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#2216653 "It's unlikely Guild Wars 2 will ever get an expansion pack" by E...

Posted draxynnic on 04 July 2013 - 12:28 PM

View PostLordkrall, on 04 July 2013 - 01:11 AM, said:

I keep wondering what would be different having content coming out every two weeks vs the same content coming out bunched up once a year, and why some people seems to to prefer the latter?
There's a few things:

First, think of the distinction between Star Trek TNG and Babylon 5, or between Merlin and Game of Thrones. Living story, at least so far, has proven to be rather episodic in nature - it's been proving to be a case of "what's the problem we're going to have to deal with this month" without having much of an overarching story. Yes, we're getting hints at this mysterious 'personal nemesis', and there are callbacks to previous episodes, but that's just like how pretty much every Smurfs episode is Gargamel trying to find some way to wipe them out - having a single Designated Badguy does not mean that the story is actually progressing. Focusing entirely on Living Story is starting to look like it'll end up feeling like a series of Monster of the Week episodes that don't really progress the story - and as long as it keeps being temporary content, it has to be that way to avoid new players completely missing out on a critical plot event. An expansion is more like a season of B5 or Game of Thrones, or a book in a book series - when you get to the end, you come away feeling that the plot has actually progressed in a significant manner.

Unless the book is written by Terry Goodkind.

Second, there are a lot of things story-wise that people would like to see happen - and which are much larger in scope than the Event Of The Month we've been getting. People want to visit (and deal with the problems in) Elona and Cantha, launch campaigns against the remaining dragons both known and unknown, investigate the ruins of the underground asuran empire, find out what's going in in the Maguuma, and so on. These are things that are much grander in scope than the Living Story we've seen so far, and exploring a new continent one zone at a time as they get introduced through Living Story just doesn't seem like it would do it justice.

Third, people are also looking for mechanical advancements as well as just story. Races, possibly professions, new weapons, utility skills, and traits. These are things that are just too big for the Living Story stuff we've been seeing. A new race would mean a new city, likely new starter zones (even the tengu, bordering on Caledon, would probably want something to take them up to level 10 or so, which is where the tengu gate comes out onto the Caledon) and new personal story at least up to level 30. New weapons, skills, and traits are something that would probably work better being released at a block so they can be balanced as a block (although, to be fair, Team Fortress does seem to work well enough with it's 'class updates', but I think I'd prefer them all to come out at once rather than having some profession that misses out because it's last on the list).

Fourth, the fear of how the economics will work out has to be considered. Expansion packs, generally speaking, tend to represent better value for money overall than microtransaction extensions that players opt in and out of on an individual basis - and let's face it, when you convert them to real money terms, the prices in the gem store aren't really all that 'micro'. Buying individual features also smacks of pay-to-win - even if not deliberate on the company's part, no balancer is perfect and odds are sooner or later some microtransaction item is going to become a must-have - while expansions tend to carry the assumption that if you're serious about the game, then of course you'll get the expansion.

Finally, we're a couple of months away from the point where it's fair to start comparing GW2 to GW1 post-Factions release. GW1 after one year had two new zones, a set of new quests that tied off loose ends in the main story rather than going off on a tangent, and a couple of festival events... and two new professions, a near doubling of the options for the existing professions, new PvP maps, and a whole new continent to explore with a story about half the length of the Prophecies story. Unless the next couple of months greatly exceed expectations, GW2 looks likely to fall well short of that yardstick. Now, considering that they've just reorganised how they do LS, it might be fairer to compare to immediately post-Nightfall in another eight months after we've had an opportunity to see what the new LS starts producing - but unless the LS starts producing at the very least double the amount of permanent content it has been, it's likely to fall well short.

Thing is, while LS is certainly better than nothing, a lot of us have essentially been regarding it as something to keep tiding us over until an expansion rolls around with the real added content. If Living Story is really all there's going to be from here on in, than the Living Story teams are really going to have to pull their collective fingers out to keep people engaged.

#2214172 My tank war pve...

Posted Bloggi on 26 June 2013 - 12:43 AM

Sad isn't it, that one single build can rule an entire class and determine how it should be played. Anet has a lot of work cut out for them.

In fact, with just about every class, why don't they just delete all defensive traits and utilities and just leave us with a set of cookie-cutter ones? Why should we waste time even choosing traits or utilities? The choices should be automatic full DPS and only zerker gear should exist. /sarcasm

A suggestion to the OP however...if you still want the experience of playing a survivability/ tanky/ CC-based warrior, go ahead and make one for WvW (they're very nice in WvW for zerg breaking if appropriately traited, based on a little experience I've had with them)...just don't make one for PvE because, you know, it doesn't seem to be readily accepted into dungeon groups.

#2214176 Store now too greedy for my taste.

Posted Dahk on 26 June 2013 - 12:58 AM

Lots of pitchforks and torches in this thread.  Starting to look a lot like something from the official forums. =P

#2168719 Mix & Matching Armour

Posted Supa_SuoP12 on 22 February 2013 - 05:23 PM

Hello everyone,
its been i while since i have shown my thief, but here is and update on him.

Head: Emblazoned Helm
Shoulders: Sylvari T3
Chest: Ascalonian Leather Chest Guard
Gloves: Nightmare Gauntlets
Legs: Emblazoned Pants
Boots: Ssylvari T2
Weps: Jormag's Breath+ Corrupted Shard
Dyes: Midnight Ice/Breeze
Posted Image
Action Pose ^_^
Posted Image

#2174646 Mix & Matching Armour

Posted Ehragus on 04 March 2013 - 08:29 PM

My new fur and armor!
t3 helm
arah shoulders and gloves
shadow chest
cof pants
hotw shoes
Posted Image

#2171802 Mix & Matching Armour

Posted Cube on 27 February 2013 - 01:01 PM

Here's my ele's current armor mixes! I loved the top and the shoulders so much, and wanted to do a mix with them and the skirt. But not being able to find any shoes that fit I kinda put it off. However I stole the idea of the shoes and finally got the mix I wanted :D Here's a few differen't ones I do.
Posted Image

#2195927 Mix & Matching Armour

Posted Skaald on 27 April 2013 - 12:51 PM

A little change to all boobalicious ele babes, here's my hairy norn ele:

Posted Image

For those who wish to replicate this monument to manliness, I'm wearing
Tier 2 legs, boots and gloves
Tier 3 chest
HotW shoulders
Ghastly mask (necromancer starting mask; have to go through some transmutation shizzle to get it on ele)

This set has few difficulties associated with it though. My choice of hair clips a bit through back, not bad enough for me to mind it, but still worth mentioning. Also, the fluffy bits all dye differently or, as is case with HotW shoulders, aren't dyeable at all. So I had to use different dyes to get all fluffy bits look about the same (matte for leggings and shoes, hint for chest; other dyes are starry night and antique gold).

I'm also pretty happy with my warrior

#2194045 Mix & Matching Armour

Posted Hardcore Trev on 22 April 2013 - 02:39 PM

Hello, I'm new here. I play Ehmry Bay! Well here is my warrior...

This is my "Evil" Armor.
Primeval, CoF, and Arah mixed.
Posted Image

Now this is my Role Playing armor. I tried my best to make myself look Epic, and NPC-like.
HotW, Arah, AC, Human T2, and Fighter Pit mixed.
Posted Image

#2202431 Mix & Matching Armour

Posted packotictacs on 16 May 2013 - 04:03 AM

Posted Image

Posted Image

#2200991 Mix & Matching Armour

Posted Revy on 11 May 2013 - 03:05 PM

Loving all the mixes. Here are my mixed norn (warrior, ranger and necro)

Posted Image

#2209793 Mix & Matching Armour

Posted Evans on 07 June 2013 - 06:19 AM

My biggest mix and match yet:
Posted Image

Protector's Helm
Reinforced Scale Chest
Vigil Pauldrons
Spint Gauntlets
Draconic Legs
Vigil Boots

Midnight Ice

Lionguard weapons

#2211341 Did you buy gems and still haven't received minis? Wait no longer, cause...

Posted christiansoldier on 14 June 2013 - 04:59 AM

View PostSpecialK, on 14 June 2013 - 04:43 AM, said:

So, if you are like me and bought 2400 gems before August 28th during the Head Start time, you aren’t “loyal” enough. Apparently the $30 i spent on top of the $80 i spent for the deluxe edition isn’t being as loyal as buying the regular edition for $30 and then $10 worth of gems a month ago.

Really?  Do you truely believe that the reason you are not getting the free minis is because you are not loyal enough? How is this the first theory that comes to mind?  Do you watch Foxnews all the time?  Isn't it possible that they simply do not have the data for people that purchased gems in the head start period or the data is not as readily available as purchases after August 28?  I will be honest I have no idea why purchases before August 28th were excluded but I seriously doubt it was due to someone thinking that everyone that purchased before August 28th was not loyal enough.  If I had to guess I would go with a techical reason before a vendetta type of conspiracy.

#2168337 Guardian Screenshots Thread!

Posted Klofange Fiercehunter on 21 February 2013 - 11:08 PM

Posted Image

Currently wearing the left armor set but as he increases his ranks in the vigil and becomes an even greater blacksmith the armor on the right with be his usual attire

#2166222 Should the cap have been level 20?

Posted BnJ on 18 February 2013 - 10:07 PM

Seems like the real question here is did you prefer leveling in GW1 over GW2, which I'd answer yes.

Sure it didn't take long to hit max level 20 (arguably doesn't take long in GW2 either), but the fun for me started when I began hunting down the skills I wanted to equip on my toon, there were some good times there.  The range of builds also kept it more interesting and I gotta say the story was miles better.  I remember GW1 being more challenging than what I've faced in GW2 as well, which helped keep the excitement going, but it's been so long since I played that game, my memory is a little hazy.  One great feature that still sticks out though is when you had the ability to choose a 2nd profession and could make hybrid builds, so many possibilities which kept it fresh.

GW2 leveling was fun the first time I ran it, but it has been such a drag trying to level alts.  I can only bring myself to do it a single level at a time, then i go back to playing my main.

I never really gave it too much thought, but if they remade GW1, with GW2's combat and graphics, that would be perfect for me.

Anyway it's too late now, we're stuck with what we got, it's not going to change.  In fact, we'll be getting additional levels in the future.  :0

#2161327 Cultural Wear- Profession Based

Posted Yumikiko on 09 February 2013 - 04:08 PM

Hey guys,

I understand that this topic might not be something of vital importance to most people, but to some players, an important aspect of any MMO is the fashion of the game.

We all know that the cultural wear is not only pricey (overly priced in my opinion) I can't' shake the fact that my Engineer is running around with blades on my boots, mesh tights, and under boob  This does not fit with an engineer style since well you know they carry guns and explosives. (I do like the under boob, just  sayin')

My point is, if we strive to buy this overly priced skin, why not make it profession based to better fit our characters while providing some uniqueness among players.

It  would it be so awesome see so many unique cultural wear based off of an elementalist, mesmer, necromancer, engineer,warrior, ranger, and guardian.

If this topic has been discussed before, I apologize, I just wanted to hear what other players thought about this.

Thanks and happy gaming ;)