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Chill in PvE

19 November 2012 - 12:39 AM

How does Chill work in PvE? I know it slows them down by 66%, but does it also increase the time between attacks or special attacks? E.g. will a chilled boss use their big attacks 66% less often? Or does it slow down the actual action so you have more time to react?

Chill seems to be a fantastic way to reduce damage in PvP and I'm just wondering if it works the same way against regular mobs and even bosses. Thanks to anyone that knows anything or has done some testing!

Best Control?

24 October 2012 - 07:02 AM

The new GW2 "trinity" is supposedly damage, support, and control. I've seen a lot of topics and discussion about damage and support, but I really haven't seen much on control. Is this because CC isn't as useful because bosses are more-or-less immune to it (I would still think it would be useful for trash though, and a lot of bosses seem to have adds too). I'm a fan of crowd control classes and after just getting my main (Ele) to 80, I'm looking for an alt - and I'd like it to have a lot of control.

My initial thoughts were Guardian, Warrior, and Engie:

Guardian has hammer knockback, immobilize, and Ring. Also has Line of Warding on Staff and a couple concentrations (Sanctuary, but it's on a really long cooldown).

Warrior I haven't played at all, but it seems like Hammer and Mace/Mace/Shield could be a good way to go. Hammer has a couple knockdowns and the burst skill, MH Mace has an interrupt, OH Mace an AoE knockdown, shield an interrupt and block. Warrior also has a couple utilities (Stomp, Bolas), though I'm not sure how useful they are.

Engie seems to have access to a fair amount of control too. Rifle has an immobilize on a short cooldown and a knockdown, FT has a knockback, Elixir-Gun cripples, Grenades chill, bombs glue...and then there's a couple gadgets too, but they seem to be on higher cooldowns.

Basically, what profession can provide the most control. I really want to be able to control groups of mobs and keep them from the group - making them easier targets and keeping them from doing damage.