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#2204595 Dare to Criticize Guild Wars 2

Posted Captain Bulldozer on 21 May 2013 - 04:39 PM

View PostFeatherman, on 21 May 2013 - 04:22 PM, said:

Progression needs to change the way players look at the game and its challenges, IMO. Games are largely about problem solving, after all. It may help if ANet learns how to design better challenges too :P

When I think back to what kept me playing GW1 so much, problem solving was a big part of it.  (For the record, I'm not much of an MMO junky, so comparisons to WoW and most others are largely lost on me, sorry!).  In GW1, there were all kinds of places where you could be super-powerful IF you could work out good counters to the enemies skill sets, or control their positioning.  That made the game mostly about your ability to understand and adapt to challenges.  As it turns out, any game with a decent concept of strategy does it the same way (and I don't just mean video games here).  Why is MtG still so popular after being out for 20 years?  In part, because of this very idea (I suppose collectibility helps some too).  People have been playing (and enjoying) chess for hundred of years, despite simple rules because of the depth of "problem solving" required.  

What "problems" in GW2 (and I don't mean bugs, design flaws, etc.) can't be solved by simply adding another person or two to the zerg?  There are very few things I can name off the top of my head in the game where actually following a strategy is required much over button mashing.  Sure, strategic play may work out to be more efficient in some ways, but there's not a very big incentive for it, let alone a requirement as far as I can see.  Contrast that to something like fighting Mallyx in DoA, or Dhuum in the UW... big difference.

#2204584 Dare to Criticize Guild Wars 2

Posted Captain Bulldozer on 21 May 2013 - 04:12 PM

Words like "hardcore" and "casual" are a bit too ambiguous to really differentiate.  I know people who play 4 hours a night, every night, and consider themselves "Casual" player, while I also know others who play less than that and call themselves "hardcore" players. More than that, a player can switch from one to the other many times. The difference is mostly mindset of the individual... if you don't play a lot, but are actively chasing a legendary, you could be a hardcore player by some definitions. Tailoring a game to either of these archetypes is probably a mistake, since it can easily alienate either group.  The smarter path is to make a game that has long term, hard to reach goals for those that want to pursue them, but still has plenty of short term (and fun) content for the people who don't.  I felt like GW1 was moderately successful at doing this, but I'm not so sure about GW2.

The thing is, making the long term goals about obtaining GEAR (legendaries, ascended sets, etc.) is inherently flawed in my mind, since you'll then want something to DO with that gear (preferably something you can't do or have a very difficult time doing without that gear).  The gear rewards are at cap points throughout GW2, meaning by the time you get the gear reward, you don't really need it for anything anymore (with the possible exception of WvW). This, among other reasons, is why so many people feel like GW2 is not anything like being properly rewarding.

#2204484 Dare to Criticize Guild Wars 2

Posted Lordkrall on 21 May 2013 - 12:43 PM

So, what he is trying to say is that NCSoft is exactly like every other company ever created in the history of mankind?

#2204432 Dare to Criticize Guild Wars 2

Posted Featherman on 21 May 2013 - 11:13 AM

View PostPerm Shadow Form, on 21 May 2013 - 11:09 AM, said:

So true about GW2Guru.

He obviously hasn't been to Guru lately :P

#2204112 [Video] Guild Wars 2, Nine Months Later

Posted MazingerZ on 20 May 2013 - 06:39 PM

It's an hour long, but apparently worth the review.  Made it to the top of the GW2 subreddit, but apparently is getting trolled for knocking the game in YT comments.  Haven't finished it yet.



Top Reddit Comment said:

I'm not entirely happy with the direction ANet is taking GW2. They are focusing on weak aspects of the game, and they should focus on their strengths imo. Eg Living storyline. Sadly ANet isn;t very good at story telling and yet they keep pushing it. I would prefer them to focus on expanding class diversity (more skills), more jumping puzzles, guild missions, fractals, exploration etc. They also keep pushing esports and I don't believe they will ever become an esport. They should stop forcing this 3 cap maps on everyone and make new game modes, add faaaar more stuff to WvW etc. So I applaud them for all those updates but I wish they would change direction slightly.

Apparently very valid criticisms, enough to stir up the fanboi fervor.

#2204130 [Video] Guild Wars 2, Nine Months Later

Posted jollygood1 on 20 May 2013 - 07:02 PM

View PostDaesu, on 20 May 2013 - 06:53 PM, said:

If you are talking about their cash shop, I believe their management holds that as high priority because that is where they get much of their income and yes, I notice their big emphasis on their cash shop too on each update.

My problem with their cash shop is that they seem to build a little bit of content(living story mostly) just for a reason to update the cash shop more. I always laugh when reading patch notes that aren't worthy of 20 mins of entertainment, that include a big update to the cash shop spiel. It really feels like they are trying to milk their customers a bit too early. How about they just amaze us with good updates and actually earn our money. Wouldn't be a bad idea to remove the rng too,  this is the western world you are selling your product to.

#2203832 Fire and Frost: The Movie.

Posted Dax01 on 20 May 2013 - 04:32 AM

Hi guys.
This is a project I’ve been working on my free time for all of us to enjoy :). I did it thinking that everybody deserves to know of the history that the players and the staff at Arenanet are building. Events that changed the course of our online world forever and a history that otherwise would be lost.

I tied together the events in the entire Fire and Frost saga to my character, looking at them in a personal and maybe different way and going all the way to the end. Sadly, I was not able to round all of the little details in the story, because it would be hours to no end. It’s not much I confess, but I hope you like it. And maybe, in a year or two, when a new friend or a nephew or perhaps even a new girlfriend joins you in the game and Frostbite has become this huge devourer, you will tell them: “Hey, want to see when Rox and Frostbite met?” and will link them to my video.

I’ll try to make more videos and improve in the process!
Please enjoy.

#2202869 Welcome to Paradise

Posted dss_live on 17 May 2013 - 04:25 AM

View Postleongrado, on 17 May 2013 - 03:40 AM, said:

I think that's the only thing we all care about.

That and the hairstyle, it's a new one too :)

#2202814 Welcome to Paradise

Posted dss_live on 17 May 2013 - 01:21 AM

omg me wants that armor

#2201634 Why hasn't Anet addressed the current zerker or gtfo pve endgame?

Posted woeye on 13 May 2013 - 07:22 PM

Yeah, the current AI really leaves a lot to be desired. Funny enough mobs in GW1 had much better AI (even though they added some stuff later on).

Instead of the holy trinity we now have the holy unity. Cool.

#2201517 Why hasn't Anet addressed the current zerker or gtfo pve endgame?

Posted Phadde on 13 May 2013 - 01:19 PM

Bottom line: Make Support and Control an important part of the combat because right now, damage is everything in PvE and that does not provoke interesting combat whatsoever.

#2201554 The Temple of Lyssa Exploit - License to Troll!

Posted Resolve on 13 May 2013 - 03:47 PM

Btw if Anet actually cared about this, it would be hotfixed by now. They don't leave 'exploits' lingering for days(weeks?) just so they can ban half the player base.

#2200970 The Temple of Lyssa Exploit - License to Troll!

Posted Red Intensity on 11 May 2013 - 01:50 PM

OP: Thanks for giving out this info I was otherwise oblivious about. After the crap they keep pulling with repeatedly nerfing class mechanics while refusing to compensate in any form or fashion (see: glamour mesmers, quickness rangers, the entire engineer class), making bosses like the Champ Risen Wraith, the Legendary Risen Priests in [insert temple] and some others in Orr nigh-unkillable while basically forcing those that could use a few gold to either farm with the swine that use CoF path 1 as a get-rich-slowly-but-quicker-than-anywhere-else platform or whipping out their credit card, yeah, I want a little revenge. (ugh, excuse the run-on sentence) So ya know what? I'm gonna "exploit" the crap out of this event until the opportunity gets closed (and then it's *back* to whatever-the-hell I did to make enough in this game to get by I go).

And OP again: Your harassment is just as bad as the farming. You're not a vigilante, you're not the goddamn Batman, and your "righteousness" is making the game an increasingly miserable activity. Oh, and in before "go play something else".

#2200847 Why hasn't Anet addressed the current zerker or gtfo pve endgame?

Posted Bloggi on 11 May 2013 - 12:32 AM

Why did they even bother to make the new Sentinel stats (vit/power/toughness) when it's clearly useless in the current metagame?

They should have spent more time making the Commando class a reality...something that literally nukes for massive AoE damage, uses LoS to avoid damage while nuking, has mobility and the necessary heavy armor to take stray hits that can't always be dodged. They can run in full zerker gear, ruby orbs and exquisite ruby jewels everywhere, and trait for supreme damage.

In the current metagame, everybody should run the Commando. A group of 5 commandos should be able to farm COF 1 faster than the 4 war/ 1 mes or 3 war/ 1 guard/ 1 mes team. :rolleyes:

#2200583 Why hasn't Anet addressed the current zerker or gtfo pve endgame?

Posted Rhomulos on 10 May 2013 - 11:27 AM

The current optimal group layout only favors teams that stack full berserker armor and faceroll DPS through everything while simply learning what and when to dodge.  Most classes are pointless in groups when you have things like mesmers and guardians putting up reflections and other classes like warriors, among others, just DPSDPSDPS everything to death.  

Dodging mitigates far too many sources of damage, reflections are far too powerful against PvE mobs, and as mobs don't coordinate their abilities or assist each other we can always have our way with them.  I hate to compare to gw1, but it atleast made you feel like you were fighting a group composition when fighting groups in Hard Mode (when you weren't running an afk faceroll Hero set up, and playing regularly).  Conditions and hexes were cleansed, melee mobs had either powerful AoE or CC that gave backliners trouble, positioning meant a whole lot more.  

Right now, it's simply stack in the corner so mobs line of sight, then just dodge into the wall to avoid the damage while keeping everything balled up for ez AoE or blind fields.  I have to say that it just isn't that fun.  It's hard to give a build personality when it won't be effective in any PvE unless i'ts maxing DPS and 100% damage mitigations through traits and skills.

MOD EDIT: Merged in another thread. That thread's OP and the video about this discussion can be found here.