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New Ideas for Boss battles

18 April 2013 - 04:57 PM

I am curious why Anet can't make boss battles interesting. May be that is the only thing that i miss in the game. Today i saw new Rift expansion video and it was amazing. I mean boss creatures in Rift are so well made and the battles look so epic. I tried the game before and gameplay seem boring , questing too but boss battles look epic , at least in that videos.

why Anet cant make that kind of big creatures with different look , instead of same creature like others but a bit bigger and call it veteran or champion. Ye we have 3 dragons and we fight them with canons and they are pretty static.... truly epic. I am curious about direct x improvement too. They said dx10 or dx11 is going to be added later after release but 9 months later still only direct x 9 ... Dont get me wrong .. I like GW2 , i have 600 hours gameplay and ascended gear and stuff but  some parts of the game are really boring .. like boss battles especially