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In Topic: Newbie Asura's questions

Today, 05:51 AM

View PostLithuanian, on 03 October 2015 - 04:20 AM, said:


As far as I understand, Necrfomancer is basically a support class. Fragile, with little real self-defense. Ranger is far better, even at lvl.7.
Now, about Necro:
*what statuses (like power etc) are vital to it?
*at low levels - what builds to use to be able to survive?


My disclaimer: I have not leveled a new character for quite some time, can't seem to get myself to do so. Thus, some of my leveling experiences may be *slightly* out of date. Though my most recent attempt to level was a necro.

Necro isn't required to be a support class, just like most classes can do most of the classic MMO roles (support, tank, dmg) relatively effectively.  My friend Phenn has done massive amounts of work and theorycrafting about the Necro, and if you are interested, he's got some good posts here. That link actually includes one of the other members of this forum, Dakan's recent~ish experience leveling a Necro.  Try out a few different weapons with it, see which ones work out best for you.

As for your question about stats and such, for both the ranger and the necro...it really depends on what kind of build you are going to use, which is generally a focus later on, closer to level 80. I will echo Arkham Creed's comment that Power is a good stat to focus while leveling, it will make killing things faster.  A lot of the play with the necro, both dmg and survivability, revolve around effectively using your class skill, Death Shroud.

In Topic: [Build][Guide] A Look at D/D Condition Dmg Thieves

Today, 05:29 AM

Alright...so gotten back into playing a bit here and there, and figured I'd at least post SOMETHING about this build, since its changed massively since I originally posted it...

I still run the build in game, can't say I've taken it to any of the newer content areas, and there's a possibility of me testing it out once HoT comes out (though we'll have to see if dropping 50 bucks is in my budget...) but for the moment, I'll throw this update~ish thing here.

With the massive changes to trait lines, there have been some positive things as well as negative things for this build.  Not as great that we can't split our points between multiple lines anymore, which really limits some of the choices that we can make with the build, so its narrowed down a bit.  Basically at this point, the Acrobat line and Trickery line are the two specs that are still vital to the build.

The thrust of the build is to be able to dish out conD, while surviving massive amounts of enemies and keeping yourself alive through the heals that we end up getting from a few places.  Acro is one of the two lines that let us do that relatively effectively.
TRAIT 1: I generally pick up Vigorous Recovery (Vigor when using a healing skill) for the first trait.  This one is kinda meh, to be honest, because we generally don't want to actually USE the active on Sig of Malice, because we benefit much more from its passive.  Its a nice trait to have when things all go to hell, as it gives you a decent vigor application so you can get the hell out of dodge...well...by dodging.  You can easily pick up Pain Response (Regen and conD removal when <75% HP, 20s ICD) instead, but that one is also just kind of meh.  I wouldn't pick up Fleet Shadow (50% faster movement in stealth) because we rarely enter stealth anymore.  The exception to this would be if you decide to run SA for your third spec instead of DA, then Fleet Shadow could be an alternative.
TRAIT 2: We aren't using a Sword, and don't plan on using the Spear too often, so Swindler's Equilibrium (reduce Steal CD when successfully evading while wielding Sword or Spear) is a bad choice.  Between the other two, I generally go with Guarded Initiation (remove conD when hitting enemy while you are at <90% HP, 1s ICD). Ideally, we will be at 90%+ HP most of the time, so we'll be able to benefit from this effect pretty often.  Hard to Catch (Stun break and Endurance refill when hard CC'd, 30s ICD) is ok at best because the terribly long ICD on it.
TRAIT 3: Don't Stop (Chill, Cripple 50% less effective, ignore Immob 1 time per 10s and cripple instead, 10s ICD) is ok at best because of the ICD, plus with all our other ways of clearing conD, we don't really need this trait. Assassin's Reward (heal based on init used, no ICD) is usually my go to because of the amount of Init that we are burning through on a consistent basis, even though its a relatively small heal.  You definitely could swap this one out if you aren't having issues with survivability and are having more issues with Init management (which can be problematic with this build) and pick up Upper Hand (Init on evade, 3s ICD) instead. Its a good alternative, mostly due to the short ICD on it and its definite use because of our usage of Death Blossom as our main skill.

Trickery is the other trait line that makes this build possible, and with a lot of changes to Trickery, it actually helps this build shine even more, especially enabling us to drop SA with ease, due to some increases in conD removal in this line.
TRAIT 1: The first trait is Caltrops (drop caltrops on dodge). This trait is non-negotiable on this build due to the nature of the build.  We use our dodges both defensively and offensively, and this trait makes it so we can, in fact, do just that.  Whenever we dodge with this trait, there is a small circle of caltrops that drop, increasing our healing received, as well as our bleed maintenance.
TRAIT 2: Pressure Striking (Torment on interrupt) isn't worth taking on this build, due to our lack of interrupts. Trickster (20% shorter CD on Tricks, Tricks remove 1 conD) is usually the one I use, particularly because the utility skill Caltrops is another staple of this build.  The added conD removal on this trait makes it even more beneficial and useful to take.  You could swap out for Bountiful Theft (Vigor on Steal, Boons ripped), but this one is less useful, even though Vigor is an important boon for the build.  I'll have to look into if they changed anything back with the boon ripping, because the last time I fiddled with Bountiful Theft, they were in the middle of switching boon ripping back and forth, nerfing and buffing. Is it an alternative trait in this slot? Sure, but I'm pretty sure Trickster is probably the better choice, especially if you use Roll for Init (as I do) for added init gain.
TRAIT 3: This one is a bit more flavor (which is unfortunate on a GM trait, but oh well). Quick Pockets (init on weap swap, weap swap ICD) isn't really useful, due to the build using P/D as its ranged alternative weapons. If you were to ditch the P/D and pick up another D/D set, it would probably be more useful, but having a ranged option can be quite beneficial. I usually pick up Sleight of Hand (20% reduc CD on Steal, 1s Daze) because of the reduced CD on Steal, and Steal being another way we gain back our init that we are burning through so quickly.  Bewildering Ambush (confusion on steal) can be useful, but less so in PvE due to the mobs attacking so damn slow. It does add some dmg due to the DoT that confusion does, but less so than some conDs out there. It does add extra dmg to the build, hence why its an alternate choice.

The third line is largely up to a flavor, and swapping out for what you need at any given time.  SA still works as a possibility, but a lot of what we were picking up there originally (some toughness, Hpower - back when the traitlines gave stats; as well as some access to regen and most importantly, awesome conD removal), we can now pick up in other lines, so SA becomes a flavor choice. The other possibility is DA, for added dmg, as well as some additional access to Poison, rather than just relying on Bleed as our dmging conD.  This does actually add a decent amount of dmg to the build, particularly since the change to all conDs into intensity stacking, rather than just duration.

This line has, unfortunately, lost a lot of its pull with this build, which is why I generally use it as one of the two flavor specs. One thing of note though, is the minor trait that reduces dmg taken by 25% while in stealth, so the SA line does have some survivability applications to the build.
TRAIT 1: Shadow's Embrace (remove conD on stealth) is really the only trait here that is any sort of useful. It still is an amazing conD removal, but we picked up quite a bit of conD removal from both Acro and Trickery, so its not as vital to pick this trait up. Blinding Powder (Blinding Powder when HP reaches 25%) is annoying as all hell, and not that useful. It can be ok for survivability if you pair it with both Shadow Protector (trait 2, regen on stealth) and Shadow Rejuvenation (trait 3, init and health on stealth), but if you aren't picking up those two traits, I wouldn't use this one.  Concealed Defeat (Smoke Screen on Down, Deception skills reduced CD) is meh, especially since we have mostly stopped using any sort of Deception utility (I dropped Blinding Powder for Infiltrator's Sig) due to SA's lessened importance in the build. If you run SA, its definitely a viable alternative to drop Infiltrator's Sig and grab either Blinding Powder or iHouse.
TRAIT 2: Leeching Venoms (siphon HP on venom, might on venom) is an obvious no on this build, since we don't use any venoms. Hidden Thief (stealth on Steal) is ok, but taking it mostly negates any reason we have for going into stealth in the first place because it makes it so we can't pick up Shadow Protector (regen on stealth).  As a note about Shadow Protector, the tooltip states that it applies regen to an ally when you stealth them, but this also applies to you, so its basically regen on stealth.
TRAIT 3: Venomous Aura (venomshare) is another obvious no on this build, again due to lack of venom usage. Cloaked in Shadow (blind enemies on stealth, Blinding Powder on fall, less fall dmg) is ok, but not hugely useful.  The blind is nice, but we don't generally apply stealth super often, so its less than useful.  Shadow Rejuvenation (health and init on stealth) is usually the best way to go. It does not appear to grant init on stealth application, but does add some decent~ish init.  The heal is decent at best as well, but paired with the minor trait that decreases dmg taken while in stealth, it can be at least somewhat useful.

This line adds quite a bit of dmg via its additional access to poison, which gives us another conD to work with on a consistent~ish basis. With that in mind, most of the trait picks in this line emphasize poison and its application.
TRAIT 1: Dagger Training (dagger attks have a chance to poison) is the go to choice for this slot.  Mug (health steal/dmg on steal) isn't that useful, but a possible alternative due to its healing - even though its a relatively low heal.  Trapper's Respite (needle trap on heal skill) isn't a good choice because we aren't using traps at all, plus we want to reduce the amount of times we activate our Sig of Malice.
TRAIT 2: Mostly flavor for this choice, though Deadly Trapper (might/vuln on trap, reduced CDs on traps) isn't a good choice because we aren't using traps.  The other two, its really up to you. Revealed Training (power when Revealed) isn't super useful due to our conD build, but eh, Panic Strike (immob on hit when enemy below threshold of 50%) isn't really that great either, so do with it what you will.
TRAIT 3: Improvisation (steal item 2x use, recharge 1 type of utility on use) can be interesting if you are a gambler, and could conceivably increase dmg if you can get it to cycle onto Tricks, thus resetting your Caltrops CD. Executioner (+20% dmg when enemy below 50% HP) isn't helpful because the 20% doesn't effect conD (at least last I checked, which was, tbh, a while ago). Because I grab DA for poison, I pick up Potent Poison (33% dmg/duration on Poison) for hopefully apparent reasons.

So there you have it! An updated~ish version of the build that I've been running for quite some time. Thanks for taking the time to read, and if you have any questions, feel free to message me here or in-game - Loperdos.7924
If you want a run down of the various utilities that I use and swap, feel free to ask.

In Topic: Which Profession is your favorite?

Today, 03:30 AM

Been away from the game for a while, some of the changes have lured me back in, at least for the moment. Thief. Been playing a thief since release, was my first toon to 80, and have gotten multiple thieves to lvl 80 over the course of my play. Even made up some builds, guides and did extensive theory crafting with the thief over the years. The class just keeps calling me back, no matter which other class I end up dinking around with.

In Topic: Current Trait Unlock system will be removed in Heart of Thorns

05 February 2015 - 02:40 AM

View PostCorvid, on 29 January 2015 - 04:25 PM, said:

Out of curiosity, what's wrong with the new trait unlock system? Just getging back to the game, but from what I read about it, it sounds awesome, but thats on paper. I also loved the GW elite capturing system. Was that unpopular? Is the current trait system a bad implementation of a good idea, or just a bad idea?

Color me cynical, but the biggest issue that I had with the trait system while leveling my new alts was two-fold. 1) It was bloody annoying having to either drop loads of cash or go out hunting for things on alts when I got them to 80 and was gearing up to try out the build I wanted to...only to realize I was missing some of the traits that I needed. That part was more of an annoyance than anything else. 2) The areas and things that were required to unlock certain traits never seemed to line up with the levels that I unlocked that tier of traits. As a side anecdote that's related, I had gotten two of my buddies into the game right around the same time that the trait system change and NPE came down the pike, and the question that they continually asked me, esp when they unlocked their Adept trait tier, was "How am I supposed to finish this event chain that is x number of levels above me, so I can unlock this trait that I just got access to? If I can't do it yet, why did I just unlock the trait? That makes no sense." Or something to that effect.

I liked the IDEA of the trait unlock system. But the implementation of it fell short of what it could have been. Much like a lot of the content that Anet has released recently.

In Topic: Is D/D good for precision/crit?

28 June 2014 - 09:43 PM

View PostMezmeryzed, on 24 June 2014 - 05:23 AM, said:

It was more about seeing condition D/D builds than the bleeding and poison built into some of the weapon skills. Just thought it was a bit strange, thought I might have been missing something obvious.

You can do a conD build on a thief without much trouble, and it actually does quite well in WvW, either running D/D and a Death Blossom centric build, or run with a P/D build focused on bleeds and torment.

Also, building D/D around conditions is a lot of fun.  Not terrible efficient when it comes to dmg and kill times, but there are a lot of amusing things that you can do with it in PvE.

Plus, definitely listen to Chase, he knows his thieves. :P