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Post Dec 3. path culling effect

11 December 2012 - 06:47 PM

Seems like they did a little tweak on handling the culling effect during the Dec. 3rd patch.

Instead of prioritizing allies first, they are showing the enemies first then load allies after.

Now this seem as a ok temporary fix but imo it just made fights worse.

Last night when we were fighting enemies on the wall, When I looked at the minimap we had at least 25+ people standing while they had about 15~20. They were on the stairs coming up while we had an advantage of attacking them with better line of sight. But when you look at the game screen it looks like you are being flooded by enemies and you have no friends around you.

Of course people were being pushed back even when I was telling them we have twice as more.


p.s. is the a thread on this already?

Dev confirms no patch on WvW until Feb.

08 December 2012 - 12:06 AM

I guess this resolves all the WvW boring threads and makes us wait until Feb or quit WvW.


Problem with having limits on number of siege weapons

12 November 2012 - 02:12 PM

I've posted it on the anet forums but I'll post again here just in case.

This is to report a problem that exist in WvW currently.

It appears that the number of siege weapons is limited per borderland per server (~120 or so). This is a screenshot taken just now in SBI borderlands of random arrowcarts placed around Titanpaw. These weapons are impossible to get rid of since they can only be accessed from the Citadel. This thread is not to accuse anybody from JQ nor BG, but it is to show everyone that there is a problem regarding the matter.

When a spy (I'll just call him a spy) randomly builds all these siege weapons up to a limit, no more can be built throughout the borderland. SBI cannot build ANY siege weapons to do anything. No arrow carts, ballista to use for defence, no rams, catapults to use for taking towers. Apparently golems can be built but I don't really care.

I don't know what ANet can do about it, but I found that it is worth it to let everybody know about the problem. I know that the limit existing was a known thing but I haven't believed that anybody would abuse this kind of thing.

screenshot at link below:

P.S. max file size =(

A letter from Bahaness, WM Commander, to SBI

19 October 2012 - 04:50 PM

For some reason, not many people are reading the Official forums and more people reside in the guru, so I'll just be copying the link to the actual post.

Source: https://forum-en.gui.../SBI-WarMachine