could then go north into Deldrimor Front or southeast into the Crystal Desert)
  • There's a path heading east from Sparkfly Swamp into the Sea of Sorrows
  • There's doors in the Dominion of Winds wall at Lion's Arch, Kessex Hills, and Caledon Forest
  • The Pact are in Frostgorge Sound fighting off Jormag's influence and forces.
Make of this what you will, but to me this brings three conclusions to mind:
  • White Mantle plot will be furthered (Fort Vandal turning into a lvl 80 dungeon)
  • Tengu and largos will be expanded upon, if not made playable
  • All three mainly known dragons will be targeted (at least there will be more of each, whether the ED themselves appear is questionable still)