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Black Talons [BT] - Hardcore WvW - Maguuma

15 November 2013 - 07:54 PM

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Who are we?
Black Talons Gaming [BT] is a long standing, hardcore gaming community focused on the PvP aspects of games.  We are an active, small-sized, hardcore, coordinated WvW guild looking for only the best WvW players GW2 has to offer or a very small, top-notch guild/group. Recruitment is usually closed but every few months we open up a limited amount of roster spots for the very best players we can find. We are currently on Maguuma and we play NA EST from 4-9pm server time.

Requirements: What are we looking for?
A full list of membership expectations can be found here.
* Minimum of 20,000 WvW kills
* Minimum 1 month experience with a quality WvW guild
* Mature (18+)
* Team player and the will to be the best

We are not a big guild but we have created a reputation for ourselves through our attention to detail, our movement, and our blood thirst on the battlefield. We run no more than 25 nightly with coordination and discipline valued above all else.

Black Talons Gaming Videos
If you are unfamiliar with who we are or how we fight please check out some of our GW2 WvW videos below.
[BT] South Camp Fight
Example of a [BT] Weekly Recap Video

Some less serious videos
Respawn Maybe
Most Amazing WvW fights ever

How can you apply?
If you are interested in trying out you will find more information about the application process on our website here. Since we are only opening up a limited amount of roster spots please make your applications as detailed as possible as we will only look at serious players and applications. If you have any questions please contact me on the forums or whisper IGN: Malose.

[BT] Talons - Hardcore WvW - Fort Aspenwood

20 March 2013 - 04:28 AM

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The Black Talons [BT] is a guild that has been playing together for years through many MMOs. We are a medium-sized, hardcore, coordinated WvW guild on Fort Aspenwood looking for WvW-focused members. We’re not about egos or self-promotion, we like to make a reputation for ourselves through our actions. We have attracted top talent from many different servers/guilds and we are looking for skilled players interested in a hardcore WvW environment where they can excel and be noticed.

We are not a big guild but we have created a reputation for ourselves through our attention to detail, our movement and our bloodthirst on the battlefield. Our impact is through our play and not the sheer mass of players we bring to the table. Check our our
website for more information!


As a medium sized guild, we don’t have the numbers to simply zerg down walls and gates. This forces us to strive to be as coordinated as possible when in WvW.Currently we field about 20-30 players nightly in WvW. We run specialized groups to increase our efficiency and to ensure all our players have an important role in WvW. We are mainly active in WvW from 6pm EST to 12am EST, but we run smaller groups during the day.

Players are expected to know their classes, be able to listen and use TeamSpeak, willing to spend most of their playtime at night with us in WvW, and be receptive to trying new strategies. A certain level of maturity is expected from our members and must be able to take a joke in TS from time to time.

  • A reputation of excellence and an environment where you are challenged to be your best.
  • A highly skilled and experienced group of players to WvW with. We have been a major force in WvW on Fort Aspenwood since launch and we have grown into one of the best open world fighting guilds in the game.
  • Our medium sized roster allows us to all get to know each other and your contributions to the guild and to WvW are noticed and valued. You can be something more than just a name on the roster with us.
  • We have in-depth WvW strategy and build meetings where we offer general information on all classes to allow our members to better understand all the classes and make it easier for you to kill other classes.
  • Something many other large guilds that rely on numbers cannot: the opportunity to defeat other groups based on skill and battlefield positioning instead of just rolling through them initially.

If you are interested in joining the [BT] family please head over to the recruitment area of our website and fill out an application. Also feel free to contact us anytime if you are interested in running with us one night to see how we operate. You can always just hop into our TS and say hi! If you have any questions or concerns please send me a PM on the forums or send Malose a mail or tell in game. We look forward to playing with you!


Make sure to check out the videos below. If you want more, check
here for an up to date compilation of all [BT] videos!