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#2020163 Magic Find: Pros/Cons & Its Impact on GW2

Posted Bennyandthejets on 15 October 2012 - 08:56 AM

In this thread we'll be discussing magic find.  The benefits, the negatives & its impact on GW2 as whole.  This topic has a tendency to draw opposition from both sides, so while contributing to the discussion please try to remain civil & refrain from attacking one another.  Let us start by stating the facts.

Does Magic Find work?

Absolutely.  After having almost 400+ hours played I have noticed significant gains in loot quality while under the effects of magic find.  During these tests I was only under the effects of magic find boosts (+50% MF) as well as the omnomberry tarts (+30% MF) and on rare occasions +10% MF from guild banners.  On days while farming under the effects of MF I would commonly find 7-10 rares within 4-5 hours.  On days without MF I'd be lucky to find 2-3.

Why would anyone not use Magic Find then?

Excellent question.  Why wouldn't you?  If it guarantees you will have the best possible % chance of getting best loot why would anyone not use it?  The only plausible exception being pvp where survivability is usually more desirable than loot acquisition & I believe MF does not affect BoH drops.

So whats the problem?

Simply put, by using magic find one is contributing less & gaining more.

"No, that is not true!"

It is.  By having magic find on all of your gear/sigils you are making large sacrifices that effect not only your damage output/healing but also your utility.  I'll give you a example:

Your fighting a boss that throws half a dozen debuffs on the entire party at once.

You have 2 shout warriors in your group with identical setups/gear/weapons etc.

Warrior A:  Has full magic find on gear
Warrior B:  Uses Superior runes of the soldier & +5% crit chance sigil

Not only will warrior B having a higher damage output thus making the encounter easier, he is also removing twice as many debuffs from the entire party & thus contributing far more to the group as a whole.

Both warriors open chest.  Warrior A loots a dusk, warrior B loots a porous skull.

Why Magic Find is Bad for GW2:

Magic find is quickly becoming the "required" stat.  Every answer to any question ever asked regarding loot can quickly be summed up to "Get yourself more magic find."  Almost every player that has already acquired a legendary swears by it & says its mandatory.  There are like a 20-30+ modifiers out there & everyone is quickly being drawn into this one stat.  That tells you something.

Now I am sure I will get a lot of opposition on this topic since there are thousands of players who have dumped 50+ gold into a magic find set but If you disagree I would just like you to ask yourself the following:

Is it ok for players who contribute less to be rewarded more?  Is it ok that everyone in GW2 is all shifting to this one stat just to have equal loot opportunities as everyone who uses it?

#1838385 Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw

Posted Lyall on 29 August 2012 - 02:15 AM

*Sobs uncontrollably.*