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#2161327 Cultural Wear- Profession Based

Posted Yumikiko on 09 February 2013 - 04:08 PM

Hey guys,

I understand that this topic might not be something of vital importance to most people, but to some players, an important aspect of any MMO is the fashion of the game.

We all know that the cultural wear is not only pricey (overly priced in my opinion) I can't' shake the fact that my Engineer is running around with blades on my boots, mesh tights, and under boob  This does not fit with an engineer style since well you know they carry guns and explosives. (I do like the under boob, just  sayin')

My point is, if we strive to buy this overly priced skin, why not make it profession based to better fit our characters while providing some uniqueness among players.

It  would it be so awesome see so many unique cultural wear based off of an elementalist, mesmer, necromancer, engineer,warrior, ranger, and guardian.

If this topic has been discussed before, I apologize, I just wanted to hear what other players thought about this.

Thanks and happy gaming ;)

#2157895 Daily achievements change

Posted Volkon on 04 February 2013 - 06:25 PM

I think what's being overlooked is one thing that's very important... there's no required grind involved. Whether or not you have an ascended amulet or a crafted exotic won't make a difference in your effectiveness, your ability to do anything in the game, etc. Ascended gear is marginally higher in stats and fills the time-gap between the time required to get exotics (nearly instant) and legendary weapons (you can feel yourself age). This is what the manifesto was about... no forced gear treadmills, no forced grinds to enjoy the game. If you choose to go for an ascended ring you now have multiple ways to do so and more will be added later as we progress. If you want to take the time to get an ascended piece you'll have options on how to spend that time... do dailies for laurels, run Fractals, something else later (like WvW)...

Now, regarding the dailies. Personally, they're so in tune with normal game play you can get most of them simply by getting off your rump and doing things. I do a lot of WvW personally, so that will give one quick example... after a daily refresh, I was in a group that flipped a supply camp. Bang... four Veterans, a few dodges, piece of cake. Kill krait to flip the quaggans, underwater complete. The only thing I didn't fill up just running around WvW was crafting, so I burned half a minute in L.A. taking care of that for metal bars I'd need to make regardless. If you don't want to WvW there are plenty of other ways to accomplish these base goals. Go to Orr... plenty of veterans there. Heck, take on a Vet. Risen Giant. You'll get a vet kill and plenty of dodges avoiding grub spit. Besides, an Asuran mesmer looks pretty hot taking down a Risen Giant. You can find downed NPCs all over the place there. Orr not your thing? See what's happening at Nageling (sp?). If the giant is taking the town you'll have more NPCs to rez than you can handle. If not, there are usually a few downed ones outside the walls.

I guess the point there is this... don't use the dailies to define how you need to play... use them to guide you a little bit while you're playing. Instead of running by or swimming across that lake, take an underwater route and plow a path through it. Revive NPCs. Mine that ore, chop that tree. And, for the love of the Great Holy Kitten, dodge!

#2157952 Daily achievements change

Posted christiansoldier on 04 February 2013 - 07:34 PM

View Postraspberry jam, on 04 February 2013 - 05:13 PM, said:

I feel that this is the problem right here, GW2 is quite close to being fun, but it has all these things in it that puts in a wall there, a barrier, a veil of unfun.

Do you think that is true with the masses?  My co-workers and friends that play the game really enjoy it.  They are all casual players that are not spending their lives in a game.  The complaints I see on this forum are totally different from what I see in real life and what I experience in the game.  I think if you feel the need to do all the dailies, monthlies buy/get  the best exotic/ascended gear it becomes more of a job than a game.  When I read about some of the hours that players put into this game I am shocked. I have read some players putting more that 40 hours a week into the game and then complaining about being bored of the content.  I worry when our developers have to do more than 40 hours a week.  Excessive overtime leads to burn out and bad code. Why would people expect different from playing a game excessively?

#2000614 What does Anet's behavior say to you

Posted Bloggi on 07 October 2012 - 10:44 PM

Not disagreeing with the OP, but my opinion is different.

Anet promoting the gem store is a fair thing. As far as the game stands now, it is not perfect, I don't expect it to be because nothing ever will be. On that note however, I can see the sheer amount of effort that's gone into the game. No, I'm not a hard-core gamer who's played many other MMOs to be able to compare, and I didn't even play GW1 for more than 2 months. But GW2 has won my attention and time. The gaming experience is just superb. So on the note of the gem store: the game company has to look at the financial side of things. It boils down to the chicken or the egg principle. They have produced an attractive game and now have to try and make more money so that they can hire more staff, make improvements to hardware, make sure they don't lose their best staff etc. At the moment they still have numerous bugs to iron out, deal with bots etc. It's a lot of work. As it stands, I am reluctant to spend real money in the gem store, so I don't, but I understand the reason why its there. Those of us who really like the game should know that word of mouth and money will be two of the biggest things that keep a company afloat.

The 'basic' GW2 game at this point has a lot of content, IMO. I play real slow, so it could be hundreds upon hundreds of hours before I actually even 'finish' this game. I've started leveling an alt of the same race as my main. The storyline is different of course but I'm running in the same general area. My memory ain't as good as it used to be but even then things are familiar. Still, they don't spoil the fun for me. I'm just simply deciding, for example, not to get all the POIs or do all the reknown hearts, or to get all the vistas. I do only what I want to do on my alt. The difference in profession choice alone is an interesting change.

Community...often lamented about that it's like a single player game. Actually, the in-game community is what you make of it. Sometimes we as individuals need to make the effort to chat up somebody else. I did this with ease just yesterday with a brand-new player, who even agreed to come along for my storyline quest. If you see somebody hanging around your immediate area after an event, chances are good that you can 'befriend' them. Key thing is, if you don't break the ice yourself, then consider that the other person would be thinking the same. Nobody chats and people get the wrong impression that the whole in-game community is rubbish.