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In Topic: Aiming Jump Shot to climb walls

02 December 2012 - 11:06 AM

I've been trying in hotjoins in those 2-4 player lobbies but it just aint working =[ Also.. that cooldown on jumpshot is getting to me hahah (yes I have the rifle cd trait just for this =p). I just hope that if i ever get it to work again, I'll remember where i jumped from and where I jumped to. Meanwhiles.. more jumping!

In Topic: do any competitive engineer builds still exist?

28 November 2012 - 07:39 AM

Hi all, here is a healing bunker build I use for middle point or contesting points. I personally think it is "competitive", I guess it just depends on what level you play at =p Give it a go it is quite fun if bunkering is your thing!


-I switch flamethrower for elixir gun sometimes on 2nd map, particularly if there are nasty ranged condition profs on their team.
-The toughness->power trait can also be swapped for whatever tickles your fancy.
-Elixir S is mainly for stomping, Elixir R can easily be substituted as a defensive cd if your team has good stompers already

-Neutralizing and capping points and easily holding at least 1 opponent while doing so, I can often neutralize against 2 opponents depending on their skill level/profs and stay alive almost indefinitely.
-Good cc and support in team fights
-You gain a massive advantage once you cap a point and can spam bandages on the floor (upwards of like 10k heal?)

-Lack of stability
-High opponent stability uptime/good usage of it to burst
-2 good spikes before elixir S can come up again (especially if they have stability)
-High poison uptime
-2 ranged heavy condi dps  
-Poor damage output, most of your ability to kill comes from knockbacks and flamethrower F# skill (don't miss!)

In Topic: URifle Input & Gear

21 November 2012 - 09:28 PM

Greetings! That is a very solid build you have there for all forms of game play as you mentioned. I'll give you my take on your build with hotjoin/tournament play in mind (sorry I don't WvW)

1) I feel that Elixir U is a fairly weak skill at the moment for engineers. If you wanted the damage output in its slot you are probably better off taking a kit: grenades (#F skill), bombkit(aoe dmg, confusion), or even flamethrower (#F skill) all provide nice "burst" damage or help you set up that kill. These will also help by providing some aoe dmg/blinds/slows/knockbacks that are very useful against melee and also against mesmers. In terms of stomping ability Elixir S is usually sufficient, not to mention that bombkit and flamethrower blind can also be used to secure a stomp. I would go as far to say that taking one of the kits is vital to both solo and group fights in this build. Its either that or when I tried out Elixir U I did it all wrong ahah =p

2) I think that a soldiers jewel is probably overkill in terms of survivability, a berserker's jewel in its place would help with damage a bit.

3) I'm not sure with regards to the sigil but I personally lean towards using either a bloodlust sigil or the fire sigil, but I can see why you may want the extra 5% crit. I'd rather not try to do the math on that one lol...

4) Another option is to change the Go for the Eyes and try pick up 20% recharge rate on one of the kits. You could take 10 points out of Firearms and chuck it into Explosives. You would lose that blind and some damage from the minor trait but you could pick up bomb/nade recharge or bomb radius which I find to be more useful in a group fight. You could change Go for the Eyes for the flamethrower recharge which is nice for the knockback/blind. I have to say though, I haven't really given Go for the Eyes a fair go as it is hard to visibly see its usefulness in the heat of battle compared to the on-demand blinds/knock backs that I use. Perhaps someone can enlighten me on that subject =p

In Topic: sPvP Tournament Support Build

28 October 2012 - 10:57 PM

Hi I run something very similar to what Cricket is describing here in tourney and its going pretty well for me so far. It is a bunker/support build but it could easily be changed for even greater support but may turn out less tanky, in particular the amulet to a shaman amulet.


Many things here I interchange often depending on the enemy setup. I sometimes change cloaking device for elite supplies or energized armor. I personally only go 10 points into tools for mobility but you could easily drop points in inventions to pick up the extra 5-10 points in tools for inertial converter and kit refinement.

The 30 into alchemy is an obvious choice as I am trying to bunker, also giving me heaaps of condition removal with cleaning formula 409. You could throw 20 points from here or from inventions into explosives for the bomb cd reduction and bomb range if thats your thing.

So I guess trying to up the support in my build without becoming glass you would end up with something like...


What do you guys think? I put it together fairly quickly and have never tried it but looks pretty good on paper imo.
Just a note, these builds are fairly terrible on Kylo so I often rework my entire build for that map.

In Topic: Learning engineer

19 October 2012 - 05:02 AM


I'll try give some advice from personal experience =p I used to play rifle engineer without any weapon swaps and slowly transitioned into the Teldo build. Pretty much what I did was start with one kit at a time. Before I start, I've never actually watched Teldo play nor do I claim to be an uber player =p Constructive criticism is welcome!  

I think perhaps use just bombkit to begin. The other skill can be something you are more familiar with or something easy to use like an elixir or knockback (your choice really). I also found it helped a lot to learn the to use the weapons while running a soldier amulet making you really tanky (but doing poor damage). You wont kill anything but you can get the feel of the "rotation".

Normally I start 1v1 fights off with pistol shield getting #3 and #2 out asap, if its melee and they are closing the gap I pop #5 for block, get some damage out and knock them down with #4 (pressing it twice quickly). At this point it is very variable, just depends on the player etc. You can change bombkit run into melee range and pretty much do something like # 5 4 3 2 (dropping the big ol bomb somewhere between) while running around like a headless chook.    

Anyway.... after you feel comfortable with that grab flamethrower. I pretty much cycle between kits in most fights going from pistol/shield -> flame -> bomb or something like that chaining the knockbacks and blinds and immobilize. Of course you will find at higher level play swapping for particular skills is much more complicated than that.

I run a bit of a variation of his build using Elixir S sometimes, this allows me to escape, dive into group battles, get some clutch res or finish. For instance in the case i get jumped by a backstab thief or any melee for that matter you can Elixir S switch bombkit and use #5 straight away for a root, then dropping the rest of the bombs -> flamethrower for knockback or to try flush the thief out if they stealthed using #1.

For group fights I use pistol and shield #3 and #2 as per usual, if you deem it is safe you can jump in and bomb the shit out of them and get out quickly. This sets up some aoe dmg, knockback and combo fields for your team. Switch to flame and start spraying and make sure you drop your #4 for combo field and use knockback #3 and blind #5 when necessary.

Okay I think that may be way more in-depth than you probably need but yeah good luck! Perhaps you can find a different way to play the build than I do =p Hope I was helpful.