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In Topic: [Build][Guide] A Look at D/D Condition Dmg Thieves

16 April 2014 - 07:12 PM

Hopefully I'll be getting around to updating this guide for the April 15th Feature patch that dropped yesterday.

Life's been busy as of late, but I should have some time set aside this weekend in order to work on it.

In Topic: Favorite profession

30 March 2014 - 12:31 AM

1. Thief
2. Thief
3. Thief
4. Other thief
5. Ele


999999999999999999. Warrior cuz they are so damn boring

In Topic: Decided to go condition damage on my thief, is my build idea viable?

27 March 2014 - 05:40 PM

View PostZCKS, on 26 March 2014 - 08:39 PM, said:

One thing to remember though, if you ever do any PVE all that toughness will make you an agro magnet.

Also if you have good condition damage & can afford it I would suggest a sigil of tormenting over sigil of agony.

Very few people make full use of agony & popping that off on a group of moving enemies can be very nice.

I would agree with this, to a point.  The major problem with Torment in PvE is that in order to take full advantage of its double dmg, you have to keep the enemy moving.  Normally this isn't that big of an issue, except when you get into a dungeon/Fractal situation because the current meta is still to stack and LoS the crap out of enemies, rather than actually moving around, thus your Torment will only be doing half of the dmg it could be doing.

The other issue that you run into with Sig of Torment is that means you have to invest in prec, which takes away from the overall survivability of a conD build (if running full Dire, like the OP states).  Its not a huge huge issue, because you can just swap out the Dire for Rabid equips instead, but even with full Rabid (exotics) you are only going to be sitting on 30-40% crit chance, which isn't that awesome.  Its ok, but its not anything phenomenal.

Other than that, Torment isn't a bad additional source of conD, sitting at 75% of the dmg of a bleed stack on a non-moving target.

In Topic: A Guide to the Thief Meta

13 March 2014 - 06:29 PM

View PostNikephoros, on 13 March 2014 - 05:39 PM, said:

I'm not against the idea of giving PvE Thief some reason to go into Acro, I just don't think that idea should be something like a party-wide DPS buff.  How about "Go For the Eyes"  "Blinds you inflict increase form 10% effective against Unshakable Enemies to 50% effective.  Blinding a Foe returns 1 initiative,"

May be a little too OP, but it would be pretty amazing to make Blinding bosses with Unshakable into something effective.  Imagine the bad pugs you could carry with that.

This is an idea that I could get behind.  Anything to get around the stupid-ass mechanic of Unshakable/Defiant.  And throwing it towards the thief to complement their decently good ability to apply blinds would fit their kit and theme pretty well.

I wonder though, if a trait like this wouldn't be worthy of a GM trait....could put it into DA so it would actually have a decent GM trait for PvE, unlike the two crap ones that are there currently.  Perhaps that would fit a bit more with a party-wide DPS boost, rather than an increase in blind effectiveness.  But hell, I'd take anything over the two terribad GM DA traits for PvE so there would actually be a better reason to run 30 deep in DA.

In Topic: Decided to go condition damage on my thief, is my build idea viable?

06 March 2014 - 06:43 AM

Glad to see some people are still getting use out of a conD thief build.  Its a fun build.  :)

I generally use one of two builds for conD, one that's survivable as all hell and one that's more venom focused.  You can find both builds in the thief guide index that Ship Soo mentioned.

I agree with Ship Soo that if you are trying to maximize your conD, that taking the full 30 points in Trickery is probably your best bet.  Trickster is a must, TotC is a good choice, though I generally prefer Dodgetrops (T-III) over it, even with the super short CD on steal with full Trick and Sleight.  It boosts your bleed applicaton quite a bit.  On the first build I posted above, I manage to sustain 16-18 bleed stacks by myself, and pushing it up to 25 stacks when Caltrops is down, all with no conD duration (some bleed duration, but nothing to write home about...45%~ish).  Can't say I'm a real fan of venoms in general, but go ahead and try them out....but a lot of what I'm saying depends on whether you are trying to focus on P/D more or D/D more.  If you are running D/D as your main set and doing a lot of DB spam, I find that picking up as much init regen as possible is beneficial, IE Roll for Init, Caltrops and Inflitrator's Sig for utilities, but Caltrops is the only utility that never leaves my bar.

Another thing to keep in mind if you are focusing D/D and DB spam, Signet of Malice actually does a pretty good job healing you and keeping your HP up, esp combined with the crazy hit speed of DB, your Dodgetrops and Caltrops all ticking for health.  If you are running P/D as your main, you'll probably want to stick with either Withdraw or Hide in Shadows.  If you go Withdraw, Hastened Replenishment may be a better choice as your GM Trick trait (like Ship Soo mentioned above) for the additional init.

Hell, if you wanted to go super odd, you could even go 10 in SA (for awesome conD removal via Shadow's Embrace = SA-IV), 30 points in Acro and 30 points in Trickery.  It would be a different build, effective probably, but you'd be relying more on your ability to apply bleeds verses having very very long bleeds like your build does.  That decision is more of a flavor choice vs effectiveness choice, to be honest.

As for your equips, they are fine, with the exception of the Antitoxin runes...They seem to be more geared towards PvP/WvW vs PvE.  Reduced condition duration on conditions that are applied to you? The 6th bonus on them is kinda nice, but with only 50% uptime on the might (a bit more if you've got boon duration) is kinda ehh, and relying on getting hit with poison and/or torment isn't my idea of a good time.  With PvP/WvW, you can almost guarantee that you'll get hit with some poison somewhere, but in PvE, it just doesn't seem like a good investment.  The stats on the runes are good, but I'm not sure the bonuses are really worth it.  I can't say I've actually used them, but until they change the way runes work (which has been rumored to be coming), a good setup for a bleeder thief is the 2x Centaur, 2x Afflicted and 2x Krait runes for max bleed duration.  If you find yourself lacking a bit of conD from switching, you could pick yourself up another set of daggers (no need for them to be Ascended or whateves) and just throw two Sigs of Corruption on them so you can double stack your Corruption stacks, then swap back to your real dagger set for dangerous encounters.

That's all I've got off the top of my head currently, I'm sure more will come to me as I think about it more.....though a lot of the other things I have to say are a lot based off of flavor and how you like to play, and what you envision your build really doing.

Feel free to add me in-game, Loperdos.7924 and if you like (and are NA) I could even show you a bit of the playstyle of the two builds I posted above.  Even though I posted videos with the game play, sometimes its nice to see it in person instead.

Hope this helps!! :)