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In Topic: [Build][Guide] Examination of Ranged Thieves

23 December 2015 - 06:19 AM

Time for a necro!

Is it necroing if its my own thread/build/guide (I dunno, some mod can slap me if they want to...ahem, Ship Soo)?

The reason I bring this back to the front is because I've come back around to this type of build, not for any sort of efficiency reason, similar to before, but because one of my friends just recently got into GW2 for the first time, and has fallen in love with the P/P + SB aesthetic, so I decided to see what kind of a cheese, super-mobile, random-ass build with middling damage (cuz let's face it, even with the buffs, P/P is still a weird set, with middling direct damage to boot) I could come up with.

I surprised myself how amusing this build is to play. Seems to happen more often than not, even with my +1000 hours across my various thieves that I've made over the past 3 years...

The Build

This build requires HoTs, in case you didn't bother to actually look at the build itself.  Its based around a massive amount of mobility and a "catch me if you can" feel, as I stated above, and it really does just that.  I will admit, it takes a little bit to get used to if you are swapping off of a max-ish DPS Daredevil build because it does do a good chunk less damage, and adjusting for that can take a bit, but overall, the build is a heckuva lot of fun.


Running with a pair of Zerks pistols and a Zerk Shortbow, with Superior Sigil of Bloodlust and Superior Sigil of Speed.  An alternative for the Bloodlust would be a Superior Sigil of Force, but I'm cheap and didn't want to drop that amount of gold on a Sigil, so I went with Bloodlust instead.  On a build like this, the chances of going down are pretty low, even for someone who has never played a thief before.  The Sigil of Speed is what helps us rack up an overabundance of Swiftness on the build.


Easy choice here, since we've got a huge number of dodges, plus some added mobility from our utility choices (more on that below).  Full Zerker everything.  The build I've got in the build site has Assassin's for its trinkets, which is also doable.  I was just too lazy to buy another whole set of Zerk trinkets for the thief that I converted to this build, since I already had Assassin's trinkets on there.  Our Rune choice here are Superior Runes of the Centaur.  Cheap as hell, and very useful for our theme of mobility, mobility, mobility.  Cripple just slides right off of us, so it doesn't really impede the mobility of the build whatsoever.


Withdraw is our choice of heal skill due to the focus on mobility, and the fact that we are picking up Trickery as one of our Specializations.  You could use Signet of Malice as an alternative, because of the number of hits that we end up dropping from Unload (Pistol #3 skill, our main damage dealing skill), but you lose out on the mobility aspect of it...and since that's the theme of the build, its not really much of an alternative.

The rest of these are in no particular order:
Caltrops - we use this to help keep our enemies in one place as we dance around them, blasting them to pieces with our pair of pilfered pistols and our Shortbow.  Not a necessary utility, but it helps with the "catch me if you can" part of the theme. Any of the Traps that either immob, knockdown or cripple are decent alternatives, but you are grabbing the Trickery trait to reduce CDs of Tricks, so Caltrops works for that.
Roll for Initiative - this one works for multiple reasons.  It has an evade on it, adds to our mobility, is a stun-break, and it gets some init back for us.  Since we are running a P/P Unload build, we are pretty init hungry, especially if we decide to just spam Unload as much as possible.  Plus with the trait in Trickery, its also a conD clear, which is a nice added bonus. Not really any alternative for this utility slot, though I'm sure there could be an argument made for something else.
Shadowstep - I've liked the idea of this utility for quite some time, but have only ever used it on one build...the original ranged build that I posted in this thread.  Staying with the same theme of mobility and "catch me if you can", this utility is a very welcome addition to the party.  Long range teleport, conD clear, and a perfect way to confuse any melee mobs out there who are trying to eat your face.
Basilisk Venom - A good pick for the theme of the build, plus the low CD is nice for the elite.  Helps with the whole "catch me if you can" idea of the build.  Plus, pair it with Headshot (Pistol #4) and it melts through breaker bars pretty damn quick.


Keeping with the theme, we are picking up the spec lines of Acrobatics, Trickery, and Daredevil.  Since we aren't aiming for a top tier damage build, it opens up the possibility of other specialization lines that wouldn't usually get picked in the optimal setup.

Vigorous Recovery - Vigor on heal. Pretty self explanatory, especially since we use Withdraw basically whenever its off CD, particularly because it adds Swiftness, plus an evade, plus a conD clear. And its on a helluva short CD due to our traits in the Trickery
Guarded Initiation - I don't particularly like any of these traits, to be perfectly honest, but this one seems to help us out with removing conDs, which a lot of thief builds struggle with.  I would go with Hard to Catch if the ICD wasn't so stinking long. But it is, so here we are.  We don't use a sword, so Swindler's Equilibrium isn't a good pick.
Don't Stop - This trait was one that I was somewhat hesitant to pick, but I figured I'd give it a shot, given the theme of the build.  It has definitely surprised me at its utility.  I figured it would be a good pick in a PvP or WvW setting, but it does have some nice uses in PvE as well.  The nice thing about it is that the 10s ICD is only on the converting immob to cripple, rather than both that and the passive that reduces cripple effectiveness.  Upper Hand is another decent pick, but since we are trying to stay as far away from the enemies as possible, it has less use than Don't Stop.

Uncatchable - Dodgetrops! More cripple against the enemies so they can't catch you.  Pretty self explanatory for the theme.
Trickster - Shorter CD on all your Tricks (including Withdraw), which makes them that much more awesome. Plus adds the conD clear for your Tricks.  We could go with Bountiful Theft for more Vigor, but our Endurance regen is already pretty impressive due to some of the minor traits in the Daredevil line.
Sleight of Hand - This trait fits nicely due to the daze that it adds to Steal, just in case anyone gets too close. Steal to daze, and then book it out of there, buying yourself a bit of time to get back to a range that you want to be at.  The other two traits don't really fit the build all that well, since we don't really swap weapons ALL that often (when fighting multiple targets vs single targets, but not in too many other situations) and we don't have any conD stat.

Weakening Strikes - There isn't really a GREAT pick here for this particular build since we aren't trying to be right on top of the enemy, and we don't use any of the Physical utilities.  This one adds a little cushion if we manage to flub our dodges, escapes and other methods of keeping the enemy at range.
Escapist's Absolution - This one is up in the air, to be honest.  The conD removal on evade can be helpful, but since we are running P/P with a really nice interrupt on #4, Impacting Disruption is definitely a viable pick.  If we need more damage, grab Impacting Disruption, if we are having issues with conDs eating our face, Escapist's Absolution is the pick.
Unhindered Combatant - This is the trait that makes the build just silly.  It gives us a bit more of a cushion in case we do get hit (because of the 10% reduced damage taken after a dodge), and with all the other things that this build has, each dodge gives us around 18s of Swiftness.  The perma swiftness is pretty awesome when you combine all the different applications of Swiftness on this build.  The other nice thing about this trait is that it enables us to put a bit more distance between us and the enemy, due to the extended range on the dodge.

And there you have it!  A mobility and "catch me if you can" themed thief build with P/P as its main focus.  I ran it around in Verdant Brink and some of the other HoT areas to give it a test run and it actually held its own relatively well.  Certainly takes longer to kill things than a DPS Reaper or a full on DPS Daredevil, but its still a lot of fun to play.  It does seem to fall off a bit in the longer fights, just due to the fact that Unload (Pistol #3) is such a heavy init ability.  If you have any questions, comments, trolls, cookies, or whatever, feel free to ping me in-game, Loperdos.7924, or shoot me a message on here, or just post on the thread! Enjoy your thieves!

In Topic: Returning player needing profession advice: Reaper or Herald?

10 December 2015 - 05:08 AM

Welcome back, Elrathan! Its been awhile since we've seen you grace these forums, good to see you back!

Obviously, your best pick would be the thief/Daredevil. Hands down, since the Daredevil elite has made the thief completely deadly in the right hands...wait...thief wasn't one that you were wanting to look at? :angel:  I have to try at least...

Anywho. I'm going to have echo what Phenn said above.  I'm not the expert on the Necro that he is, but I've just recently been playing a Reaper with the group of friends that we generally run content with, and oh my word...its ridiculous what the Reaper can do.  My first major adventure into the HoT content and running with the new elite specs was, obviously, the Daredevil, which I like quite a bit (given my long history with the thief class, most people would expect no less).  A good amount of damage, lots of active mitigation and mobility...basically everything I was looking for in the thief.  Why do I bring this up, you ask? For comparison's sake.  

I swapped to the Reaper as my second HoT elite spec, and to be completely honest? Its almost not fair just how easy the Reaper is to run top tier damage, lots of offensive support (being able to solo stack 25 stacks of vuln in a group that is far from meta makes the entire experience go better) and just overall ease of use compared to the Daredevil.  

My play with the Revenant also very much echoes what Phenn said as well.  Its a good profession, lots of consistent damage, good access to boons with phenomenal up-time, plus a good amount of mobility and survivability.  That said, especially coming from the dynamic play of a Daredevil and to some extent the Reaper, it got boring very quickly for me.  This is definitely a playstyle preference, rather than any real efficiency difference between the two.  I will say though that the Rev did/does seem a decent amount less survivable than the Reaper, but that could definitely be chocked up to my lack of experience with the profession.

Overall, from my experience, the Reaper does seem to do very well in solo situations, and with only a few swaps of specialization lines (usually swapping out Soul Reaping for Blood Magic) your group utility goes up by quite a bit, particularly with the Life Siphon aura that you can pick up from Blood Magic as well as the Protection that you can give allies on Well cast.  It doesn't give a HUGE amount of offensive support beyond the Vuln stacks, as far as I know (again, not an expert on the Necro by any means).

In Topic: [Build][Guide] A Look at D/D Condition Dmg Thieves

29 November 2015 - 04:35 PM

View PostThorfinnr, on 27 November 2015 - 09:37 PM, said:

OK...you know the question had to be coming...

What would you tweak in this build for the World Bosses to have some range? As you know, some of them get quite angry when we get up close to them or their minions...and we Thieves can be a right squishy lot when it comes to those big direct DPS spikes...lol

You know of the fondness we all have for the SB. Any way to effectively incorporate it in this for use in the aforementioned World Boss fights?

I'm still trying to recover from the loss of Ricochet(I loved my P/P - SB Thief), but that's a whole other thread and discussion. I like the concept behind this, and I haven't ran a D/D build in forever, so once again, you may lure me back to playing my Thief. :) lol

Much as the set is kind of "meh", I usually still pair this build with P/D in my alternate weapon slot.  I would love to be able to use the SB on this build, but the conD application from the SB is just pitiful for the most part, and the way we are set up, our direct damage leaves a lot to be desired.  If its a boss fight that you really can't get close to, I would say run P/D, swap out Caltrops and your other utilites for some Deception skills to increase your access to Stealth so you can use the P1 stealth shot.

Depending on the World Boss, you may be able to use the technique I use on some of them, where you get close, use CnD, pop your stealth P1 shot and then immediately pop #3 to get back out of range.  Unless the boss is using a TKO at the time, you *should* have enough time to get in, drop that combo, and then get out.  For something like the Mega Destroyer where its really not an option to run melee (for the most part, at least on this type of build), that's usually when I swap to my Deception utilities and do it that way.  Not the greatest, but you'll still contribute enough to get a gold on the event, which is really all that matters with the World Bosses anyway...unless you aren't running at peak times and are trying to drop a World Boss with 8 people or less.

And I feel your pain about losing Ricochet. That was just stupid.  It actually made the P/P or P/X build a helluva lot better, and actually quite useful.

Good to hear from you again Thorfinnr! You should definitely give this build a try if you haven't played a thief for a while, its nearly ridiculous.  I don't remember if you ever added me, but feel free to, Loperdos.7924. And if you want to see how I run it, feel free to ping me in-game and I'll give you a quick showcase of the build. :)

In Topic: First Hands-on Experience with Spirit Vale

19 November 2015 - 06:21 PM

View PostFeathermoore, on 19 November 2015 - 01:47 PM, said:


Thanks for both the original write-up and this break down of roles within your experience!  I was thinking along the same lines as Phenn in regards to whether or not various roles could be filled just as well by other professions, or if it appeared that there would be "required" professions for even just a general run through the raid, as opposed to a meta/efficiency/speed run that we get from dungeons.  Perhaps your experience wasn't long enough to really make those sorts of assessments, but it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on that idea - the interchangeability of various professions doing different roles within the raid.  To me, that's one of the quintessential things that makes GW2 so dynamic, that a lot of different profs can fill various roles, and do it rather well.

I'll be honest, part of me is curious if a Daredevil/Thief would be able to fill one of the DPS roles within the raid (obviously, since I'm biased towards the thief, and it'd be nice to see "my" prof be able to fill one of those roles) and still be able to contribute well enough to the overall team comp without losing out on some CC that a Reaper or other DPS class can bring to the table.

In Topic: How do I make money if I do not.....

12 November 2015 - 10:17 PM

View PostJemFayCrystal, on 03 November 2015 - 04:47 PM, said:


The prices of crafting materials is quite high right now, especially from the mid-level areas (20-40~ish areas).  Looking specifically at Iron Ore and Soft Wood Logs.  Run around various mid-level areas, kill things, explore and collect mats, then sell the mats on the Black Lion Trading Company.  This will be a bit more difficult for you if you are F2P, since they limit the amount of posts you can post on the market, but its still doable.