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In Topic: Nerf the Thief yet this ish goes unchecked?

12 November 2012 - 01:46 AM

I thought that this damage was due to the same bug that's affecting bladetrail-- the more targets that you pierce, the more damage it does  according to how the bug works. Yes no?

In Topic: The big "What armor is this?" thread

06 October 2012 - 07:44 AM

View PostSamHolyheart, on 27 September 2012 - 10:20 PM, said:

I saw a Guild Wars 2 video a while ago, and saw this heavy armor I am about to post below.
I can't seem to find other players wearing it, and I can't find any armor gallery's out there with this one in it, not even the PvP locker had it.
Anyone know? (Sorry but this image was the best I could get.)

Posted Image

Hey there, from what I can see, the chest is from the dark set which people have said can be bought with karma from fireheart rise (correct me if wrong), the shoulders are banded, and the gauntlets look like they're from AC tokens. I can't see the rest, so I'm not entirely sure. Check the PvP lockers in heart of the mists, as i could be wrong.

In Topic: What is better if you have 50 crit dmg, 5% more critchance or 5% dmg?

06 October 2012 - 06:32 AM

You'll probably tear me up for using an incredibly small sample, and it wasn't as controlled as I'd hoped it could be, but bear with me.

Test 1 was done with no armor, no traits, no accessories and a stock steady sword. With this, I had 4% crit chance just from base 916 precision. Beating to death a heavy and light target golem with auto attacks alone, I yielded 2 crits

Test 2 was done with no armor, no traits, no accessories, a stock steady sword, and a focus with the 5% crit sigil on it. Assuming the crit chance from the focus didn't exist for the sword, I should still have a 4% crit chance. I never attacked with the focus. Beating to death the heavy target golem with the stock steady sword, I had already scored 15 crits.

Naturally, I'd like to say that having the crit sigil on the focus indeed did help, but it could have been insanely dumb luck. After all, there are few times where i don't get more than 2 ectos from a yellow ;)

There is a possibility that you were speaking of the proccing sigils, and I could just be incredibly stupid in being ignorant to this, but if there were any errors, please correct me. I'll likely be doing more testing just to ensure that this is in fact the case, as it's something that I had never really known.

Just in case though-- I'm testing a lot more. I'll post my results later if they even mean anything


Alright I'm getting sleepy staring at my naked character swing at a heavy target golem, so I'll post my results.

Same idea, no traits, accessories, or armor. 5 trials with each weapon set, total of 10 trials. Guardian steady sword auto attack only, killing a single heavy target golem.

Set 1 - Sword, no offhand. 4% crit chance. We'll call this S

Set 2 - Sword / Focus with Superior Sigil of Accuracy (5% crit rate). Assuming the sigil only affects the focus, we should still have 4% crit rate since we're only using the sword's auto attack. We'll call this S/F

S Results
Trial 1 - 12 Crits
Trial 2 - 5 Crits
Trial 3 - 9 Crits
Trial 4 - 8 Crits
Trial 5 - 7 Crits
TOTAL: 41 crits

S/F Results
Trial 1 - 18 Crits
Trial 2 - 17 Crits
Trial 3 - 9 Crits
Trial 4 - 16 Crits
Trial 5 - 18 Crits
TOTAL: 78 Crits

Again, I'm not entirely sure if this is enough data, 5 trials is not very much, but it is a lot of auto attacks considering I was hitting for 34 - 34 - (21+21+21) every single time unless it was a crit. Also, I'm not entirely sure if you were talking about proccing sigils or stat boosting ones, so I could just be really stupid right now.

EDIT 2: So I'm just being incredibly stupid and I guess I didn't have to do any of that work.

Tried it again but with a Superior Sigil of Force on the focus, hit for 42 damage on a light golem. Unequipped the focus, and hit the golem for 40 damage. This was with the sword auto attack. Oh well.

In Topic: What is better if you have 50 crit dmg, 5% more critchance or 5% dmg?

05 October 2012 - 08:04 PM

View PostScarlet_Blossom, on 05 October 2012 - 11:41 AM, said:

The 5% damage and 5% crit chance sigils only affect the weapon they're on. You should keep that in mind.

Is this really true? I've seen conflicting information and I'm not entirely sure what to trust

In Topic: Humans-- Glow in the dark skin?

29 September 2012 - 05:06 PM

Yeah-- that bit about being able to see your character makes the most sense.

As for it being realistic, I think we'll just have to agree to disagree here. I was in the section of the Shark-Whatever Cavern in Lion's Arch where they purposely strip all light out of the room during a mini jumping puzzle, so there was really no light to be reflected.

Edit: referring to second pic