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Crucible of Eternity Exp - Too Difficult?

03 October 2012 - 12:20 AM

I've thought about writing this a lot before I decided to actually do it, because I wanted to get some feedback from other players to make sure it wasn't just me. I held off a day when I saw the patch notes mentioning changes to CoE, but after playing through it post-patch, our group found it had possibly been made more difficult and not less. All of the "made easier" bits were for story mode, not Exp mode.

Currently CoE is probably the least run dungeon on Sorrow's Furnace because 1) The reward armor isn't that amazing in appearance or stats, and 2) The amount of frustration, time, and repair cost it requires to do the average run is prohibitive. This dungeon makes Arah, TA, CoF, and every story mode look like walks in calm meadows in comparison. Here is why:

Laser Puzzle:
All paths must complete them. If you do not have a Mesmer or a jumping skill, this little mini-puzzle can take up to a half hour of a groups time, and not necessarily because they suck. Charr naturally have problems going through because their tails trigger the lasers. Asura seem to have it a bit easier due to their small size. Norn males have issues. Then there are issues with lag and the speed of the "laser cage" that you must jump inside of. If you have less than perfect latency, jumping through in time with the cage is nearly impossible. If you look at YouTube for videos of "CoE Laser Puzzle" you'll find varying degrees of frustrated naked groups spam dying here. It would be stupid not take your armor off for this, because most people die multiple times. To make matters worse, you need to get 3 people through it, and while it seems easy to some, the normal player with normal lag issues finds this puzzle nearly impossible.

Sub Path - Icebrood Boss Glitches:
I'm talking about the Basher boss towards the end. Past a certain point the pillars no longer function to remove his Armor, which reduces normal DD to nearly 0 and allows only Conditions through. It takes nearly 30 minutes to kill him in this state with just condition damage while he remains and unstoppable juggernaut to whomever happens to do the most condition damage. Apparently, him glitching like this is quite common, and people do not like to do this path because of it.

Front Door Path - Destroyer in Bubble Boss:
This boss is really very, very easy. Mind blowingly easy. But it still takes 10 minutes to beat him because the amount of DD you can inflict while the shield is down is quite low compared to his HP pool. The boss becomes a mindless exercise of firing the lasers jumping down over the lava, hitting for 10 seconds, then running back, waiting on cool downs, and repeating. The only difficulty I encountered was the lava spikes from the ceiling knocking you off the platforms. Compared to the rest of the dungeon, this encounter seems uninspired and a waste of time.

Subject Alpha BOSS Parts 1 2 and 3:
Crystals -
For starters, the crystal prisons should naturally decay over time. If you are the last one alive in your group, he spams you with crystals and it's incredibly difficult to hold the boss or avoid a wipe at this point. If you are stuck in a crystal, that's it. He's going to hit you with AoEs or Spikes until either you die or your group makes the long run back to you.

Circle Behavior -
As for his behavior, the circles are not so difficult when you realize they're donuts instead of circles and the middle is safe, however, sometimes he goes into a sort of bezerk mode and depending on where you are fighting him, it is extremely difficult to avoid the circles or keep up your stamina for dodging. In particular, Front Door Path Subject Alpha #3 the area is very small and the forced camera angle makes this fight extra difficult for an ordinarily experienced group. Front Door Path Subject Alpha # 1 also seems to be taking steroids since the October 1st patch. The other particularly nasty one is Teleportation Path Subject Alpha #3 who spams circles in an abnormally large and fast radius.

Survivability Prospects -
If the Risen and Tentacles were indeed intended as Rally subjects, which I think they were, they have too much HP in general to be used to Rally before you get WTFBBQ killed by circles. Did I mention that Circles hit for 14k? That's more than pure DD stat player's HP. As someone who has had to tank this boss for extended periods on a Necro (not pure DD stat, 25k HP), between his spikes and his normal attack, dodging when needed, and running all over the place, my heals simply can't keep up with the damage. The whole boss encounter becomes a nasty zerg to death with people running back (why is there no close waypoint for Sub and Tele?) just to hold the boss so we can slowly DD it to death.

There are certainly more things I think need to be looked at in this dungeon. And for the record's sake, people thought TA was extremely difficult before but I find it to be very easy. I could take a group and complete perhaps 4 runs in the time it takes to complete one run of CoE with the average random squad. I've been pretty lucky as far as squads go, but the one or two horror squads make me want to scream in frustration here. Even the good squads where everyone knows what to do and when, suffered random wipes due to sketchy boss behavior or glitches.

I hope these issues get looked at and addressed because it really is a shame to put such good dungeon design to waste.