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Review of my Thief look before I finalize it

25 November 2012 - 06:46 PM

http://imgur.com/gxl2O (image is too big for upload)
I'd like some opinions on my Thief look so far.
It consists of a transmuted starter hood/duelist pants, temple karma shoulders, gloves and boots and soon to be a Invader's vest.
If you guys could tell me what you think and areas for improvement I'd be appreciative. Thanks :)

Hoping to reach an Anet employee with a complaint (I've tried other methods of cont...

08 November 2012 - 10:34 PM

I've often heard stories of how GW2 forums could often be overzealous with their moderation and I didn't believe it. Most times people exclude information, painting only their side of the story but then I ran into the same problem, not once but twice.
The first time I had posted a message in the warrior forum saying Hundred Blades seemed op in PvE, people took that as me declaring it is op so I clarified and didn't post in the thread after.


This is an automated message. Your post in PvE: Hundredblade seems really overpowered… was infracted.
Your original post in PvE: Hundredblade seems really overpowered…:
For the record seems doesn’t mean is. The words don’t mean the same thing.
Moderator Notes:
Please refrain from making posts that do not provide any meaningful contribution to the topic at hand.
•The message was deleted.
If you believe you have received this infraction in error or wish to make an appeal, please send an e-mail to [email protected].
The next time I encountered this issue was when I was posting in someone else's thread regarding a bug with selling items on the TC, I supported their claim of a bug, stating I had the same problem on a daily basis (which is true, everytime I use the TC I have the error selling bug)


This is an automated message. Your post in Error Selling in Auction House. was infracted.
Your original post in Error Selling in Auction House.:

I loathe this bug, it happens to me all the time…daily occurrences…
Moderator Notes:
Please refrain from making posts that do not provide any meaningful contribution to the topic at hand.
◾The message was deleted.
If you believe you have received this infraction in error or wish to make an appeal, please send an e-mail to [email protected].

I'm posting this in hopes of reaching a Dev at Anet.
While the moderation does a relatively good job on those forums I think this proves that there are some major issues with some of the chosen moderators if a person can't even post regarding a bug without getting a infraction.
Yes I've submitted emails regarding this with no response, posting this here would not be my first course of action.
Thank you for your time.

My S/P Signet Thief (Orr and Dungeon-based) Socketing Advice needed

05 November 2012 - 02:11 PM

Came up with this build:    
S/P-SB, Sigent Use, Signets of Power, Executioner, Trickster are the traits that are a must, everything else is a free slot.
For utilities I use SoM, Assassin's Signet,  Infiltrator's Signet (Infiltrator for condition removal and endurance refill), Haste and Dagger Storm (which gets swapped to Thieves Guild for bosses).
The general idea behind the build is to shadow step or steal into the enemy, group them up as best as possible and spam PW+Haste. Because of trickster your haste has a 48 sec CD making it a focal point of the build.
For my gear I run stuff that focuses on Power/Toughness and Vitality. I'm currently upgrading my arrmor to full exotics but the general plan is to get a mix of different temple karma armor (for their stats, I don't care about the runes-so I only need the chest piece and gloves now) with Valkyrie Emblazened pants and Emerald Orichalcum Ring(s), Earrings(s) and Amulet of the Berserker.
For weapons I have Baerserker's Peal Sabre of Force and Berserker's Pearl Handcannon of Air.
In terms of performance I tend to tank as well as most warriors and sometime guardians with consistent and high dps. Orr is a cake walk unless I get CC'd into a group of Risen and they instagib me before my character can do anything about it (the tankyness comes from SoM+Pistol Whip/Dagger Storm with optional Haste).
Keep in mind the stats will get a heck of a lot better with the last 3 pieces of armor I need.
As for questions I'm wondering what should I socket my armor with? I feel I have enough survivability but could use a little more power. So I could either socket with Exquisite Ruby x6 or I could go for a set of Runes. What do you guys thinks? (gold isn't a big deal, I charged lodestone farm and until I have everything I need I've socketed everything with superior rune of the pirate for +50% MF)

Does Anet hate the Thief?

24 October 2012 - 08:17 AM

I've been noticing something. As a thief I always have aggro, it's like tanks don't even exist.. If I'm doing no dps at the moment and whatever I'm not pounding on is getting mashed by others...nope its chasing me around. If I'm dead and something is attacking it, it will go out of its way to finish the job.

This happens when I'm using P/P, D/D or P/D.. ranged...melee, I'm always getting mashed by everything.

Anet has stated distance matters...so what's with this then? Does Anet just hate thiefs in PvE?

Sometimes I'm even invisible and the enemy will still attack me...I just don't get it...do we have a thief tag that prioritizes us over any and everything?

At lvl 40 I was partnering with lvl 60s who had better gear and a higher level (CM dungeon EM) and I still had aggro over them...

Don't take this the wrong way, it's a observation, it doesn't stop me from owning, hell when i get bored I run naked through Orr and still manage to cope.

Halloween patch the WORST thing to happen to GW2

23 October 2012 - 07:28 AM

I see the message come up saying there's a new build ready, I get excited as the game restarts. Then I get 3 connection issues before it downloads at 0 kb/s for 10 minutes before finally going back to the regular 2 mb/s...okay, not cool but whatever. It's not game breaking.

I log on and enter my server...after waiting another 10 minutes I'm told there's a connection error and to try again later...okay now I'm not amused.

So I finally am able to log on, I grind out some veteran and champion mobs with some randoms and go to my next quest Forewarned is Forewarned, I enter my quest and am bumpin' along kitingin small spaces, killing mobs that are at a higher level than me, all's swell and normal I end up getting killed. What happens the Undead Scout and Risen Shark that killed me spawn with me at the last check point and they're outside of water, floating in the air...okay so I try fighting them, start kiting and then it boots me to Lion's Arch where the game crashes...what the heck?

So I log on again and before I can ever enter my quest I get another connection issue...boots me out, log back on. Now I finally can do my quest. I'm going hard again and a few of the mobs are swimming outside of the walls...wtf, come up to the Risen Shark and Undead Scout. I murder the shark, get killed by the scout. Start at the checkpoint no bug this time, great. I go back to the scout but he's in a area where he's not supposed to be, where I was fighting jellyfish...miles away from where he should be tethered. So I start fighting the scout and now its glitching through the walls with the Warmaster, they're fighting I'm missing half my shots because apparently the scout gets to use a noclip cheat...I still beat it and then bam another connection error...

I'm not amused...