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In Topic: Incredibly ordinary?

14 February 2013 - 05:38 PM

To clarify, I am a fan of the mechanic that currently exists.  I, like you, like the challenge of getting different specs and classes to work.  My concern; hence the topic title, is that the goal or implication of allowing flexibility has in fact, put everyone in the same genre, making it less unique.  You had the trinity and now you have hybrids and DPS. Granted, a plethora of different hybrids, but hybrids nonetheless.

It honestly makes me scratch my head and wonder what the end goal was and whether or not it was achieved.  Having played all the classes, I see less diversity and more imbalance. I see certain classes are geared towards certain trinity functions and others don't seem to have a function whatsoever

Easy Questions:

Who can "tank" better (equal player skill, "tank" gear, group makeup), a guardian or a thief?

Who can do heal better, a elementalist or a thief, having speced to do so?

Who is better support, a "support speced" engineer or a necro?

Tougher questions:

If purely speced glass cannon, who does more DPS, a warrior or a thief?  A elementalist or a necro?  A guardian or a engineer?  A ranger or a mesmer?

Some of these will still be argued, but some will agree on the answers because they make sense.  But where it gets confusing for me is what do the losers of these scenarios do better than another?  What class defining ability do they have that a group really wants, but doesn't need?  Are they more for PvP or WvW?  

My problem is; everyone can do everything, to some extent, but not as well as others.  If it is truly a "non-role specific" game, how can this be?  Before flaming me, I understand that each class heals and DPSes differently, with different mechanics.  But shouldn't the end result then of a thief spec'ed for healing be somewhat close to a elementalist spec'ed for healing?  Why do +healing and + this and that scale better and differently for other classes?  I am concerned that this is the reason that such a great game isn't getting the traction or retaining the amount of players most thought it would.  Maybe I am wrong, but thanks for your input either way.

In Topic: how do i beat rangers in a 1v1?

31 January 2013 - 03:24 PM

Spelling and grammar police.  You both need to pull over.


Just let it go man...

In Topic: Elixir gun/Flamethrower?

31 January 2013 - 03:33 AM

So EG and Flamethrower both should have got a significant buff?  Weird, I can't seem to tell the difference.  Again, I am not max level, so I thought I would notice a significant difference.  Either way, someone mentioned that it (the patch) would help the turrets as well, but I can't seem to find anything to that fact.  

Thanks all BTW for the input!!

In Topic: Glass cannon: Why Focus?

29 January 2013 - 10:43 PM

Great stuff in here!  Back to the question of focus however, I am confused by the claims that it is hard to kill.  With the signet that makes my clones (I think phantasms as well) tougher, my warden (which I love), gets one shotted all the time by equal +1 mobs to my level (I am level 40).

I really want to build around the focus and either go sword/focus and GS (AOE/AOE phant) or scepter/focus/Staff (AOE/DD phant).  

Do clones benefit from toughness or vitality?  Does power affect iwarden and condition damage affect iwarlock?   So confusing because there are so many options!   Anyways, focus users and Warden lovers, share your secrets!

In Topic: Elixir gun/Flamethrower?

23 January 2013 - 04:33 PM

Hence why I hate the word.  Strike it from the post.  Moving forward past the definition of viable, do you have any insights to share?