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In Topic: Best thing you've got from the Orrian Jewelry Box so far?

28 January 2013 - 11:22 PM

44 Boxes ~200k karma
~ 75k karma returned, reinvested into more boxes
2 Crystal Lodestones (Q_Q)
2 mini priests of balthazar
9 obsidian shards
~75 silver total in unidentifiable objects

In Topic: Thief need Help, desperately, sexually confused!

04 January 2013 - 09:10 PM

The prevalence of underboob in GW2 vs Real life is like 100000000000000000000000:1.

If you have underboob irl, you're doing something wrong.

If you have underboob in GW2, you're a Thief.

In Topic: Highest DPS class

26 December 2012 - 12:26 AM

View PostGuanglaiKangyi, on 23 December 2012 - 06:07 PM, said:

First of all, I should note that I am factoring in crits.  Of course in PvE you get much more crit damage but the relative comparisons should be the same.  If anything they will favor warrior more because warriors get a higher base crit rate thanks to fury uptime and their traits.

As for your other numbers, I'd like to see your stat spread?  I'm guessing you're looking at actual numbers, which are a bad comparison since we can't be sure what the armor of your target is.  From the tests I did, though, the mesmer damage tooltips are correct, except for the phantasm damage, which I estmated based on what I saw as well.  So I don't see any reason to believe my numbers are incorrect, barring running a subpar damage build.  If you have a better suggestion for that, I can run the numbers for you as well.

Also, you keep saying stuff like "up to" based on the max damage you can hit with any given skill, which isn't an empirical way to determine damage.  A guardian can hit "up to" 12k damage on a single Whirl, but it's exceeding rare and depends on having tons of might and getting super lucky with crits.  You have to look at average damage (after crits) and cooldown, plus whatever you have to give up to get that number.  For example, a warrior can hit massive crits on Eviscerate, but you can't just assume Eviscerate is free damage, since you lose the +12% damage and +9% crit rate from the traits.

At any rate, getting 3 phantasm stacks isn't really realistic.  I don't think I've ever gotten 3 Wardens up on anything except for the one boss in CM path 3, who doesn't even really fight back.  In fact in a lot of cases I'd be wary of even assuming that the Warden's going to be alive for long enough to do a full attack, much less for you to cast the skill three times to get three on one mob.
Sorry for the delay in response, been busy.

My quotes are without crits. As I stated I tested on the Test Dummies in Lions Arch, which I believe have 0 Armor Value but do not take Crits or condition damage. Unless their armor is negative, which I don't believe is possible, the actual values should be an accurate reflection of the maximum damage.

The "up to" situation I mentioned was purely an example. Spike damage is not what we were calculating per say.

CoE has many bosses that stand still or would benefit from most of the squad meleeing. Some even glitch and cease to attack due to lack of movement. I routinely have 3 wardens up during this instance on multiple paths. Others I can think of off hand are f/f Nightmare Tree in TA and CoF path 1 and 2 bosses. I'm sure there are more but I'm not familiar with SE or certain paths of Arah.

In Topic: Highest DPS class

23 December 2012 - 08:44 AM

Most mesmer tool tips are incorrect in some way shape or form, and they are constantly breaking everything, so I understand why it's harder to estimate this stuff. Wardens actually hit 3.1 - 4.1 on the Test Dummies which as you know don't take crits, something you didn't factor into your maths at all, but I will ignore for the sake of science. They have never quite gotten the hang of Phantasm tool tips, it seems.

Using my current gear and stats, stated above, since this is what I've been stating damage based on to begin with. No boons/food/oils, tested on dummies. Using your times. Bolded the active bonuses listed.

Auto: 630 + 630 + 1000  (808/sec)
Auto w/ EM: 700 + 700 + 1100 (893/sec)
Blurred Frenzy: 2409 average (963/sec during cast - w/ CD 229/sec - )
Blurred Frenzy w/ EM: 2800 average (1120/sec during cast - w/ CD 266/sec)

Bonuses: Compounding Power (+9%), Empowered Mantras (+16%*), Blade Training (20% CD reduction), Warden's Feedback (unavailable in this build, further reduces spawn time by 20% for max 40% reduction in CD), Wastrel's Punishment (+5%)

*Empowered Mantras seems to not be working at the proper 16%. I only observed a 10% damage increase with 4 mantras loaded. Interesting.

In reality due to crits, multi hit attack sweeps, broken piercing (which is what caused the massive iZerker break), and traits, Phantasms in general do much more damage than their tool tips say. Wardens should be doing around 300 per hit with the 15% damage increase on my build based on observation as clearly there is some hoodoo with the tooltip. How Warden behaves is interesting, the 14 second timer starts at the beginning of their 5 second attack, not after. So it does not attack for 9 seconds.

Warden : 300 x 12 =  3.6k / 14 sec = 257 / sec
Warden x 3 = 771 added damage / sec
Warden including Phantasmal Fury = 450 damage / second (due to 75%+ crit rate)

Ignoring the smaller damage traits such as Compounding Power, Phantasmal Fury (illusions 20% crit rate increase, 75% crit total), Sharper Images (bleed), your estimate is on the low end, even ignoring crits. With crits included of course that number goes up, but due to the large amount of channeled multi hit skills in the build, the range is quite big as each hit has a chance to crit seperately. Add in Phantasmal Fury and the real DPS is probably closer to 3k, which is why I said we can keep up with warriors in my original post.

Note that you can max out at 30% damage increase with Empowered Illusions and Phantasmal Strength, but since I cannot use them for my build I am not including this in calculation.  They can also be traited up to 40% CD reduction with 20% skill refresh rate. This means you can cast one every 15 seconds and it will cast every 11 seconds for 5 seconds. With this trait set up, by the time the first one starts its second attack, you can cast another. This equates to 3 wardens in 45 seconds and 3 iZerkers in 36 seconds. I used to have this build but got rid of it when they broke iZerker for the umteenth time. Should they fix it I might return. But I digress.

I hope you can see now even in a conservative estimate how Mesmers can keep up the deeps. Obviously this relies on Phantams generation, but we are excluding shatters entirely in these estimates, which can hit for up to 3.5k each x 3 illusions for 9k possible spike damage. I like to do this when a vulnerability stack builds, dodge twice and use decoy to make 3 sacrificial illusions then go back to endless Phantasm spawning. A fun thing to note though is when you have a 25 stack of might, Wardens will wack away for 9k each x 3 which in addition to your own increased damage is quite the sight.

Mesmers have to work much harder at it, but its definitely possible.

In Topic: Highest DPS class

23 December 2012 - 05:43 AM

View PostGuanglaiKangyi, on 23 December 2012 - 03:44 AM, said:

Mesmer auto is the same as most other melee autos, .8s per swing.  You need to count recovery as well as startup.  The mesmer sword auto is comparatively low as well.  Blurred Frenzy is 2.5s, it's .5s to wind up then you swing for 2s.  Also, I don't see how you're getting an 11s CD on Warden, unless you mean the Warden's internal recharge, in which case lol.  It takes a good 50 seconds to get three Wardens up even if they don't die.  Even assuming you could get all three up that's only 3 Wardens hitting for 5k every 11s which less than 500/s per.

The base damage difference from Warrior greatsword auto to Mesmer sword auto is only 50 points. The mesmer chain end actually hits 6 pts harder, if you really want to count. As they hit at the same speed, the damage difference is negligible until you count in traits, where Warrior clearly wins with a sheer damage % increase vs a crit rate increase. Guardian greatsword increase is only 5%, but their base GS damage is considerably higher than both warrior and mesmer. Without traits, the damage is nearly identical between Warrior GS and Mesmer Swo. Warden has an 11 second skill interval CD with trait, which is important in damage consideration as that's the interval you can expect the Wardens to cast at. I did say it takes time to get your Phantasms up, but it's not as if you can't swap and cast your other Phantasm while waiting for Warden CD, which, is only 40 seconds with CD reduction trait.

Without Phantasm, a Mesmer's DD is slightly less than the average Warrior due to traits, not "very low damage" or "super low DPS". Go read the damage coefficients for yourself, factor in traits and the builds required to use those traits, and do the math. And phantams DPS is far from hypothetical. Even with one up I'm getting an extra 500 damage per second minimum. With two, which is incredibly easy to maintain, I'm increasing DPS by 1k per second. Three might be a stretch in some situations, but adding 1.5k is doubling my sword base attack and far surpassing Guardian and Warrior both.  With just auto attack damage that is only slightly less than a Warrior/Guardian, acceptable spike damage, phantasms and shatters, we keep up just fine.

Denying that is simply exhibiting ignorance.