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#2140792 Is greatsword useless on everything but Mesmer?

Posted CepaCepa on 12 January 2013 - 06:54 AM

View PostWifflebottom, on 11 January 2013 - 09:06 PM, said:

How about this

Your ignoring the fact that iBerserker almost ALWAYS dies before it attacks or right after it's first attack. Mirror blade. Okay, it gives vulnerability or might but I'm doing that constantly with staff 1, albeit fewer stacks but the constant upkeep makes up for it. And I can't believe you're defending mind stab, sword auto attack does the same thing... And of course mesmers dish out damage from various sources: conditions where staff reigns supreme, reflect, phantasms (ranged phantasms have better sustained damage than melee phantasms), and shatters.

I'm not saying GS is terrible but it is outclassed by mh sword and pistol/focus and staff. PvE enemies very rarely sit at 1200 range which is where most of GS damage comes from.

First of all, I've got a feeling that you're talking about solo PvE in open world, because they surely can sit at 1200 range if you choose to in dungeons and fractals... But for solo PvE in open world, you cast #4 to open a fight, followed by a mirror blade, shatter right away, and the mob should be dead anyways... o_O

And iBerserker doesn't "die in one attack" in dungeons, if the boss ignores it it ignores it. If the boss really likes killing phantasms he'll chase them down no matter what it is. The advantage of a ranged phantasm is that aoe won't hit them as easily, but melee phantasms surely have their place. For aoe in dungeons, iBerserker will be able to get off the first attack before dying --- And that's all you're using it for anyways, you'd 4 or 3 illusion shatter (with mirror image) right after anyways. Over 80% percent of time in any explorable dungeon/fractal, my iBerserker lives as long as I've planned for it to live. This is not to say they never die, but that there's no "surprises" : it is quite easy to predict how many attacks your phantasms can do before they'll likely get killed once you know the contents front to back.

Again, greatsword is the highest dps weapon for a mesmer... Sword and Staff simply do not hit nearly as hard, even considering all the conditions/boons that they apply. This can be VERY easily shown with math. Sword can come close (again, still below GS, but close) if you stay in melee all the time and keep slashing without interuption, but that's simply not possible, you'd lose dps from any dodge, which WILL happen if you want to live in melee range of dungeon mobs/boss.

The point of mindstab is not "what it does", it is "the damage it does". Same with mirror blade. It should also be noted that, if you're going for condition specs, stacking precision, investing into dueling tree to get shaper image, and using Greatsword (greatsword clones hits fast, giving highest chance to proc bleed) is higher damage than staff builds past a certain precision threshold. So the reason to go for staff is not weapon damage itself, but rather iWarlock. And perhaps phase retreat + chaos storm as "added utility". The reason to go for sword is not damage itself either, it is good damage, but the sword shines because of Blurred frenzy 2 second of immunity on a 8 sec CD. If you're a glass cannon aimed at doing maximum damage however, greatsword should be either constantly on one of your weapon sets, OR sitting in your bag ready to be swapped in (because some people just prefer other weapons, and that is fine. But greatsword has its niche --- Damage).

#2132538 Always use the TP, i got scammed

Posted Thuley on 01 January 2013 - 12:47 AM

On Ehmry Bay we have an escrow service so that when you sell your precursor or legendary you aren't out of potentially hundreds of gold Anet charges in tax.  See: important info about posting trades - escrow service

#2117396 What is the point of gear tiers?

Posted AKGeo on 13 December 2012 - 11:28 PM










You get it now? Casual players aren't going to be getting rares right off the bat. Masterwork as it stands is a decent middleground between "best" and "junk".  There will always be "junk". Junk is there to serve a dual purpose: something that you can get quite easily and it'll make do as you level and learn the game. After you gear up to fine and masterwork, the whites become an income source. I still salvage whites for tier 6 materials. The same goes for blues. Greens are there to introduce runes and sigils, rather than simply dropping the runes and sigils, you get some gear that's useful as well. Rares give the Major runes and sigils. Exotics give superior runes and sigils.

And if you remove white and blue, the green becomes "junk", rares become greens, and exotics stay where they are, with fewer gaps. Then what? There are still tiers. Ok then, remove greens altogether. Now you have Rare and Exotic. But they're not rare...it's Common and Rare. So you start with common, do most if not all of the game in common, and only go for rare for the skin.

Now you're going back to 2005 and playing GW1. Which stagnated and required a complete reboot after the expansions failed to fix the economy stagnation and lack of gear progression that keeps players playing. After Nightfall was released, Greens went to the bargain bin, only a few select skins were popular. after EotN, all of the older skins went to the bargain bin, and you had Dungeons that gave new skins, which kept skyrocketing in price making them unattainable to the casual player, both due to the price and the difficulty of the dungeons (with exploits discovered quickly allowing the rich to get richer).

GW1 was much worse in "tiering" than GW2 is. Right now, everyone has the same chance at getting a precursor if they participate regularly in the events and such that produce them. And getting a legendary requires more than just good fortune: it requires WORK. you can't buy karma, you can't buy Badges of honor. You can't just toss on a farm build and grind a dungeon for that top-tier weapon skin.

Gear tier is a game-saver, and it's completely optional as has been demonstrated by Protoss' claim that his masterwork gear is sufficient.

#2115241 My thoughts about balance and ppls QQ ...

Posted lollasaurus on 12 December 2012 - 12:57 AM

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