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In Topic: Rate GW2!

12 November 2012 - 04:34 AM

I voted 7.  I think it's a great game overall and sets the new standard on several fronts for the MMO genre.  I can't imagine any new game being too successful without dynamic events, an active combat system with dodging or other twitch-based actions, and exploration rewards.  Another thing that they got right is the scaled-down hotbar with fewer but more significant abilities (compared to other MMOs where you have to hotkey like 40 skills).  In general, the combat is snappy and responsive and feels good, which feels great after dealing with clunky skill delay and other such things in the recent past (looking at you, Swtor!).

However, I am no longer playing the game.  I logged in a bit for the Halloween stuff and will do so again for this new content patch on the 15th.  I'm simply bored, and disillusioned about WvW, which is my primary activity in the game when I do play.  The culling issue KILLS WvW for me.  I dealt with it for a long time, but the irritation of doing so has worn me down.  It really, really sucks to not load all of the opponents until the fight is already decided.  I hate it, and it's not conducive to good PvP.  The rating system is also a complete sham with free transfers being open, and the once a week transfer thing is not a fix for it at all.  Not even slightly.  The problem is people transferring from losing servers onto winning ones, and it's not necessary to transfer more than once a week at all to accomplish that.  It also creates dead servers in the upper brackets that effectively spoil matches for weeks as they work their way down, causing games to be effectively 1v1, which the system is not built for.  Once one of those servers gets a lot of momentum, there is no wild card 3rd server to punish them for overextending.  Oh and by the way, winning is losing, since when you win a bunch of immature people will transfer onto your server, ruining your community, forcing a lot of the good guilds away and drastically increasing your queue times.  

Removing orbs was a step in the right direction, I was happy to hear about that, but I won't be satisfied and come back to play the game on a regular basis until culling is fixed, and free transfers are closed.

On another note, I would be happier with structured PvP if they added at least a couple more game types other than Conquest.  It just gets old really quick.  Even the TORtanic launched with 3 totally distinct PvP game types, and even though the core gameplay sucked, the instanced PvP kept me entertained longer than this game.  Think about that for a moment, it's a travesty that this is the case.  This game has great gameplay, but PvP is simply too repetitive.  This was requested before launch, and the gist of the dev reply was that Conquest remaining the only game type was important for the game, that they had designed PvP around it or something.  What a total abject failure at listening to player feedback.

The PvE experience of leveling 1-80 is second to none.  I hardly noticed the levels going by on my first character as I blazed through content and explored a fair few nooks and crannies off to the side.  One thing I would want changed though, is greatly improved loot from champion mobs, and from the chests at the end of jumping puzzles, caves and such.  It's all blue crap that I would never use.

I really hate the experience of Orr, mostly due to there being mobs everywhere that yank me all over the place, slow me and otherwise harass me.  The only purpose of being there is to do the DEs, I will see one pop up somewhere, run towards it and get REALLY irritated from the mob harassment on the way.  It servers no purpose, the zone is not hard if you're a good player, I have yet to die from this.  It is just a pain in the neck trying to get around.

The game desperately needs multiple new level 80 specific zones to explore.  The only thing I have left to do progression-wise is farm money to get T3 racial armors and the like, but I hate Orr too much to be able to stomach getting my money from DEs there.  Even if I didn't hate it, I would get bored with doing the same DEs over and over, with the same scenery and zombies all around, for days and weeks and months.

Some classes still have glaring issues with traits, many of them not working entirely or simply being poorly designed.  When I look at a Necro's traits for example, it's a matter of picking the 3 or so traits in each tree that don't completely suck, rather than having to agonize over the choice and carefully consider each one, which is the case with the Guardian.  Some classes simply got more love than others, and I don't think that anyone can objectively deny this.  It's blatantly obvious.  We are two and a half months in, why has this not been addressed more promptly?  

Some classes are also just more boring than others, Rangers for example.  The majority of what they do is auto-attack with some situational stuff on the side, despite the supposed design of the game being to the contrary ("I swing my sword, I swing it again, etc.").  Some other specific weapons are guilty of this throughout the game, Necro scepter for example.  Others are completely brokenly useless at their intentional role, Guardian scepter I'm looking at you.  Let's give a weapon 1200 range, but make the projectile travel so slowly that it will absolutely, positively never hit a moving target at half that range, great idea!  I can't even fathom the design decision behind that.  If it's not meant to be viable at that range, then make it lower range and quit teasing us already.  Much feedback has been given about it, and it was all either ignored, or the decision maker in question simply thinks they know better.

Lastly, please just get rid of MF gear entirely and raise the drop rates for stuff to compensate.  I resent having to carry around and/or store this entire extra set of gear that makes me weaker, just so I can accomplish the task of making money that I am there for.  Keep it on food maybe, but with it on armor, I'm damned if I do, damned if I don't.  I just want to be able to put my gear on that I want for my particular build and call it a day.

I realize that sounds like a lot of complaints for me to still rate it a 7.  I did discuss some particular points I really liked, and overall I think the game is really fun and has the most potential of any game currently released.  If they fix WvW that will be enough to bring me back, and raise my rating to 8.  Add in some extra PvE zones for 80s to explore and farm in, without the mob annoyance factor, and it will be a 9.  All the other tweaks I mentioned would earn it a 10 from me, and my almost guaranteed long-term patronage of the game.  The potential is there, I can see it, but some things simply have to change.

In Topic: WvW Engineer Build thread

11 October 2012 - 07:42 PM

I've been running with a power/crit grenade build with mostly Knight's gear with some Berserker's and Ruby jewels since launch, to great success.  I've enjoyed raining amazing damage down on my enemies while still being quite survivable myself for those smaller open battles, where people tend to get really pissed at me for blowing them and their friends up.  It's easy to fit in amazing utility with Elixirs R and U as well.

I've recently decided to try something new to mix things up a bit, and am making a tanky zerg bomber.  I haven't finished collecting all the gear for it yet, but the idea is all Power/tough/vit armor plus the amulet from karma or badges, with Knight's rings/earrings for a bit of crit and extra toughness.  I get some VERY cheap/cost efficient crit damage from Exquisite Ruby jewels in my accessory slots.  I have Fury up almost all the time in addition to a base crit chance of 15-20%ish depending on gear mix, so it's worth it.  Earth runes go in the slots for lots of toughness, plus protection duration and an extra toughness proc which has amazing synergy with the premise of the build.  


I have Protection on me almost all the time from my procs.  Having the 5 seconds of reflection proc at 20% health is amazing too, plus my heal recharges below 25% and that will buy me time to get it off before I kick the bucket.  It really helps with making a quick getaway at that point if need be, assisted by an extra 2 dodges courtesy of Elixir R.  Incidentally, that elixir also helps me get back up when/if I finally go down, or I can use it to help an ally get back up.  It's just too much utility from one skill to give up for anything else in WvW, in my opinion.

The main weaknesses are a lack of Stability and having only one gap closer (Jump Shot).  These are mitigated by the fact that my grenades still rock at doing damage/hindering the enemy, so I can keep up a steady rain of them as I run in.  In the meantime I'm getting Protection procs from that CC, so it's not all that bad either.  You could also get a friend to give you Stability as you run in.

I generally approach a zerg fight by raining grenades on people as I look for an opening/gauge the flow of the battle.  At the right moment or through terrain usage, I will charge in and try to blind the people who are likely to knock me back, with the grenades or especially the HUGE radius smoke bomb, which continues to tick.  Me charging them with bombs tends to create a bit of chaos and an opening for my side to rout them if they are smart enough to follow up on it.  If not, or you picked an inopportune time/place, you may be in for a rough time.  I've only just created this build as of yesterday and begun testing it, so I'm always up for suggestions of refinement, or hearing about what kind of antics you manage to pull off with it for that matter.  It's a lot of fun so far!

In Topic: The Ultimate 40+ Elementalist leveling/farming build. CANTRIP/Hammer build....

08 October 2012 - 09:37 PM

This looks like it would work well and there are people who enjoy it, but I have to ask, why even play an Ele if this is what you want to do?  The whole point of playing Ele is for the attunement mechanic; aside from that they are a very fragile class with moderate dps.  Apparently the hammer does very good damage, but it puts you in melee and negates your entire signature playstyle via the mechanic of attunement switching.  And that's the fun part of Ele for me, personally.

In Topic: Ele has 1 viable spec. Needs nerfing ASAP.

07 October 2012 - 06:33 PM

View PostCrystallineDIVA, on 07 October 2012 - 02:29 PM, said:

Hm nono, mate... But the size of the hitbox CLEARLY discrimminates classes/setups with small AoE. (I am currently thinking of a necro waving his scepter at the treb) It really seems as if the size of the hitbox was not intended.

You do realize that a treb is larger than, say, a character?  And therefore it's going to have a bigger hitbox.  Meteor Shower is just a good thing to use against siege equipment, gates and other large objects because of how it distributes damage, and it's completely intended.  Also, that's not what an exploit is.  An exploit is when someone finds an obvious bug or economic loophole in the game and then abuses it for their own gain.  Dropping a meteor shower on a treb is a tactic.  By reporting it as an exploit, you're just wasting someone's time over at Arenanet.

In Topic: Ele has 1 viable spec. Needs nerfing ASAP.

06 October 2012 - 05:35 PM

View PostCrystallineDIVA, on 06 October 2012 - 12:19 PM, said:

To the OP: You are exactly the person he is referring to in his post. You seem extremely butthurt about very simple balance issues. Of course Bunker-Eles are massivly overpowered compared to other specs. There is not a chance a glassconnon ele can beat a water-bunker, PERIOD.

Also the hitbox from the treb should be much smaller.
I reported it as an exploit today because Eles seem to just cast meteor shower once and witness the treb going down!


You reported Meteor Shower on the treb as an exploit, really??  Sounds like you are the one that is butthurt.